Daily Tarot Readings: Day Seven

Things are finally getting back to normal today. It’s only been a week, but hey, that’s part of the journey. So, let’s take a look at today’s card:

Four of Cups

At first glance, this card is extremely odd. There’s a floating cup, a person contemplating the three in front instead, and well, just a lot going on in a basic picture. I’m starting though to realize color means something in the original Rider-Waite decks. In this card, blue pants and a red shirt. This could mean a person rooted in emotion with a creative bent. The color balance would tend to allude then to a balance of sorts. Also, my knowledge of the Kabbalah puts  this card in the sphere of Chesed or Mercy. To me, with the art of this card, that hints at a contemplation of sorts.

These non-traditional forms of the card are actually enlightening in the worst way. In the Deviant Moon Tarot, the ship alludes to an idea or conclusion, at least I think. In the Gilded Tarot, we see a divine inspiration or thought being given. But to me, the most telling is in the Mythic Tarot. The Cups suit in this deck tells the story of Eros and Psyche. This is the point in which Psyche doubts her lover, thanks to her sisters. She has weighed her options, and perhaps, made up her mind.


The Tarot of the New Vision doesn’t actually help me this time. I think there might be the illusion of a journey in there somewhere, but I’m not sure. Perhaps this all gets down to action. The person is contemplating their actions, and an answer finally seems evident. This answer could also seem divinely inspired, but I doubt it. There’s simply a clear answer the person will act on in the future. The contemplation has paid off. This card though could probably allude to needing to contemplate an answer and wait for it to be made clear, or that the person knows the answer already. Aeclectic Tarot actually points out I got this all wrong by saying:

“This is sometimes called the “grass is greener” card. It indicates discontent.”


About Samantha

Currently, I'm just someone that loves to learn and embraces various ideas about religion, life, and the daily routines we all have. My blog was setup as an attempt to collect and share my thoughts with others.
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