Daily Tarot Readings: Day Two

Well, my power went out today. The whole experience made for an interesting second day of study, but here’s the card for day two:

The Two of Swords

Upon first reflection, I’m instantly drawn to this card. I intuitively love everything about the traditional Two of Swords card. Delving deeper than that though, I tend to notice first how this card reminds me of the Justice card. There are many reasons for this, the blindfold, the balanced swords, and the overall pose of the female (I’m assuming female). Not only that, but I can’t help but notice the balance themes in this card. The island in back seems perfectly cast on both sides of the female figure. There are likewise two smaller islands one on each side for more emphasis. And yet, the female remains perfectly supported, out of the water, not even minding the blindfold.

Examining the non-traditional decks actually seems to do more harm than good. I felt pretty confident in my feelings toward the card before doing so. Now, I’m not so sure. The Deviant Moon Tarot seems to be hinting at some kind of conflict. The two sides are perfectly balanced, but don’t seem too pleased. One look at the Gilded Tarot though, and I’m a little reassured. There’s less emphasis on conflict, but also less importance placed on the original figure. To clarify this, The Mythic Tarot does actually seem to help. This hints at an overall conflict, and the personal stuck in the middle. Perhaps, this person is conflicted unsure of which way to turn. Both sides seem evenly matched adding to this desperation.


For me, The Tarot of the New Vision doesn’t actually help on this one. Again, there’s a tendency to throw off my earlier intuition. This time, there’s a horse on one side of the card. Perhaps this is hinting at a future journey, a way out of the internal conflict. But, does the blindfolded figure sense the creature’s presence? Why is the horse pictured on the left side of the card? There are a lot of questions that I have seeing this view of the card. The water seems a little more restless. There’s a shorter length of hair on the figure implying masculine energy. What are those imprints in the sand alluding to? I wish I could just ask the artist why at this point.

To conclude, I still stand by my intuitive sense regarding this card. There’s that part of me that’s reminded of Justice. Perhaps the figure though really is trapped in an internal conflict (one of intellectual predicaments). The gender of this figure doesn’t matter, as it is probably both male and female in opposite embodiment. Either way, the person must decide which path to take. Where will they go? Perhaps the real answer is that there is no clear path ahead. Contemplation may not be an option for very long. But alright, what does Aeclectic Tarot’s website say:

This can indicate the qurent feeling like he/she is in the middle of something as a peacekeeper, or in a situation where tensions are running high and the lull in fighting isn’t going to last. It’s possible that the querent is trying to deny or ignore the fact that they didn’t solve the problem and a reader would do well to remind them that they can’t put off making a real decision for long.

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Currently, I'm just someone that loves to learn and embraces various ideas about religion, life, and the daily routines we all have. My blog was setup as an attempt to collect and share my thoughts with others.
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