Daily Tarot Readings: Day Twenty-Eight

Today is the day we finally do a complicated tarot spread! I’ve been playing around with some ideas, and well, I think I finally got it worked out. This spread can take a long time to dissect, but why not try it? Today’s card looks promising:

King of Pentacles

The Tree of Life Tarot Spread

As I said, this spread is actually quite complicated. There are many layers to it, so we’ll see how many I get to. What’s worth noting though is that I had to try this spread a couple times before it felt right. This wasn’t drawing until I got the answers I wanted, but rather, just knowing it was right. Sure enough, when things finally felt right, my Queen of Wands was at the very bottom of the deck. Also, the King of Pentacles showed up in the spread itself. If you’re looking to try this one out, just know it may take a moment of concentration to get just right for you.


1. Kether: How We Receive Things In Our Life – Page of Pentacles

Why am I not surprised Pentacles showed up in the realm of Kether for me personally? I’m a Taurus, which is generally linked to the suit of Pentacles. At my core though, I resist this. So, I suppose, a Page is probably accurate. The Page of Pentacles is the student who enjoys and is fascinated by their study or work. Admittedly, I approach life this way myself. I’m intrigued by everything, and I work hard to dig into it. I can’t just look at it or wonder, I have to do and appreciate. A negative though, is a tendency to hoard, or become selfish.


2. Chokmah: The Right Brain of Emotion & Spirituality – Ace of Cups

While I wasn’t surprised to find the Page of Pentacles in Kether, I’m shocked to find the Ace of Cups in Chokmah. This card is linked closely to the Holy Grail, and thus, spirituality. At my core, I consider myself a spiritual person. I’m always looking at or approaching life with love. The Ace of Cups specifically is either symbolic of something to nurture, or in this case, and outpouring of it at the source. If we approach this card in a negative though, we see a tendency toward outbursts, and a general unhappiness. Both are true for me.


3. Binah: The Left Brain of Logic & Rationality – Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel of Fortune in the place of Binah seems quite odd, if not, flat out wrong. To be honest, I barely understand it. But, there’s a truth in interpreting this card at face value. Logic and Rationality are, quite often, linked to Fate. When I approach a problem, I often do look at Fate as an outlier. There are simply some issues that cannot be avoided, and I recognize that. The card also hints at the way I approach spirituality, which is by asking questions. To me, the greatest mysteries hold a fascination. When I reflect on what I’ve learned, it’s often started by asking why first.


4. Chesed: What Comes Easy To Us – The Devil

Alright, this card makes a lot of sense, even when I don’t want it to. The Devil in the place of Chesed is just so, accurate. In a moment of personal disclosure, I’ll admit to suffering from self-destructive behavior. This isn’t drugs or drinking, but rather, emotional for me. I’m unnecessarily harsh on myself, demanding perfection to an unrealistic degree. But, I’m also a creative person, or at least, someone who enjoys creating. As I work on my destructive behavior, I’m often finding my creative energy magnifying. Hopefully, I’ll find a way to make this a more positive element in my life.


5. Geburah: Our Learned Skills – Queen of Cups

If I had to choose, this is the one card placement I see myself embodying best. The Queen of Cups balances out the sphere of Geburah in a unique way. This is seen in myths of Ares and Aphrodite. Fire and Water tame each other, similar to the symbolism of Temperance. But on a personal level, the Queen of Cups is creativity at its finest. The spiritual is productive, and creates out of love. For me, the Queen of Cups is a learned skill, and this is highly accurate. I have to learn how to direct my loving nature. When I do though, it feeds on itself and gives way to amazing acts of loyalty and love.


6. Tiphareth: How One Handles Emotions – 6 of Wands

At face value, I think it’s worth noting I see emotions as something to conquer. Again, with my self-destructive behavior, I have to work at positive emotions. Outside of that though, is the idea that there is a positive. This is a sense of optimism, no matter the emotion. I can handle a bad day, accept it, and know that it gets better. This is a small victory of sorts. Also, there’s something to be said for how this card is symbolic of action and fulfillment. The 6 of Wands assumes victory and receives it. How many of us know this emotionally to be true?


7. Netzach: Where Destiny Wants To Take Us – Ace of Pentacles

Largely, I think this is another accurate card that I don’t want to be true. This, to me, is the Pentacle the Page was fascinated by. Destiny would like to take me back to the source of what is tangible and material. Also, there is the idea of a fulfilled and enriched life. I’d like to think Fate intends that for me, as well as everyone else. The fascination is great, but one would hope to work toward the source of that and hold it. At the same time, there’s also something to be said for grounding. I often feel like I lack a sense of foundation in the material world, and would like one.


8. Hod: What Propels Us Forward –  King of Pentacles

Put simply, the King of Pentacles is about success. I’m driven by this idea as well, though in a little bit of a unique way. For me, I yearn to know and feel that I’ve left something tangible behind. I’ve been told I’m a bit young to feel this way, but that it’s also natural. Whatever the case, I do invest in the tangible from a place of success. Likewise, I’m not so prone to adventure. I like to think I am, but I’m a Taurus. This just shouts that I enjoy comfort and nice things. Typically, it’s hard to get that when pursuing too much or going on amazing adventures.


9. Yesod: How We Approach Sexuality – The Hanged Man

And, now, I’m laughing. At first glance, The Hanged Man in a place of sexuality is somewhat funny. Do I approach sex as a religious or spiritual experience? Well, yes. But what is this card really hinting at? The Hanged Man is also about being who we are, even if we don’t like it. This card is closely linked to the idea of subduing and surrendering. In this way, I can see the connection of The Hanged Man to how I approach my sexuality. Put simply, I make no excuses for what I like, want, or choose to seek. I see sex as a personal experience, and yes, one that can be deeply spiritual.


10. Malkuth: What Grounds Us – Strength

When I first did this spread, this is the card that initially told me it was right. Strength has been making itself known as my grounding force in so many ways lately. What’s interesting though, is how Strength is about taming passion through inner understanding. Strength allows us to take all that pent up energy and release it in a way that’s actually useful. This is kind of how I see myself, though a little less gracefully. I’m honest, I say what I feel, and I sometimes find myself wishing I contained it a little better. But, Strength is generally a positive dynamic in terms of life, and so, I embrace it quite fondly now as a core part of myself.



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