Daily Tarot Readings: Day Thirty-Four

After the super full moon, today seems especially dark. I know the amount of daylight hours is diminishing, but it’s a tough realization. For some reason, there’s a tendency not to notice the sun’s power until it’s gone. That seems to be the theme of the day, not noticing something until it’s gone. Why then, do we all seem to have that internal struggle of soul searching going on? Today’s card is especially fitting:

Five of Wands

Four Cardinal Virtues Tarot Spread

One of the personal inspirations of mine that I haven’t talked much about is Freemasonry. There’s a lot of knowledge and history to study there, but as a female, I must look where I can for it on my own. Let me be clear, I in no way resent this. The Masons I’m privileged to have known in my life have always been outstandingly wonderful. It should probably be noted, as a witch, I respect their vow of secrecy, or what we call oathbound knowledge. But, before I talk too much about that, today’s tarot spread is based somewhat on Freemasonry. Enjoy!


1. Temperance – Where Can I Exercise Restraint In My Life?

7 of Swords. Restraint, I actually just got a card urging restraint in the spot of Temperance. The 7 of Swords refers specifically to showing restraint in our plans and actions. This is especially fitting for this tarot spread and position. The 7 of Swords card represents someone who is quick to act, when they need to formulate long term plans. Personally, I can understand how this would play a part in my life right now… especially in terms of my attitude and reactions.

Swords 07

2. Fortitude – What Areas Of My Life Need Strengthening?

King of Cups. Creativity must give way to Responsibility. This is a rather painful component to the King of Cups. Usually, this card represents achievement in terms of the artistic pursuits. But, for a majority of us, the King of Cups comes to represent a sense of discipline and accomplishment. The creative passions we all have must be dampened. Interestingly this is the only way we can see the qualities of  the King manifested in our daily lives. Put simply, my life could use more discipline, a more directed kind of creativity.

Cups 14

3. Prudence – How Should I Improve My Actions That I Show Reason?

6 of Cups. Nostalgia. To me, the 6 of Cups actually represents the source of my ability to be prudent. Needless to say, not everyone is like me. But, in my particular case, I look to the past for guidance. There is something to be said for our past experiences and memories, but we likewise can’t let them hinder our future. Generally though, if we learn from tests and trials, we walk away with a better understanding. It is this understanding that helps us regulate our reactions to others and their individual situations as well.

Cups 06

4. Justice – What Am I Accumulating In Life Based On My Actions?

3 of Pentacles. Ironically, I associate this card with Freemasonry. The 3 of Pentacles is that first craftsman, new and eager in his first opportunity. His work brings him to recognize a sense of higher purpose. In many ways, this is what I ideally want my actions to be. This card often brings with it the recognition of two parallels, fire and water. While the work of the craftsman enlightens him, he likewise understands the needs of the community he lives in. That’s what I want too, a balance between the theoretical and applied. The 3 of Pentacles hints that so far, I’m doing alright.

Coins 03

A Note: This is the first tarot spread I’ve made for myself, essentially by myself as well. While I tried to use symbolism already well established, there’s always room for improvement. If you feel like changing some of the meanings around to fit you better, go right ahead. I wanted to reflect each of the Four Virtues in terms of daily life, rather than for specific questions or problems. You could easily erase the question and keep each of the Virtues on their own merit.


About Samantha

Currently, I'm just someone that loves to learn and embraces various ideas about religion, life, and the daily routines we all have. My blog was setup as an attempt to collect and share my thoughts with others.
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