Daily Tarot Reading: Day Thirty-Five

It’s Tuesday, the day of the God of War. As a person who absolutely finds myself drawn to Ares, or the sphere of Geburah, well, today in my favorite of the week. What’s this have to do with today’s tarot reading? Well, I think it says a lot about the card I drew. It’s one of those cards that keeps coming up lately. The card:

King of Pentacles

The 3-2-1 Tarot Spread

This is a tarot spread that I found rather unique. What I like about it is that the cards all interact with each other in a very dynamic way. There’s rows, and how each row overlaps another has a significance. This is the way I naturally like to read tarot cards. We’re all connected, why should our cards be any different? For the subject of this reading though, I decided to do an overall spread. There’s nothing demanding an answer right now, at least nothing that can be answered this way. Here’s the layout for those wanting to try it themselves:


The Threes – The World, 4 of Pentacles, & Queen of Pentacles

These three cards are a little difficult, only because of The World card being first. It’s worth noting however, that The World and the Queen of Pentacles both face the same way, to the left. In the middle is a foundation card, the 4 of Pentacles. All this hints at a new beginning. There’s an acceptance of one journey’s completion, and the beginning of another. Out of this comes a strict sense of foundation and order. But, doing this allows for there to blossom something real. The strict orderly foundation allows for something material to manifest in what might otherwise be a tough time.

The Twos – The 3 of Swords & The Chariot

For the 3 of Swords, there is a link between The World and the 4 of Pentacles. This means something very blunt to me personally, but I’m not sure how the symbolism would work for others. The combination of cards quite simply means that the ending of this one journey, and a shifting of foundation, has led to sorrow. This sorrow must be embraced, and when it does all will be well. Likewise, the 4 of Pentacles and Queen of Pentacles, when combined with The Chariot, suggest an ability to move forward. The Chariot is a card of maturity, and with maturity comes intention and direction. Even read on their own, the 3 of Swords and The Chariot symbolize control from sorrow, or perhaps, Victory.

The One – 10 of Pentacles

Out of the 3 of Swords and The Chariot comes the 10 of Pentacles. This makes a lot of sense combined with the symbolism before it. Out of endings, renewed foundations, and moving beyond sorrow, we have the magic of everyday. The symbolism of this card couldn’t be more clear. The 10 of Pentacles in this spot means all of this, the struggles lately expressed, will turn out to be a way to notice the power in mundane mysteries. This could be simple or complex, but usually, it is indeed complex. Whatever the case, it leads to a sense of contentment. The 10 of Pentacles is a weird card, but I love it in this particular spread. In fact, I love the spread as a whole.

Coins 10


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