Wicca 101: Working With Seasons

Today, many witches celebrate the Wheel of the Year. While the Wheel of the Year itself is somewhat unique to Wicca, many witches are embracing it regardless of their overall practice. As witches strive to live healthier lives, an effort to likewise live seasonally often coincides. But, even so, can deity really be connected to through the simple observance of the seasons? What would this even look like? Well, I’m about to answer that and more for you. So, let’s talk about the seasons!

Connections Based On Nature’s Timing

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What do the god and goddess have to do with the seasons?

For Wiccans especially, the goddess and god embody our journey through the cycle of life. As the world around us goes through an endless cycle of life, death, and rebirth, so do the god and goddess. The connection to the seasons is of course symbolic, but also a strong one. Through the seasons the goddess and god can better reveal to us the deeper lessons of life. While we may not depend as heavily on the timing of environmental changes, many of the lessons are still there in plain sight. To many witches, this daily routine is filled with spiritual discoveries.


How does one live seasonally?

Today, living seasonally is primarily focused on how we eat and what we eat. In short, witches who live seasonally try to be a little more aware of where our food comes from. Did you know certain foods are seasonal? Well, a witch who lives seasonally does and utilizes these energies in their magical practices. I suppose some might consider this approach to deity a loose Green Witch approach, but I’m not certain. However, I do know, at certain times of the year, pumpkin pie, made from scratch, can be magical.


Does living seasonally give you any practical connections to deity?

This is sometimes what it’s all about, what you get in return for your effort. To me, I discovered the rewards of living seasonally quite by chance. However, when I began incorporating my magical practice into my kitchen practices, well, I got quite a few lessons. Learning what season I naturally connected to helped me see a unique way I approached deity. Likewise, I was able to see the corresponding balance of the opposite season. So, personally, I think the themes are much easier to see and utilize every day. Besides, it’s nice to actually ‘feel’ like a witch when in the kitchen too!


Is it possible to utilize the seasons if you live in the Southern Hemisphere?

Of course, you certainly can! For those living in the Southern Hemisphere, I imagine it is just the opposite of those of us in the Northern Hemisphere. It’s quite possible that the variety of foods, traditions, and even god and goddess concepts might be different though too. However, this is part of the fun. I think learning about how we as witches come together despite our differences is one of the most intriguing lessons possible. But, if you live in the Southern Hemisphere, you certainly can utilize the seasons to connect to deity in the every day.


Does the Wheel of the Year have to be part of living seasonally?

No, absolutely not. The Wheel of the Year is a largely Wiccan concept (as I understand it). I know many witches seem to enjoy the approach and symbolism behind this part of Wicca though. If you don’t like the concept though, you certainly don’t have to include it. Living seasonally is still possible without the Wheel of the Year. You could do a great number of things to ‘make up’ for the lack of it, but even those aren’t necessary. I imagine if you chose not to include it though that there would be a greater emphasis on the elements of Green Witchcraft (but I’m not so sure on that).


What are some simple ways to live seasonally?

When I started living seasonally, it was by accident. Still, there were a few tricks I learned to make the ‘transition’ easier. You can start by making one seasonal dish a month, or even every three months. This helps ease the pressure of doing ‘everything’ right ‘all’ the time. Another thing you can try is to infuse your water with various fruit combinations by season. I loved the added splash to my day, and it really was simple. Between the two ideas, it should be enough to get you started. Also, if you’re using the Wheel of the Year, you can try crafts for each of the sabbats.


Is there a specific god or goddess to connect to with the seasons?

This is a tricky question, as some Traditions may or may not have their own seasonal deities. Celtic Traditions for example have a Holly and Oak King that reflects well throughout the seasons. Other witches choose to group deities based on concept, such as harvest festival deities. Either way, there’s not a single set way to celebrate deity by season. If you’re looking to incorporate a specific deity, I’m sure it’s possible. Again, this is one of those more intuitive aspects of deity.


Reflecting on deity using the seasons has always been a popular practice. Our unique connection to the changing of the seasons and our dependence on the environment around us is perhaps the most obvious outward sign of deity. Whether we wish to connect to deity is a complex symbolic observation, or simply want to observe a more nature based concept within our practice, seasonal deities help us do just that. Besides, it’s never too late to perfect that seasonal recipe. Why not add a little magic to your everyday tasks?



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