Daily Tarot Reading: Day Twenty-Three

Today is Thanksgiving. Happy Thanksgiving! For today I wanted to do a fun spread focused on the theme of the holiday. Even if you don’t celebrate today, you can still adapt this spread for any special occasion. But first, today’s card of the day:

Four of Pentacles

Thanksgiving Meal Tarot Spread

Alright, this is one of those spreads mainly done in the spirit of fun. It’s an entertaining use of symbolism, and quite frankly, I couldn’t resist. So today, for Thanksgiving, I’m going to do the Thanksgiving Meal Tarot Spread. I decided to approach this spread with a kind of year ahead dynamic. The spread isn’t particularly meant to do this, but it’s formed like a check-in to me. Why not then, right? Today’s spread:


1. Turkey: What Nourishes My Life? – 2 of Cups

The 2 of Cups is said to be a relationship card, and in this case, I think it’s fairly certain. For me, the balance between my husband and I is nourishing. He challenges me. I challenge him. At the end of the day, we’re better people because of it. This isn’t to say it’s an easy balance, but rather, that it is worth the work and effort. Some might find it interesting to know I’m an earth sign and my husband is an air sign. Balance indeed.


2. Ham: How Can I Obtain More Prosperity In The Coming Months? – 8 of Wands

As I’ve mentioned before, Wands is a tough suit for me to understand, even if I do feel at home in it. But, the 8 of Wands is an interesting card. It’s best summed up by the idea of being inspired. The problem? This inspiration is sudden, quick, and difficult to embrace all at once. The source of your inspiration isn’t actually you, and this can lead to all kind of confusion if one isn’t careful.


3. Stuffing: How Can I Achieve More Gratitude Into My Year? – 5 of Pentacles

This is an interesting card to show up in this particular spot. The Creative Tarot likens the 5 of Pentacles somewhat to a collective group of people. In some ways, this touches on my urge to have a sense of community and belonging. The 5 of Pentacles though is about being shut out of that collective group. Perhaps, this then, hints at the mindset possible within this card. There is the ability to work on my own, and embrace aspects of myself I couldn’t by working within the collective.


4. Cranberry Sauce: What Surprises Are In Store For Me? – The Tower

In some ways, I feel like I’m already experiencing a little bit of The Tower. This has always been a card of change, sudden change at that, at least to me.  There’s that element of Fate to it, that we can’t change anything, destruction must have its way. But, at the same time, The Tower is purely about removing what needs to be removed. If I must do this, it is best to embrace the change. At least then, it might not be quite such a powerful surprise.


5. Green Bean Casserole: What Has Helped Me Grow? – Wheel of Fortune

Fate is the theme of the day it seems, as it’s coming up a lot in various ways. The fact is though, that I can understand suddenly what I couldn’t even days earlier. There’s just a method, a pattern beyond our control at work. It dictates my ability to have a sense of community,  my preconceived ideas, and how I even respond to some of those things. Like it or not, I am changed by my Fate. It’s worth noting though, that life is not solely controlled by Fate. Learning and growth is purely just part of a much bigger picture.


6. Corn: What Riches Do I Possess Outside Of The Material World? – The Emperor

To me, this card is actually a little more abstract in meaning. The presence of the 2 of Cups as a nourishing element, tends to make me think The Emperor is a symbol for my husband. This is a richness beyond the material, as he has taught me order and logic in a way that is refreshing. More importantly, he, like The Emperor, is my source of stability. I feel like he balances out my thoughts, my questions, and brings me back to a place of harmony and, well, stability.


7. Bread: What Resources Can I Share To Help Others?  – 2 of Swords

Another weird card given its spot in the spread. If I had to follow my intuition though, this card is about helping others make tough choices. The 2 of Swords can be linked to one decision over another, but feeling stuck in choosing between the two options. To me, issues like this are easier to solve than for others. I tend to actually have the opposite problem of diving in a bit too eagerly. But, that doesn’t mean I can’t help others. Interestingly, this card shows up just as I’m making a shift between two paths.


8. Apple Pie: What Sweetens My Life? – 10 of Pentacles

Stability. First it was the 2 of Cups, then The Emperor, and now the 10 of Pentacles. This spread shouts stability, especially in my relationship. My life has, this year especially, enjoyed the feeling of coming back into balance. This creates a stability to be sure, and I am rather enjoying the odd sensation. I usually wouldn’t describe myself as stable, not in a bad way, just a realistic one. There really is a sweetness to not worrying about certain aspects of my life anymore and putting that energy elsewhere.


9. Gravy: What Can I Do To Add Deliciousness To My Life? – Strength

And we’re back to the Strength card. I’ve touched on this card a lot already, but in this spread, I especially see the themes in earlier readings. Strength is about learning to tame passion and direct it to solve problems, or move forward. But, with Strength, there’s the vulnerability of stillness. This is not lashing out for instance. Instead, Strength simply knows when to act and how to act. It’s not an easy thing. Also, it’s worth noting, I’m strengthening philosophical ideas as well. So, there’s multiple layers to this card.


10. Salt & Pepper: How Can I Bless Others? – Temperance

Actually, I’m not surprised to see Temperance in this spot. This showed up in the Sorting Hat reading in a very similar way. I actually understand the card better here though. Blessing others is nothing more than helping others, at least in my eyes. Again, this card reflects the 2 of Swords from earlier in some ways as well. There’s a balance, and like Strength, a taming that’s conducive. I’m probably a good person at seeing how things fit together, even if they don’t look like it. This, in turn, can play into making a choice between two paths. All in all, I’d say it’s a positive.



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