Learning The Tree Through Witchcraft

This is a post I’ve debated doing for a few hours now. The subject borders heavily on those secrets I feel should be kept personal and private. However, I also have shared this topic unknowingly with others prior. At the time, I didn’t understand the knowledge I was slowly accumulating. Because of this though, as the information is already out there for those willing to look, I figured it was okay to share the basics. Today, let’s talk about Kabbalah and the journey of a witch through deity.

For this subject, it’s important to realize I learned witchcraft as a Wiccan. Admittedly, this impacted much of my initial philosophy. The One was a real concept to me, a creator deity I could come to know if I just listened hard enough. This understanding was better yet by the breaking down of personality types embodied in The God and The Goddess. It was essential to find my own set of deities, or teachers, to learn from and meditate on. While this may not be true for all Wiccans, it is a prevailing thought in many of the beginner books.


When we consult the Tree of Life from the Kabbalah, there are perhaps only three prevailing teachers. Mind you, I’m not saying there are only three deities, but three Sephirah. In Greek Mythology, these three deities are embodied in Hermes, Artemis, and Aphrodite. These are found only by the planet influences, Mercury, the Moon, and Venus. Any deity associated with those planets are able to be substituted. I cannot stress enough that these reflections are only my experience.


In my initial listening and meditating it was Artemis that called to me. This is represented by the path between Malkuth and Yesod marked by The World tarot card. At the same time, I worshiped the god Apollo. Thus, for me, there was balance, the balance best represented in the path marked by Temperance. Fire and water, a reflection of the Sun in the Moon, was my first lesson. I felt at home here, I spent years in that state of meditation of deity.


But, as with all things, our understanding of deity is not static. Things began to change for me, and as I fell in love, I was reminded of my promise to Artemis. The vow is a personal one, but in any case, I felt the presence of Artemis giving way to another. At what point I realized Aphrodite had come into my life, I don’t know. All I know is she was not a teacher, but rather, a feminine force somewhat mysterious to me. In some ways, she is linked to the sphere of Saturn more than Venus itself.


The balance between Apollo and Aphrodite is not a pleasant one really. It’s not surprising to me that this path is marked by the Death card. I can easily see Apollo turning into the bringer of plague to the ancients, or perhaps, the healer of today’s society. This marks his ability to bring change, though rapidly so. Things must be let go of to make room for the new. Similarly, we see the aspect of Aphrodite that brings death due to her jealousy or hatred. In Sparta, Aphrodite had a war like embodiment I find quite appropriate.


As Artemis gave way to Aphrodite, I could feel a strange shift in Apollo as well. Unlike the shift of the female, the shifting of the male influence was quite apparent. Suddenly, I was hit with an intense passion I couldn’t explain. This wasn’t like Apollo as Master of the Muses. No, the burning heat of this shift is only explainable by the presence of Eros. Surprisingly, this isn’t a Sephirah, but a pathway. For a while at least, I spent quite a bit of time on this path. In time though, I made the transition from Apollo to Ares. Admittedly, I have found a nice sense of comfort in Ares.


There was yet to be another change in goddesses for me however. In retrospect, this does seem caused by Ares himself. At times, it seems as if gods and goddesses simply demand their natural mate. This was the case in the shifting of Aphrodite to Athena, a path marked by the Wheel of Fortune card. To me, this is quite fitting. The shift between these two goddesses does seem like fate to me. I can’t explain why, or the motivation behind it, but nonetheless, it happened. It should be noted Athena shares the same sphere as Zeus. This is important when noting a shift in understanding of goddess energy over god energy. Perhaps there is something to that I haven’t quite realized yet.


With time, I have found a home in the balance between Ares and Athena. This seems a unique pairing to most Wiccans I talk to though. To the Ancient Greeks however, the balance was understood quite well. There is a constant back and forth between these two that cannot be realized without personal experience. The Kabbalah has highlighted this fact for me. I’ve also grown to understand one important detail: Adjustment controls a lot in my life and the lives of others. It’s also an insight to me to learn that Adjustment is also equated with Strength. This lesson is highly important personally, and that’s probably the whole point of it in the first place.

The reason I’m sharing this today is because I figured it out in a dream last night. I have been meditating on the path between Tiphareth and Geburah wondering how Lust is an apt description of it. Only after a few days, a few other lessons, and focus on Tiphareth, did I receive the answer. What’s interesting is I was reminded of my entire journey within witchcraft and deity. There was a connection I needed to understand. I’ve been learning Kabbalah in a different form already. That truth is immensely eye opening to me, and almost moving. I understand a little more of Tiphareth now, and I’m immensely grateful for it.


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