Wicca 101: Working With Polarity

What’s so difficult about polarity? Well, working with polarity is both an easy and complex concept. If you connect to deity through polarity, then you’ll probably be interested in the more complex approach. If not, that’s perfectly alright. There’s nothing wrong with either option. To be fair, there are just some aspects of deity that take time to be made known. Even so, I thought I’d at least attempt to cover a little more about approaching deity through polarity.

More About The God, Goddess, & Polarity


Do I have to choose a specific god and goddess?

No, you do not have to choose a specific god or goddess to work with (when it comes to polarity). I think honoring and working with a particular god and goddess helps, but that’s only my case. There are plenty of witches who do not call on the god and goddess by name. Also, it’s worth noting you do not have to choose a particular aspect of the god and goddess to work with (such as the divine mother and father). How you ultimately connect to the concept of a god and goddess is your personal journey, and so, there’s just what works best for you within the framework… or no framework.

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I want to worship a specific god and goddess, does it matter which ones?

Yes, I think polarity is one of the times where it really does matter. First off, you’ll want to choose a deity pairing within the same pantheon. Working within the same pantheon allows you to contemplate the symbolism of polarity better. Along with that, pairing deities that ‘belong’ together is the most common practice. For instance, when working with polarity, choosing Zeus and Hera to represent your god and goddess would make sense. However, there are different approaches to pairing deities, so a good universal rule is to simply know why you’re pairing them together and what they represent to you.

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Why a male and female deity? Can I pair two male deities? Two female deities?

Polarity is a complex concept, but it can seem to stereotype gender at times. The thing is, these stereotypes refer only to energy or the concepts themselves. For example, instead of male or female, we might say active and passive. Keeping that in mind, I don’t think it’s as important to denote ‘god’ and ‘goddess’. If you find you relate better to, say, Apollo and Ares, that’s perfectly fine. What’s important really are the dynamics involved. Apollo is a healer (at times), and was celebrated at the end of war time (in some areas). Ares on the other hand is much more active, enjoying conflict, battle, and impulsive behavior. To me, the pairing could make sense, but I haven’t really paired them together personally.

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Where do the more complex concepts of polarity come from?

This is a topic that really intrigues me personally. For the longest time, polarity was simply god and goddess for me. Then, I suddenly discovered an expansion of this in multiple places. At first, polarity was there in the Greek Myths in their description of the Primordial Gods and Goddesses. But then, I discovered the same ideas were there in many more cultures and religions through my study of the Kabbalah. Where did it originate? I’m not sure, but the concepts are indeed old, perhaps the oldest understanding of how everything is connected. Some knowledge can only be found with time, intuition, and study.

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What are some concepts of polarity other than male and female?

For those looking to connect with deity through polarity, there’s an almost limitless supply of concepts. Some examples would be positive and negative, life and death, yang and yin, day and night, squared and round, and much much more. Some of the concepts can be quite challenging, for example, I personally associate death with a more masculine energy and life with female energy. Comprehending this energy as purely opposite, and in line with others, is quite humbling. If you want to explore polarity, try getting to the root of your beliefs, how you comprehend opposites, and in the end, you’ll discover a great deal more about yourself and the god and goddess.

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Is it possible to have an altar or shrine dedicated to polarity?

Yes, especially utilizing a god and goddess (or rather, specific deities as well). I love balance, and polarity is a big part of that. The altar setup is pretty straight forward. I have a god area, goddess area, and then a unity area. What I do is try to likewise blend the god area into the mutual space along with the goddess area. That said, you can do anything you like! Some witches choose to have sun and moon representations, others choose to incorporate polarity into their working altar. Personally, I think altars and shrines are a time to be creative. Enjoy utilizing a space just for you and your connection with deity (whatever form that might be).

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How do you make offerings to the concept of polarity?

This answer is more an intuitive one than anything else. For me, because I choose to view polarity deeper than goddess and god, my offering is time.  How can time be an offering? Well, I utilize the time to research a deeper understanding of polarity reflected in my patron goddess and god. While this may not be the answer you’re looking for, it is an option. If you want a more ‘traditional’ offering, consider flowers, candles, incense, and other items connected to your goddess and god. Just remember, dispose of the offerings in a way that’s safe to children, animals, and of course, the environment.

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Working with polarity is interesting, insightful, and, more often than not, complex. This shouldn’t discourage anyone from contemplating the diverse aspects of the goddess and god. Ultimately, the goddess and god are only aspects of that unified ‘unisex’ deity. For some witches, polarity includes patron deities, complex pantheons, and strict symbolism. What’s best for you though, only you will know. There’s nothing wrong with simplified polarity (you might even understand the subject better because of it). What matters is that, if you feel connected to deity through polarity, that you utilize and explore the subject. So go on, enjoy the new discoveries that await!

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