Wicca 101: An Intro To Tarot Cards

Divination has always been an intricate part of Wicca, or at least it seems that way. I know for me, I wouldn’t be the witch I am today without tarot! Because of this, I think it’s only fitting to move from deity directly to tarot cards. While they aren’t the only form of divination out there, I do think they are perhaps the most diverse. So, I want to talk a little bit about the tarot cards I have, some deck suggestions for beginners, and what else you can possibly use tarot cards for.

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Orphic Hymns: Hera

“O royal Hera, of majestic mien, aerial-formed, divine, Zeus’ blessed queen, throned in the bosom of cerulean air, the race of mortals is thy constant care. The cooling gales they power alone inspires, which nourish life, which every life desires. Mother of showers and winds, from thee alone, producing all things, mortal life is known: all natures share thy temperament divine, and universal sway alone is thine, with sounding blasts of wind, the swelling sea and rolling rivers roar when shook by thee. Come, blessed Goddess, famed almighty queen, with aspect kind, rejoicing and serene.”

Orphic Hymn 16 to Hera

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Disney Tarot Gallery

This gallery contains 22 photos.

Okay, so I confess, I love Disney movies. If you haven’t heard yet about pop culture magic, this might be a great introduction! Today, some witches are utilizing pop culture symbols to represent otherwise ‘ancient’ or ‘witchy’ concepts. While this … Continue reading

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So You’re A Witch: Book Ideas For Beginners

With so many books floating around out there for purchase, new witches face a difficult task in sorting what to buy. Add to this the idea of budgeting our purchases, and well, choosing what to pass up can be quite difficult. There are plenty of book recommendations and reviews, but what about direction? Are there any good resources to help you sort through what you need? Well, I’m hoping this will help you do just that. I’ve made a list of various types of books you, as a beginner, should look for. What you pick is ultimately up to you, but this should help guide you just enough to get started.

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Wicca 101: Working With Planets

Working with planetary energies to connect with the deity might surprise some newer witches. From what I can tell though, there was a great emphasis on this in the ancient approaches to deity. Because of this, most witches do not use the same planets as we know today. Instead, witches utilize the ‘traditional planets’. So, even though this might be a more advanced way to connect with deity, I thought I’d highlight the option. Remember, I still consider myself new, mainly because I’m not formally trained, so I may even make a few errors! With that said, why don’t we get started?

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Greek Pantheon Pages Gallery

This gallery contains 11 photos.

I found these on Pinterest, and then tracked them down to It Came With The Frame. I’m not sure if they’re originally from there or not, but I try to link back where I can. Credit should be given where … Continue reading

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Belief Through Books: Core Selections

This is the list of books I couldn’t wait to talk about, as it includes those that have been some of the most important. I know that when I say ‘core books’ it reflects my personal choices and viewpoints. That said, I wholeheartedly admit to having a bias towards British Traditional Witchcraft. Granted, not all of these books would probably fit in that category, but most do. Unfortunately, I’ve never found a coven in my area though. So, these books reflect only my personal journey, and probably vary largely from those initiated into any tradition.

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