Daily Tarot Readings: Day Three

My posts seem to be taking a few attempts to publish, oh well. Here’s your day three tarot reading update for me so far. Today’s card:

Queen of Swords

Traditional art aside, why have I gotten two sword cards in a row? I usually get sword cards in my spreads though. Anyway, I’m not as drawn to this card as I was the Two of Swords. That fact is a little curious, because I know Queens are said to embody the female ideal of whatever their suit is. Perhaps I’ll meditate on this issue. Likewise, I do notice how the Queen seems quite confident in herself. She’s poised, but acting. There’s the feeling that she is a just ruler as well. This could be because of the angel (love or passion) and the butterfly (probably alluding to the air aspect of the card). Fun note, I just noticed her clothes also allude to the sky.

The non-traditional tarot decks always make me notice something different about the card’s symbolism. With the Deviant Moon Tarot and the Gilded Tarot, I notice the moon in both. The Mythic Tarot is more traditional, but does feature that blue color theme along with the Gilded Tarot. What I actually notice or feel drawn to most is actually the pillar in the Gilded Tarot’s version of the card. This, to me, alludes to one of the Three Pillars of the Tree of Life. Could the Queen of Swords be the embodiment of Binah? I’m not sure. The presence of water in the Mythic Tarot’s version hints this might be correct.


For the Tarot of the New Vision, I’m not sure this perspective helps. The card does allude to the delegation of tasks a bit more. Otherwise, I do notice it looks like a coffin being taken somewhere. Since the Two of Swords featured conflict, could this card mean the end of a bad conflict? I’m not sure. Again though, the Queen does look assured whatever the trial may be. As an interesting note, the ground is fertile. You can see that in this view of the card a little better than the other. But, overall, I don’t think this version of the card changes or influences my perspective except for that coffin.

My feelings on what this card might stand for actually remain rooted in what I already know of the Swords suit and Queens. The Queens always embody that feminine energy of the particular suit, in this case, intellectual thought. However, I can’t help but feel like the conflict has come to an end. The Queen is all the wiser for it, and doesn’t seem shaken in her overall demeanor. She has risen above, perhaps now guiding others along the way. But this seems a bit off to me as well. So, why don’t we see what the Aeclectic Tarot says:

The Queen of Swords also likes to know everything… She means well, but her need to know and solve problems often outweighs other considerations. At her best, however, she is the queen of strategy.

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