Journey Recaps: Week 4

Shifts and changes everywhere! Nah, it’s not actually that bad. This week has been a pretty good week. There’s been ups and downs, but I feel like it is all working out pretty well. As always, I’ve got plenty of insights to share about how this week went. If you’ve been following my tarot readings, you know how odd my recap is going to be this week. If not, don’t worry, everything will make sense in a minute. You didn’t miss much, but, you certainly missed plenty. Here’s this week’s update!

This week was the week of Thanksgiving, and who doesn’t enjoy a nice relaxing evening every now and again? Actually, Thanksgiving has always been that odd holiday for me. I grew up with it, I celebrate it, but wasn’t Samhain the last harvest festival? Why do I associate Thanksgiving with Mabon? Ah well, sometimes we just need an excuse to relax with family and friends. Much of this week reflects that, as I actually got to spend time thinking about the recent changes I’ve undergone. Since The Emperor was the first card this week, it seems almost a fitting theme.


Perhaps the most surprising theme this week has actually been tarot itself. There’s been a lot of general guidance provided by my card readings. It’s interesting that this was never my intention, but something that simply happened. I found myself eager to sit down and choose what I wanted to focus on for the day. In many ways, tarot has helped me be a little more spontaneous, while offering me a place to return to if needed. Also, I started digging into Seventy-Eight Degrees of Wisdom, and I love the symbolism in it! But, it’s not the only tarot book I discovered this week… I just haven’t dug into the others quite yet. I like to spend time with one author’s symbolism at a time!


On a bit of lighter note, I also started to make it a point to light my goddess candles every day. While simple, this made a huge impact in my daily attitude. I have little tealight candles that burn for about four hours. Somehow, I found my mind wandering to Hera, the Goddess of Marriage. She’s always been seen as somewhat negative to me, and for some reason, has opened up as a softer figure now. I enjoyed realizing that this week, and now I look at my statue of the Virgin Mary and see a subtle hint of Hestia or Hera. Might sound blasphemous to some, but they all represent the household in some capacity. Hera also seems linked to the feminine mysteries, and so does Mary.


Along with lighting candles, I tried to spend more time meditating as well. This is a little bit of a personal area, but I don’t talking about it in general. I do try to meditate using a variation of the Middle Pillar Ritual. Whenever I do this, I’m filled with a great sense of calm. For those who might find it interesting, I always feel watched while doing this too. The first couple times it was so startling it interrupted everything. I was so sure there was someone there, only to find no one. This feeling is still quite strong, but I’ve learned to accept and embrace it. There are certainly moments of clarity for me while meditating. Usually after being so relaxed, I start to realize the answer to something I’d been wondering about moments earlier.


These minor changes to my day, the tarot readings, the Middle Pillar meditation, and the lighting of candles, have really made a huge impact on a materialistic level. For so long, I’ve dreaded these elements of my star sign. I don’t want to be a stubborn, materialistic Taurus. But, slowly, I’ve been getting little nudges to embrace the more positive aspects of my zodiac sign. This is something I asked for, but didn’t really expect to see answered so suddenly. The connection between these positive elements and my new direction of religious study is quite interesting. They go hand in hand, and yet, I can’t see how. I wish I could, but I simply can’t. For some reason, that’s okay with me.


Culminating my week, I’ve actually started really diving into my new spiritual direction. For me, this was opening a couple books and settling on one. The title I’ve taken to is The Path of a Christian Witch. I didn’t think I’d like this title, as it’s more a personal journey than a how-to perspective book, but I desperately need the personal approach. I’ve found myself extremely refreshed, and I’ve only read the first chapter of the book. There are so many things I keep going ‘oh my God that’s me’ to. Hopefully, this kind of sense of renewal continues as I read. The book was a surprising find, and I’m glad I finally gave it a chance and cracked it open.


Another positive that I’m not sure what to do with is actually tarot reading. I’m trying to expand my tarot reading, and have opened up advice to others. The readings I’m doing right now are so laid back that I haven’t really received much feedback from them. But, tarot reading for others was something I debated pursuing and I’m glad to be working towards that goal. Will I offer tarot reading as a service? Maybe, but I just don’t know right now. If you want a tarot reading, or want me to offer this, let me know. I’ll certainly consider it, especially since I’m doing so many on the blog already. Who knows where the future with tarot will lead me?


For me, this week has been a continuous reminder of things to be thankful for. I’m grateful for the opportunity to explore more about my spirituality. There are so many aspects to spirituality that it’s almost overwhelming. Everyday spirituality isn’t in just tarot reading or lighting candles or even meditating and conversing with your gods or goddesses. No, everyday spirituality is a mixture of all those things. It reaches out to you with loving arms and offers refreshment and renewal. I’m so thankful to finally feel those things after a rocky questioning of my very foundation. The week has been a productive one, and I can’t ask for anything better than that.

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Currently, I'm just someone that loves to learn and embraces various ideas about religion, life, and the daily routines we all have. My blog was setup as an attempt to collect and share my thoughts with others.
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