Daily Tarot Readings: Day Thirty-Six

Happy Saint Nicholas’ Day! Whether you celebrate today or not, it’s a fun day. Whenever you have a festive atmosphere or gift giving or kindness, magic happens. This year is actually my first year actively celebrating this holiday, so I thought I’d just mention it here. Also, what better theme could we have for tarot reading. I’ve wanted to do a Christmas themed one for a while now, but thought it too soon. Well, today is that day. Here’s the overall card for the day:

Wheel of Fortune

The Stocking Stuffer Tarot Spread

One of the traditions of Saint Nicholas’ day is to leave your shoes out. This is usually done the night of December 5th in anticipation of the morning. What children find in their shoes as a reward varies immensely region to region. For many people, it’s simply candy. For others, it’s small gifts the kind usually associated with Christmas. In the United States, I believe this is where we get chocolate coins from, but I’m not sure. Either way, shoes quickly became replaced by stockings. Yup, your stockings have a purpose. Today is that day. So, let’s see what kind of gifts await us in this tarot spread.


1. The Small Joys And Gifts The Universe Brings To Me. – Judgment

Usually, I associate Judgment with negativity. This is perhaps the usual reaction to such an odd card. The focus many people choose to have with Judgment is on Death. But, it’s important to remember, Death has its own card in tarot. What the Judgment card really symbolizes is instead, rebirth. The Judgment card serves as a reminder that we are meant to rise to a higher existence. This then, is the gift only the universe can bring. In many ways, this card is already ringing true, as I’ve shed some beliefs in favor of others that fill me with the feelings embodied in Judgment.

Major - 20

2. How Can I Make A Difference In Someone’s Life? – Knight of Cups

The Knight of Cups is an interesting card in that the art on the Rider-Waite Smith deck parallels Death. This is because, ultimately, both cards allude somewhat to inner change. These two cards echo each other because they share the same outcomes, but to a contrasting extent. Where Death often means the end of one thing, the Knight of Cups often means a thriving exploration of self. This is ultimately what I can give to others, the ability to explore themselves. While this is an odd thing to see as a gift, I can see how it’s important. It could always be through a sense of empathy too, as I share my journey.

Cups - 12

3. What Joys And Gifts Will Others Share With Me? – The High Priestess

This is a card that made me smile when I drew it. The High Priestess is an odd thing to be given or shared. She represents all the mysteries of the feminine. In knowing her, there is the symbolic recognition of our core selves. This is the knowledge we cannot learn through studies and rational logic. The High Priestess card begs us to explore deeper, to really understand the unknown or hidden parts of ourselves. In many ways, I welcome this to be shared with me. It is only learned through a sharing of experience. That, whatever it is, must be given and shared. It cannot be taken alone.

Major - 02

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