Daily Tarot Readings: Day Thirty

Wow, I’ve made it to my thirtieth day in a row! How do I plan to celebrate? Well, by continuing to do the same thing. I’m hoping to do another content post after this, so we’ll see how the day actually goes. I’ve got a cup of coffee, candles lit, and a deck of tarot cards in front of me. Today’s card of the day:

The Wheel of Fortune

Calming Your Inner Critic Tarot Spread

For today, especially with a sense of Fate lingering in the air, I wanted to do a spread that’s kind of personal. Recently, I talked about how I’m emotionally self-destructive. This seems to be a topic coming up a bit in my life in various ways right now, so I want to tackle it. There’s a spread I found that seems ideal for this, calming your inner critic. It’s only six cards, but I’m already dreading what it might say! So, why not take a look? Here’s the spread layout if you want to try it yourself:


What Area Of Your Life Are You Most Self-Critical About?

10 of Swords. Yup, I actually drew this card right away. The meaning of it though isn’t as bad as one might think. This card refers to a person’s attitude or approach to a situation. In my case, the meaning is clear. I overreact at the littlest sign of trouble. My emotions or outlook tend to be either okay or devastatingly wrong, with no in between. Admittedly, I hate this, and it is the first thing I work on, but it’s tough. The 10 of Swords is one of the most dreaded cards, and I understand why. It is actually an overreaction clouding our judgement and hinders us from moving forward.


What Inner Emotions Trigger Your Inner Critic?

Ace of Swords. After a little reading, I discovered this card can be linked to repressed anger. While I don’t have a lot of this, I do have some. The repressed anger I carry is quite painful, and it must be dealt with in small doses. It’s interesting that the Ace of Swords is like a bridge between intellect and emotion. To me, this seems immensely fitting. I’m hard on myself through both mediums. My emotions feed on my thoughts and doubts and fears, and then they both spiral. I’m that person that gets upset because I know I’m overreacting. But yeah, there’s repressed anger there. It makes sense.


What External Events Trigger Your Inner Critic?

The Fool. Okay, remember a while back when I said I freak out at having to start over? Well, I wasn’t kidding. To me, The Fool is all about new beginnings, new journeys, and just a carefree outlook doing it. These are the moments where my emotions start to overwhelm. I plan too much. I worry about where I’m going. I can’t just enjoy the moment I’m in. All this makes me sound like a boring person, but I’m just a logical person. There’s a certain need I have to be surrounded by what is familiar, and then slowly introducing newness into that. The Fool is not a slow introduction type card.


What Painful Experiences Do You Blow Out Of Proportion?

3 of Cups. What’s such a positive card doing in such a negative spot? Well, this is the one area I consciously feel a lot of emotional pain. There’s a lack of community around me, and it hurts immensely. Never mind the fact that I’m probably inclined toward introversion. In this way, I’m certainly blowing it out of proportion. I feel immensely alone, while being surrounded by my family. It is not as bad as it seems, and they do make me exceedingly happy. I just yearn for a sense of community spiritually. I found it interesting that Cups is linked to spirituality and community both in this card.


How Do You Behave In Response To Your Inner Critic?

The Emperor. Usually, I think of The Emperor as a welcomed card in any spread. In this one case though, I start to see the negativity of it. This card can symbolize a strict adherence to the rules, and ultimately, discipline. In my case, this is both a positive and a negative. At its most positive, The Emperor can urge me to seek order and established rules that see me through the initial overreaction. At its worst, The Emperor can keep me locked into a discipline that’s not merciful enough. Both are needed, but in their own time. Learning this balance is what I’m currently working on actually.


How To Calm Your Inner Critic?

Queen of Cups. Am I surprised this is the answer to my inner critic? Nope. The Queen of Cups is just so hard to embody or embrace. At the core, this card can represent emotional healing, thriving spirituality, and blossoming creativity. In many ways, my inner critic is harsh because of all these things. There are things I need to let heal. My sense of spirituality will need to be balanced against a community and self-confidence on its own. All that, and it will give me a creative boost almost by chance or circumstance. Calming my inner critic requires emotional healing… and that’s okay.


To conclude, I think this spread just confirms what I already know. There’s just a time and a process to healing, spiritual or otherwise. That inner critic we all posses is a great thing, but we need to keep it in check. We should never get to a place of hysteria and desperation. All that’s necessary is time spent reflecting, and then moving forward. Not only that, but anger is okay. Anger needs to be expressed, but with discipline and discretion. All in all, life keeps bettering us all in various ways. Our inner critics all look different, and yet, we might find they’re more in common than we think.

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