Wicca 101: Working With Triple Aspects

The Triple Goddess is a popular symbol to witches today making it one of the most synonymous with witchcraft, or at the very least, Wicca. Add to this the surge of interest in a more feminist approach to Wicca and witchcraft and well, you’re going to get a lot of people embracing the Triple Goddess from the start. So, how do you embrace deity through triple aspects? Is there such a thing as the Triple God? I’m going to attempt answering these questions and more.

Some Information About Triple Aspects


What does working with triple aspects look like?

Everyone has a unique way of relating to deity, and so, how they worship deity will differ. For women, there’s often a strong connection to the concept of Maiden – Mother – Crone (Inseminator – Provider – Sage for the god). Other witches might choose to recognize the Life – Death – Rebirth concepts embodied in triple aspect deities. Even so, there are many different ways to utilize the symbols involved. I’ve found, through personal experience, exploring triple aspects can be quite an interesting task full of surprising and interesting results.


How do triple aspect concepts work within pantheons?

This is a tricky question. Not all pantheons are conducive to triple aspect deities. Other pantheons seem a bit too conducive, which leads ultimately to historically inaccurate understandings of deity. Combine that with how some witches simply ‘blend’ pantheons and you’re going to get confusing rituals and practices. So, I would say the best way to make triple concepts work in your own practice is to do your research. I discovered a triple goddess concept in Greek Myths, which wasn’t expected or anticipated. You never know, the answer might be right in front of you! Likewise, don’t try to force aspects that aren’t there.


Why are triple aspects applied more to the goddess?

I think this is a good question that doesn’t get enough attention, so I’m going to address it myself (even though I’m probably not the most experienced to do so). The reason, in my opinion, has to do with the moon and moon phases. Typically, witches seem to gravitate toward three moon phases: waxing crescent, full moon, and waning crescent. Historically, the moon has always been linked to receptive energy, or the goddess. Because of this, I think triple aspects are easier to see these days as purely feminine. Whether or not others feel that way though, I have no idea.


Does the god have a triple aspect?

Yes, though it’s not as common to see. The triple aspect of the god is usually presented as Inseminator, Provider, and Sage. For those interesting in exploring the various triple aspects of the god, I highly recommend looking into books focused on British Traditionalist Wicca. These books tend to focus on the divine polarity, and as such, are more likely to recognize the triple aspects of the god. For those who will find it interesting, there are a few examples of Drawing Down The Sun rituals as well. But yes, there are triple aspects of the god utilized by many witches today.


What would an example of the triple god look like?

Again, this is really tricky and specific to your own pantheon. Since I work with a triple goddess consisting of Artemis, Selene, and Hecate, I try to add corresponding aspects of the god to have ‘my’ triple god. So, in my case, a triple god would actually be Apollo, Helios, and Thanatos. Is this how the ancients understood it? No, absolutely not. However, I tried to remain faithful to the idea of corresponding opposites. Apollo is Artemis’ twin, and often linked to the sun. Helios is a Titan, like Selene, and linked to the actual sun. Thanatos is the god of death, where Hecate compliments the mystery of darkness and beyond. This is just an example of course, you’ll probably find better pairings for your practice.


Is it wrong to worship only the triple goddess or god?

No, it’s not wrong at all. People connect to deity differently, and you should do what is right for you personally. What I advise is to know why you’re choosing certain deities to worship over others. If you can articulate your beliefs to others you stand a better chance at having a well-rounded and mutual discussion despite any differences. Likewise, opinions on this topic will be quite strong. Don’t be surprised if you come across people who feel ‘you’re doing it wrong’ or that it’s ‘not correct’. I think there’s also a hesitation from some witches due to the strong feminist language and ideas surrounding the triple goddess these days. We can all learn from each other though, so do what’s right for you!


How do you worship the triple aspects of deity?

Out of all the methods available to connect to deity, I think triple aspects are more popular celebrated with shrines or altars. Out of all the altars I’ve noticed, they’re almost always featuring a triple aspect statue of the goddess. I’m not sure if this is because it’s more popular or simply more convenient though. For many witches, I think it’s more a matter of convenience (statues aren’t cheap). However, one of the best ways I’ve found to work with triple aspects is meditation. Pondering the place you’re at in your life is often a matter of triple aspects. This is another area where you can get quite creative, as there are many symbolic meanings involved.


Working with triple aspect deities is quite popular today. Many witches are embracing and adapting ancient understandings of the environment for today’s modern world. The moon with it’s many stages seems to have always been a part of that. Likewise, the sun has always been closely linked to the moon and is finding its own place in the mixture of ideas. Whatever the results of this, the goddess and god will continue to be found at the center of a witch’s practice. Our unique interpretations are perhaps just another glimpse into the many faces of deity. And yet, deep down, maybe we’ll all discover the complex nature of our ideas really do boil down to yet another concept of thirds.





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