Daily Tarot Readings: Day Twenty-Seven

In an effort to get caught up today, I’m just going to go ahead and do today’s reading. I was planning on a complicated spread, but I chose a different one. Nevertheless, the spread for the day is complex in a different way. But first, here’s your card for the day:

Nine of Wands

The Mirrored Heart Tarot Spread

This is a spread I’ve wanted to try since I found it on Pinterest. The idea is just neat, and I love the symbolism of it. I know couple spreads or spreads for love in general are quite common, but I’ve never thought much of them. But, I can certainly see using this spread to read for others. The creator says you can mix and match symbolism too, which I love as well. The 9 of Wands isn’t a great overall card to do a love reading, but I decided to just see how it went. What’s the worst that could happen, right? Here’s the spread layout:


1. Heart of the Relationship: King of Swords – Knight of Cups

The King of Swords and Knight of Cups isn’t exactly what I think of when I consider the core of a romantic relationship. What’s interesting is that I drew the King, and my husband the Knight. He’s the Libra, I’m the Taurus. It’s almost like we should flip our cards around. But this, I think, is why we read them together for the spread. When putting two people together, there needs to be balance. While my husband is out there pursuing the things he fancies, I can act as a sort of clarity and realism to his dreams.

2. Highest Ideal of the Relationship: 5 of Wands – Page of Wands

Alright, so at least we have the suit in common now. But, again, these aren’t ideal perspectives. Apparently, I see the relationship in terms of playful competition. My husband, to contrast, sees the relationship in terms of something new and different. It’s interesting though, knowing what I know, that the Page of Wands also adores the Wand while the 5 of Wands uses the object as an instrument. Our highest ideals aren’t exactly off, but they are an interesting blend, that’s for sure.

3. Self Projected To Others: 6 of Wands – Wheel of Fortune

Okay, so this is really interesting when read together. The 6 of Wands is often seen as the card of Victory. When we consider I drew the 5 of Wands, now to only get the 6 of Wands, the meaning is fairly clear. I want people to see me as victorious in my relationship. This is more along the lines of having a successful relationship together. My husband, on the other hand, prefers to project a sense of luck. Knowing the both of us, this is actually an expansion of the above ideals. I tend to give off working hard to earn victory, my husband sees it as a carefree matter of fate.

4. Where We Are Right Now: The Star – King of Wands

Actually, this answers what I wanted in doing this spread. Where my relationship is at right now, isn’t a phase of comfort. In fact, it’s probably a time of somewhat turmoil… just not at the core. Right now, I’m in a spot of inner healing. I am learning how to blend my subconscious with my conscious, or material. My husband is actually the opposite, convinced and set in his ways. He sees himself as having learned the right way, the most logical way. This isn’t a bad thing, but it does tend to limit experimentation… which is important for The Star. Ah well, a blending of The Star and the King of Wands can happen. It’s just a little time consuming.

5. What Each Person Needs: Queen of Cups – The Magician

And this section shows the disconnect very clearly, how ironic. What I need from my husband right now is actually not in his nature to give. The Queen of Cups is so opposite the King of Wands, it isn’t really reasonable. But, if we slip myself into the Queen of Cups, then we see something a little different. I need my husband to tolerate this side of myself, and accept its stability. On the other hand, my husband needs me in the capacity of an orderly conduit of sorts. If we put my husband into the place of The Magician, then I must likewise accept his place as an orderly channel of material energy.

To conclude, this spread is actually quite complex. I see layers upon layers to it. What do you think? Did you see some symbolism I missed? Have any insights to share? I’m certainly open to your interpretations as well. If you did this spread, what was it like for you? As always, let me know if you like spreads like this as well.

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Currently, I'm just someone that loves to learn and embraces various ideas about religion, life, and the daily routines we all have. My blog was setup as an attempt to collect and share my thoughts with others.
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