Past Lives & Tarot Cards

Ever wondered if you’ve had a past life? The subject of past lives is a tough one for me. I’m not sure how I exactly feel on the subject. I like the idea of past lives, but it’s tough for me to believe in them. Recently however, I’ve been feeling like this is a subject I need to pay more attention to. I’ve had two dreams I’ve since forgotten when I went to write it down… two! Ugh! So, I’ve done a tarot reading on the subject and I thought it’d be fun to share the results with you. Maybe it will be important later down the road.

The Past Life Tarot Spread.

To be fair, I didn’t know how exactly to go about a tarot spread for a past life. A three card spread didn’t seem detailed enough. A ten card spread did seem like a bit much, at least at the time. So, I actually used Google to search for general tarot spread ideas for past lives. I figured the worst that could happen was finding nothing. With a little bit of time, I found that I kept coming back to a particular spread. So, I used that one. If you’re interested in doing this for yourself, I’ve included a picture of the spread. Please keep in mind, I ended up doing it three times over for more information in each category. Here’s the tarot card spread for past lives:


1. Your Early Years.

This is a tough subject for me to figure out. At first, I thought the 2 of Cups indicated a loving family background. Instead, with the other cards especially, it indicates choice. The early years were filled with the choice between, in all probability, relationships and emotional detachment. The Justice card seems to indicate the right choice, in this case, was emotional detachment. Choosing to pursue knowledge on a personal level.

2. Education.

In this category we see two contrasted ideas in the Knight of Cups and the Knight of Wands. The cards indicate an intriguing battle or pursuit of both love and adventure. At the core of this is the Ace of Pentacles. I’m thinking that this indicates a need or core to find something tangible. An education in this area seems to be in figuring out which of the two, love or adventure, will result in something of real value.

3. Occupation.

The contrast between the King of Swords and the King of Cups gives a great insight into an occupation. In this, we have a leader of some sort, possibly a king if taken at face value. This is a king who embodied both a great logistical ability and an emotional attachment to their spouse. However, the 3 of Swords indicates this trust in the spouse may have future problems that present themselves.

4. Social Status.

Remember how I said a leader was probably the occupation? Well it looks like that leadership didn’t go well. We see here the 2 of Wands and the 2 of Pentacles. This seems to indicate a choice between what was tangible and what was possible, perhaps advancement. The problem is that this choice seems, as indicated by the 8 of Wands to have been rapidly thrust upon us. Perhaps this was an unavoidable choice, as it wasn’t so predictable.

5. Relationships.

Surprisingly, it is the relationships category that shows us which choice was made. The 10 of Cups signifies the end of fulfillment of a relationship, perhaps the one that was involved in the 3 of Cups. The King of Pentacles indicates we made the right choice, and prospered in the embrace of financial decisions. Likewise, the 2 of Wands indicates we had to start over in our pursuit of passion and adventure.

6. Death.

To me, this is a really tough category to grasp, only because it is so clearly defined in theme. Judgement indicates a need to make right a wrong, or at least, the knowledge that a wrong was committed. Could this be an error when we chose to purse the more tangible? The Lovers indicate that we simply have to pursue the intellectual, the passion and need for adventure of the previous Wands suit. The Moon too indicates this is an illogical decision of the heart. It makes no sense, but we must.

7. Lessons Learned During Past Life.

Out of all the categories, this makes the most sense to me. I’m surprised by it actually. The Queen of Wands indicates a skill was learned. We learned how to get what we want, nicely. Also we learned how to know what we want. This can be seen in the Hanged Man as well. There was a time of self-reflection, perhaps another learned skill to look within. The 8 of Pentacles is most telling however. We learned not to think too much about what we may have, and focus on investing in what we already do.

8. Past Life Impact On Present Life.

Okay, so this category actually tells a little too much about me. Can I just admit that? The category oddly conveys everything above. We learned that it is necessary to fight for what we want. In this case, that seems to be a new philosophy that needs nurturing in the present. On the opposite side of this, we get the 7 of Swords. There’s a tendency to perhaps over correct, and take what we want. This may or may not be right, and it’s important to realize that.


To be honest, I’m actually surprised by the results of this reading. There were moments that it just felt ‘too’ accurate, especially the impact on today. While I wish I could understand a little better about what possible happened, I do feel that nagging voice of possibility. Remember, I’m not sure how I feel about past lives. But, this is starting to make me wonder that much more. If anything, I’ve at least gained an insight into my current behavior. That is certainly a promising start to the subject. So, I’ve got to ask, did anyone else try this? If so, what did you feel about the results? Did you learn anything as well? Let me know, because I’m certainly interested.

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