Daily Tarot Readings: Day Six

This daily tarot reading is both a reflection post and the actual highlighting of the card’s meaning. But before we get into all that, here’s today’s card:

The Emperor

This card is actually a really interesting subject for today. Why? Well, I decided to work on my understanding of Chesed. If you’re following my series of posts in order, this may be a little confusing to you. Wasn’t I working on Tiphareth? Yes. For me though, there seems to be a lesson in the connection between these two spheres, which brings me to what this card represents to me. Personally, The Emperor has always been linked very closely to The Sun card. If The Sun is the embodiment of the God’s energy and influence, The Emperor is the embodiment of the God himself.

In the traditional representations of this card, the Emperor is an older king. He inspires thoughts of King David, or perhaps, King Solomon. What seems strange to me is that The Emperor is wearing armor. To me, this leans more toward King David than Solomon. King David had reason to wear all that armor, Solomon did not. The rams are also an interesting depiction. They, along with the red tones of this card, hint at a time of conflict in and of themselves. Even so, King David sits on his throne.What else could be going on?

And the non-traditional representations of this card only add to the chaos. The Deviant Moon Tarot is quite odd to me. That said, it’s usually odd to me. So, let’s focus on the interesting depictions in the Gilded Tarot and the Mythic Tarot. These two versions of the same card are really interesting. In the Gilded Tarot, the artist has chosen to depict The Emperor in themes of the god Cronus. This is indicated by the zodiac wheel, the staff depicting the solar system, and perhaps, the sky themed robe. In the Mythic Tarot, the depiction is of Zeus. This is clear by the thunderbolt, but the eagle and globe don’t hurt. Again, we also have the blue themed robes of the sky.

The traditional and non-traditional forms of this card tell me we are dealing with the sphere of either Chokmah or Chesed. Since there’s such a strong theme on ruling, I’m going to lean more toward Chesed. To me, this sends to mind themes of law and order, which Zeus is linked to. There’s also the temptation to think of embodied wisdom, but this relates more to the sphere of Chokmah than Chesed. The sphere of Chesed is ruled by Jupiter and linked more toward Mercy. So, now, I’m mixing up themes in my contemplation of the card. It’s important to admit this shortcoming. The truth is, I do not do well with Zeus. My personal inclination is toward Athena, as they share the same sphere.


If we take a look at the actual meaning of The Emperor, we find I did, in fact, mix my spheres. The Aeclectic Tarot’s website says, “The Emperor… is Mars to her Venus… imposed order to her artful creativity.” This tells me a lot about my contemplation of Chesed. In all likelihood, my discomfort from the subject (Zeus), sent me running back to the comfort of something familiar (Ares). Interestingly though, on the Tree of Life, the path between Tiphareth and Chokmah is The Emperor card. In all likelihood, I skipped around more than I realized. It’s possible I moved to contemplating ‘wise Solomon’ and the Cronus of the Gilded Tarot is just an interesting coincidence. Fun stuff, considering it means I still need to work on contemplating Chesed.

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