Journey Recaps: Week 2

This week was a little more laid back than usual. There’s nothing specifically wrong with that, but it does make it easier to sum up this week’s events! For those of you wondering what you may have missed this week, here’s your weekly recap. Books have been finished, assignments have been completed, and then there’s just the plain randomness of learning. So, why don’t we just get started?

Perhaps the more obvious accomplishment this week was finishing the first book, The Mystical Qabalah. It felt good to finish the book, but I was also left with questions. This is probably an important lesson to remember. Deepening your knowledge is great, but there will always be questions left unanswered. Dion Fortune’s book gave me a good foundation in the Kabbalah, but there’s still much to learn. I can easily see myself spending years studying the Kabbalah and the Tree of Life. Even so, it’s probably best to take a break every now and again.


What’s not so obvious this week is that I really struggled to stay motivated. I started so many blog topics I just couldn’t finish. My thoughts on Dion Fortune’s book, my prior history with the Ancient Egyptian Pantheon, and some lessons in tarot. All this, and I just found life attacking me on all fronts. But, even so, I simply kept going. Despite the lack of something tangible, I returned to the computer each day to try and write another post. This was a lesson in and of itself. The lessons this week were certainly continuous, which brings us to the more emotional reflection of weekly recaps.


This week was really the start of what others had warned me about before starting this curriculum. Many people have shared the fact they felt convicted about one thing or another while studying the Occult. While this might seem far fetched, it’s happened to me within two weeks. The curriculum has already pointed out areas of my life where I’m lazy, or, just lacking. That’s not an easy thing to admit, but it’s worth it. I’m learning first and foremost that we must face this conviction to improve in any area of our life. In the end, we’ll have transcending beyond our faults and turned them into strengths.


A good example of this was one of the assignment projects I completed this week. For a first project, I chose something a little easy, or so I thought. Labeling the Tree of Life seemed second nature, so I decided to cross the task off the list. However, the curriculum asks for the Tree of Life to be labeled in Hebrew letters. Now, if you’ve never written anything in a different alphabet, well, you’re missing out. The task isn’t easy. I would label around three spheres, before messing up and starting over. Labeling the Tree of Life in this way, although simple, took me an hour.


Having read my first book felt great, but not as great as finishing that Tree of Life did. The whole page every time I look at it now seems to glow. This is both a pride in having completed it myself, as well as the acknowledgment of having overcome my mistakes in miniature form. For many, I think there would be an awareness of infusing personal power into that Tree of Life. I actually created something with personal power, and it will serve me well in the future. It’s worth noting I didn’t want to do this project at first, and almost skipped it. Did writing everything in Hebrew letters really matter? Yes.


Another example of how my week has made a difference, is in my daily routine. Can I be the first person to say I dislike housework? For whatever reason, studying the Kabbalah has highlighted the need for clean space. This isn’t ritual space, but any space I live in. Suddenly, I’m making my bed every single morning, doing the dishes no matter how few, and just straightening all that needs straightening. The routine has actually really helped me. Since I’m going to be starting Rosemary Clark’s The Sacred Magic of Ancient Egypt, it’s worth noting the clean house environment will make it easier to do the Four Adorations as well.


Moving forward into the new week, I’m hoping to actually finish The Sacred Magic of Ancient Egypt. I don’t know how in-depth it is though, so we’ll see how it naturally progresses. Also, I want to start the Four Adorations, which only seems logical. Outside of that, I’d also like to continue looking into a magical motto. A summary of the Kabbalah and the Tree of Life on the blog wouldn’t hurt either. This would be a way to ‘contain’ or ‘file away’ my thoughts thus far. All this, while still taking a slower approach than I did my first week. If I can do all that, well, I’ll be a little impressed to be honest. No wonder I got the 10 of Wands the other day!


About Samantha

Currently, I'm just someone that loves to learn and embraces various ideas about religion, life, and the daily routines we all have. My blog was setup as an attempt to collect and share my thoughts with others.
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