Daily Tarot Readings: Day Twenty-Six

While I can’t seem to stay caught up on the daily readings, I do try. Yesterday was kind of a bad day, which makes the card of the day only fitting. Somehow, for some reason, I’ve always viewed this card as negative. At least, in the scheme of things, I found a neat spread for us to try surrounding this very card! The card:

The Fool

The Fool’s Tarot Spread

For the most part, I think many people see The Fool as a positive start. The Fool is the beginning of a new journey after all. But, I often see this card in its relation to starting over. Everything must begin again, and for some people, that is not an easy task. While I understand this card isn’t purely negative, I can’t help it. I actually find the volcano in the representation of this card by Tarot of the New Vision quite telling. Sometimes, we’ve got a front row view to danger, and can’t even see it! Anyway, maybe this spread will help clear my perceptions of this card. The spread layout created originally by The Sibyls Tarot:


1. The Fool’s Mind: What Are You Seeking? – The Fool

This could simply mean a new journey, but does it? Remember, I view The Fool as a mostly negative card. So, to see it show up in the spread right away seems a bit much. If anything, the card reinforces the definition. But, what exactly am I seeking from the new journey? Well, that’s where I think only this card could become known. Perhaps I’m looking for something enlightening and yet carefree. That, to me, would be a good reason for The Fool to show up in its own spread.


2. The Fool’s Origin: Where Do You Come From? – Queen of Swords

I’m learning a bit more about the Queen of Swords, and I think the new perspective is relevant here. The Queen of Swords is about intellect and the female embodiment of wisdom. But, at the core, there is also a sadness to this card. Has anyone forgotten the dreaded 3 of Swords, 8 of Swords, 9 of Swords or even the 10 of Swords? What’s hidden within the Queen of Swords is suffering that brings forth wisdom. Right now, I can kind of relate to that idea. There’s no need to turn from the world, but embracing it isn’t always painless either.


3. The Fool’s Bag: What Is In Your Baggage? – 3 of Wands

For this spread, this one category was a bit confusing to me. But, I think the creator of it meant for the ‘baggage’ to symbolize what we have and are willing to trade for more. In that way, I really like the 3 of Wands in this spot. This card is all about foundation, but in terms of pursuit or adventure. We have a stabilized something, like a business or relationship, that allows us to pursue another. It’s interesting to consider this as something to trade. Essentially though, being able to trade ‘it’ is the entire meaning of the card in the first place.


4. The Fool’s Dog: What Will Aid You?- The Devil

I’ve never drawn this card as often as I am lately. The Devil makes for an interesting aid. So many people fear this card because it is associated with things that tie us down. Extremes though, can be a good thing. There are some really interesting ways in which this card might present itself as an aid. Allowing me to dive into a project, having a material focus only, and pursuing perfection are all good examples. What must be a concern though, is keeping this card in check. The Devil is often associated with destructive behavior, so it’s worth keeping a close eye on its influence in the long term.


5. The Fool’s Leap: Where To Take A Leap Of Faith? – The Star

The Star is a card that I link to Temperance, and is also traditionally associated with The Tower. It’s interesting how close The Star is to The Devil as well. I feel like these two cards go together. When I consider them both, I see an odd sort of picture. This new journey requires a leap of faith in terms of becoming whole. The Devil can bring chaos and upheaval, resulting in The Tower. But, The Tower gives way to The Star. This is a perfect embodiment of The High Priestess and The Empress. In other words, by embracing The Devil, I might just discover how to merge both sides of myself and heal that divide.


6. The Fool’s Relief: Outcome. – Queen of Wands

Again, another card that’s showing up lately, even for a significator. The fact the Queen of Wands keeps showing up is actually quite telling. This card isn’t meant to be interpreted as many might. Instead, it’s a very personal meaning. The Queen of Wands is my higher self. I see that hinted at by The Star. What’s interesting is that the Queen of Wands is also seen as firmly planted on a good foundation. In many ways, this is what I’ve been asking for too, to become more materialistic. I know, it’s a different way to interpret this, but it’s probably more accurate for my own self.


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Currently, I'm just someone that loves to learn and embraces various ideas about religion, life, and the daily routines we all have. My blog was setup as an attempt to collect and share my thoughts with others.
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2 Responses to Daily Tarot Readings: Day Twenty-Six

  1. Mia Alviz says:

    Thank you very much for sharing! I love your input and the fact that my spread has helped you get in touch with the energy of The Fool! What I mean with “baggage” is an analysis of the things, positive or negative, that we have in our emotional backpack, and influence our decision making in regards with the energy of this arcane.

    As well, I really like your blog! Keep on with the good job!


    • Samantha says:

      Thank you so much! I will certainly take note of what ‘baggage’ is for when I use the spread in the future. Definitely makes more sense in emotional terms.

      I really loved your spread, and had to highlight it!

      Liked by 1 person

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