Daily Tarot Readings: Day Twenty-Nine

Today is a day where I’m already reflecting on my spiritual path. The recent changes have left me wondering what to do with one curriculum while wanting to dig into the other. Ah well, we’ll see what’s in the cards for the day today. Who knows, maybe it’ll help. But first, today’s card:

Page of Cups

The Reflection Tarot Spread

Alright, for me this is the start of a new week. I know, it’s a little off, but that’s what you get when you start a new project on the 1st of November. Anyway, I’m really torn about which path to take. Do I stay on the curriculum I’m on, or do I explore the new one I think I’m meant to actually follow? The two paths intersect at many points, making this even more difficult. So, I decided to ultimately try the reflection tarot spread. It seems built for this kind of situation. The path we want vs the path we see, or something like that. It’s also a bit more in-depth, with thirteen cards. Here’s the spread:


1. Left Brain – 4 of Swords

For a spot in the spread that symbolizes negative influences, I suppose it is only fitting a Swords card showed up. The 4 of Swords though, is a surprising positive choice. There is the symbolism of rest, withdrawal, and a bit of time spent on self. But, when we consider this card as a fear or troublesome worry, it changes meaning. Suddenly this card becomes symbolic of sleeping too long. Perhaps, there is even too much caution being exerted. There’s now a sense of dread to what originally brought us refreshment.


2. Self View – Ace of Wands

When we look at how the 4 of Swords and the 5 of Wands manifest in the conscious, we see something interesting. The balance between them, seems to give way to a sense of newness. There’s suddenly a new passion, a new excitement. To me, the Swords suit is confirming this is a new philosophy, a new way of thinking. It’s interest though that this isn’t a Cups card, as Cups are symbolic of spirituality. But, overall, I do think the merging of Swords and Wands to create the source of Wands is quite interesting.


3. Right Brain – 5 of Wands

To contrast the 4 of Swords, we have the 5 of Wands. This is an important thing to note, at least for me. Swords and Wands traditionally mix quite well, and a balance between them is important. The 5 of Wands is competition for the sake of becoming better. There’s nothing wrong with that in and of itself, but consider the placement. The spot in the spread symbolizes honesty, or the mind in its pure state. Competition can be good, exciting even, and it’s oddly, apparently, my natural inclination to think so.


4. False Perception – King of Wands

Looking at what the King of Wands has represented for me prior, to see it in this spot is a little surprising. But, at its core, the King of Wands has a powerful presence. The card practically shouts false foundation. Better put, this card symbolizes strong mindedness, willpower, responsibility, and completion. All of it though, is false. At face value, the negative aspects of this card are just as bad as a false foundation. Negatives of this card are an inability to understand, intolerance, and impatience.


5. True Perception – 4 of Wands

As a contrast to the King of Wands, the 4 of Wands is an interesting choice. Some people link the 4 of Wands to The Tower, though as an exact opposite. This is because the 4 of Wands represents freedom and released passion or energy. The Tower on the other hand represents repressing, or trapping, that same energy. It’s an interesting comparison, especially considering the King of Wands in the place of false perception. The 4 of Wands hints at openness, a sense of foundation that brings freedom.


6. Far Past – 3 of Cups

The 3 of Cups is the community card, or that’s at least what I call it. Since it’s also the Cups suit, I’m starting to see this as a spiritual community especially. These are the people we share ideas with, and who often understand where we’ve been. This card, in the far past, symbolizes to me, my want of a spiritual community. I actually think this card is somewhat linked to false perceptions, as it didn’t end up working out for me. But, that’s in the far past now, and I’m happy to move forward.


7. Past – 2 of Pentacles

If I’m looking to place the 2 of Pentacles in relation to cards 1-5, I’d probably put it in the self view section. This is because, for the longest time, I felt like I had to balance my path. There was the influence of Christianity that needed to be balanced. Then, there was the pursuit of two different aspects of my path, Wicca and the Occult itself. The past was filled with balanced projects that helped fuel each other. Right now though, I want more than that. I want one project to work on, so this card is a nearer past, or well, past.


8. Present – 6 of Swords

This is the card, I’m actually a little surprised I didn’t expect in the first place. The 6 of Swords is another one of those more positive Swords cards. There’s a sense of a spiritual journey, while at the same time, looking back. To me, looking back is what causes the mourning often captured in this card. We wish we were back where we used to be, but still have to move forward. The 6 of Swords is all about transitions, and luckily it is an easier one. But still, emotionally, there’s a sense of sadness going forward.


9. Near Future – 6 of Pentacles

Somehow it is ironic that Pentacles start showing up heavily in terms of the future. The 6 of Pentacles is difficult to discern though, because it represents both sides of a give and take relationship. In terms of religion, it is difficult to discern if I am to receive sustenance, or continue seeking a way to give it to others. What makes this even more difficult for me though, is how this card can symbolize a more reserved sense of giving. Am I withholding a part of myself, and in so doing, hindering progress?


10. Far Future – Queen of Pentacles

Ah the Queen of Pentacles, the sense of unity with the world and everything in it. This card seems like an ideal place to end up no matter the path. According to my star sign, this is also the best and most natural place to end up for me. The weird thing is that I don’t identify with it. But, I am trying to slowly make my way to being more materialistic. This card is also linked closely to The Empress and The Magician in its own unique way. In both those ways, the card is a great goal for me to achieve in terms of fulfillment.


11. Negative Path Result – Ace of Cups

The Ace of Cups is a returning to the source, or in this case, the healing, happiness, and love in spirituality. It’s an odd conclusion to a negative path, especially one marked by the King of Wands. At the core might be the idea of passion needing to be subdued, and starting over again in renewed spirituality. This is a return back to what brings us joy and holds us captive to life itself. Through the Cups suit we see relationships, emotions, and ultimately, love in creativity. Not bad for a negative alternative path.


12. The Soul’s View  – Knight of Wands

Somehow, I find this card fitting, and I didn’t when I first drew it. The Knight of Wands symbolizes pursuit for the sake of passion and adventure. This is not a very thought out means of investment, but it is new and wonderful nonetheless. In this setting, the Knight of Wands says my soul feels like it must move, it must seek out adventure, and yet, I have a long way to go. My journey will not be quick, but it will be worthwhile. This is just the energy though, and it must be accompanied by plans, ideas, and ultimately resources.


13. Positive Path Result – Judgment

Suddenly, the Ace of Cups doesn’t seem so ideal. Judgement is a card that is kind of scary to be honest. I grew up very conservative religiously, and the idea of Judgement brought with it destruction and pain. That’s not what this card is about though. This card is more about being called to a higher truth. Where we could make and decide our own path, this is not the case now. Judgement is the conclusion of what Fate demanded. To me, this symbolizes a higher calling and being made aware of it.


To conclude, I originally did this spread for better insight into which path to choose. Whether I like it or not, I kind of get the sense I should cut my loses, and start something new. There are problems with Christianity, especially when highlighted by a witch like me. But, if this spread is correct, it will be better in the long run. I think I knew that, but I just kind of hoped, you know, that I could keep my King of Wands. Ah well, what do you think? Have you had to face a similar choice yourself? I’d love to hear what you think on this one, as it is a really complicated issue.

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