30 Day Tarot Challenge – Day 02


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Question Two & First Tarot Decks

Do you still have your first tarot deck? Do you even remember it? We’ll I hope so, because we’re continuing our 30 Day Tarot Challenge. Today’s topic is all about your first tarot deck. There’s quite a few strong opinions about where your first tarot deck should come from, who should give it to you, or even what system that deck should use. Okay, maybe there isn’t a particular system bias, but I couldn’t help adding to the lore. Whether you have taken the plunge and gotten your first tarot deck, are looking for a new one, or just plain find yourself addicted to acquiring tarot cards today’s topic is just for you. So, without further ado, I give you my first tarot deck.

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Weekend Readings: The Gilded Tarot


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Reading With The Gilded Tarot

This weekend, I’m highlighting one of my favorite decks. The Gilded Tarot is a wonderful blend of the Rider-Waite Smith themes with fantasy. Ciro Marchetti is the only current tarot artist I know by name, and there’s a reason for that. His artwork is truly incredible, and it only enhances the deeper levels of a tarot reading. Out of all the decks I own, this is the one where I never want to use it because the cards are just so beautiful. For a tough subject themed reading, this is the deck I’m going to. Hopefully, we’ll get a really powerful reading in response to it. So, without further ado, let’s get started with our weekend tarot deck and a nice hot cup of coffee.

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Day 010: Gender Within Tarot


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Examining Gender Within The Rider-Waite Smith

Today’s post is inspired by an article I read written by Beth of Little Red Tarot. The article is entitled, Fool’s Journey: What Makes a ‘Feminist’ Tarot? and I highly recommend checking out both the article and her website. Typically, I wouldn’t invite politics into my blogging sphere, but today is an exception. While I really love the article, I largely disagree with it. This isn’t really surprising, given my worldview, but I likewise appreciate hearing opinions that differ from my own. The tarot community today is perhaps the most diverse it has ever been, and I celebrate the progress. In this search for progress though, we have to be careful not to alienate each other.

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Day 009: Astrological Correspondences


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Astrological Correspondences & Tarot Mirrors

The Rider-Waite Smith deck makes a few traditional correspondences difficult. To help, I recently came across a great chart over on Parsifal’s Wheel Tarot & Astrology. Specifically, there’s a great post discussing mirrors within tarot. You can check out the original post here. After reading the post and printing out the chart, the concept of mirrors percolated in the back of my mind. I’ve learned an immense amount about tarot through playing with pairs, and so, the concept of mirrors was right up my alley. Eventually, I ended up clearing off the living room table and seeing what pairs would come up following traditional correspondences. The results were totally worth it.

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Day 008: Allaying Tarot Fears


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Those Dreaded Cards & Five Explanations

Have you ever had a bad experience with tarot? Does the idea of telling others you study tarot terrify you? Well, you’re not alone. The tarot has quite a bit of stigma surrounding its reputation. This is interesting, considering the fact tarot cards have been around for centuries. Perhaps we still recognize the ability of the tarot to draw out our innermost thoughts, an idea that frightens many. Whatever motivates the apprehension many people feel, it is definitely a concern. Even when tarot is growing in popularity, we need to continue dispelling the negativity. Holistic Tarot includes a small section on tarot fears, but I thought expanding the premise would help many like myself. So, here are five cards I always dread drawing in my tarot readings, as well as arguments surrounding their themes in more general conversations of tarot.

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RWS Tarot Card Meanings: The High Priestess

hand drawn Tarot cards and crystal ball

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The High Priestess: Meaning & Symbolism

Nestled between two great pillars she sits, awaiting the arrival of those who seek for her. On her head is a crown of times past and in her hands she holds the scroll of spiritual law. Hers is the great mystery of self, and she beckons those daring enough to look deeper. Behind the veil she guards is the sacred pool, ever flowing, ever constant. For hers is the beauty of the stars and all they govern.

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Day 007: Getting Acquainted With The High Priestess


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The High Priestess & The Female Pope

Today is the day we finally get to discuss the High Priestess tarot card. This card is such a difficult one to discern the meaning of. Even so, many people connect to the imagery of the High Priestess. There’s something about the card that draws you in seeking more. Why is that? Well, I think I can finally answer that question. Taking a look at the myths surrounding the High Priestess helps to put the card’s meaning into a specific topic. The card actually contains many complex themes, themes that are easily recognizable in stories. In some ways, I think the High Priestess communicates best through story. For this reason, let’s look at the High Priestess through various archetypes.

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