Daily Tarot Readings: Day Twenty-Two

Another day late, but I promise to get caught up today of all days. There’s just been a lot going on, so much so, that I haven’t had time to write an update on it yet. But, I’m going to fix that hopefully today. Here’s your card a day late:

The Emperor

The Wishbone Tarot Spread

To get the Emperor is actually really interesting, as I ended up reading about feminist forms of witchcraft. This was not something I had planned, but rather, ended up just coming across repeatedly. I don’t consider myself drawn to feminist forms of witchcraft either, which makes this coincidence all the more surprising. Seems to me like there was a lot of balance going on. In any case, I decided to try the Wishbone Spread I’ve been meaning to do:


1. What Do I Need To Keep In Mind Regarding This Wish? – 9 of Swords

Since the 9 of Swords is coming up quite a bit for me, I’m starting to interpret it a little differently than perhaps some do. To me, the card is starting to represent that I am my own worst enemy. This is somewhat a triple aspect of the 3 of Swords. Fears, doubts, and panic is swirling in the atmosphere, and I must deal with this on my own. My wish is either the cause of this, or is making me face these things.


2. What Steps Do I Need To Take In Regarding This Wish? – Strength

Ah, my friend Strength. No really, this card comes up for me a lot as well. To me, Strength is actually saying two things in this position. First, I need to face my fears. But, the way that’s recommended isn’t initially how I’d choose to. Strength instead of a Knight in this case hints at an inner battle, conquered best by stillness. Lastly, Strength itself is the taming of raw passion. This is a great reminder in terms of wishes coming true.


3. As I Visualize This Wish Being Fulfilled, How Does It Look? – 4 of Wands

According to The Creative Tarot, Fours are all about order, especially when structuring our projects. The 4 of Wands specifically, is actually a more positive of the Fours. This card stands for an environment that allows for deviation and experimentation. With the 4 of Wands in this particular spot, I’m not sure how to interpret it other than at face value. When I look at my wish, I’m looking at an environment that’s flexible and yet, produces what I need.


4. Is This Wish In Accordance With My Higher Self? – 9 of Cups

To me, this is actually a confirmation of sorts. Yes, the wish is in accordance with my higher self. However, this card is slightly bitter sweet. I was hoping my wish might also draw me closer to having a sense of community as well. The 9 of Cups is not a card of community, but instead, of loneliness. This loneliness can be comfortable, or it can be a bit of a detriment. In the card’s symbolism though, the 9 of Cups is happy, content, and enjoying their hard earned reward.


5. What Opposing Forces Do I Need To Be Aware Of? – Wheel of Fortune

Okay, this is when my tarot cards are just blunt. The Wheel of Fortune is generally a positive card to me, except when it’s an opposing force. This is telling me that Fate has other ideas. Everything seems perfect, but then Fortune has to show itself. In some ways this is very appropriate, as it happens this way in life too. We get our hopes up, it all seems fine, and then Fate has other harsh realities in mind. Ugh! One does not simply fight Fate as an opposing force.


6. What Guidance Do I Need In Order To Achieve My Wish? – The Chariot

This is the most interesting card in the spread. The Chariot hints at a different kind of wish fulfillment will come to pass. At it’s core, this card represents the idea of conquering whatever we set out to do. But, to me, this card is actually broadcasting its hidden meaning: Control. The Chariot is also about learning to control our more destructive impulses or emotions. In the Kabbalah, The Chariot is a contrast to The Emperor. So, to me, I need to learn to control my more destructive thoughts.


7. Will My Wish Be Granted Successfully? – 8 of Pentacles

And we get to the most difficult card, the 8 of Pentacles. The problem with this card is I do think it’s positive. But, remember above, The Wheel of Fortune? Well, I think there’s much more going on than wish granted. To me, the 8 of Pentacles is about focusing on the task at hand. In this case, perhaps even focusing on making the wish a reality. At some point though, Fate will intervene. Things will change, and it will result in an ultimate shift. A positive, just in a different sense.




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