Daily Tarot Readings: Day Thirty-Seven

Yesterday, I wasn’t actually feeling all that great. For some reason, I just couldn’t bring myself to do a card reading. I did pull a card for the day, but that was it. My mind spaced out when trying to pick a spread, and my thought strings were rather short. Overall, I was just having trouble focusing. Luckily, I drank some mint tea with honey and a shot of Metaxa. It seems to have nipped whatever I had, for the most part, so here’s the card reading for yesterday. The card:

The Magician

The Magician In Tiphareth Tarot Spread

Alright, to make up for my under the weather break yesterday, I decided to make a spread for this reading. The spread corresponds to The Magician specifically. One thing I did manage to do was read this article the other day. While I don’t agree with everything, it reminded me that Jesus is linked to the sphere of Tiphareth. This can be seen by adding The Magician (1) and The Hierophant (5). I know, this isn’t a perfect way of looking at the subject, but it is interesting. So, for the spread, I of course, went with a six card layout. These are just simple placements however you like, it’s the meaning that’s important after all. You can pick whichever way you prefer.

1. The Divine Spark – What Is Influencing Me Right Now?

Ace of Swords. At times, cards can tend to be too symbolic. This is certainly the case with the Ace of Swords in this particular spot. The card is often representative of clear thinking, perhaps even a new philosophy. However, the card is also present in terms of higher inspiration. Above the sphere of Tiphareth is Chesed (Mercy) or Geburah (Severity). But, there’s also a hidden sphere, that of Daath, or Knowledge. It’s said only Knowledge can connect us to that highest realm of divinity. This is perhaps what’s influencing me all in one symbolic mess. I’m connecting to a new way of thinking that is especially focused on the divine.


2. The Wand – What Does The Divine Spark Look Like In My Passions?

9 of Pentacles. Continuing with the theme of complex symbolism is the 9 of Pentacles. This is an interesting card to show up, as Pentacles are connected to manifestations of the material. What then, is this card doing in terms of passions? Well, I think it’s actually hinting at my one area of struggle: the tangible. Often times, I have a problem seeing something tangible come out of my research and occult education. This card is actually symbolic of a change in that. Once my thoughts are rooted correctly, more realistically, so too will my foundation produce something worthwhile. The card though also hints at the sacrifices that must be made to do so.



3. The Sword – What Does The Divine Spark Look Like In My Philosophies?

King of Cups. Okay, so this is actually an interesting card to draw. We’ve already mentioned the Ace of Swords. It’s said that intellect must be balanced out by emotion. For me, the King of cups and Ace of Swords go quite well together if discussing the material world. This is because the King of Cups suppresses part of his creativity to produce tangible progress. There is balance there, and it works well for some people. When applying this combination personally, it hints that my philosophies are based in the emotional. Perhaps, I may even feel the need to suppress certain parts of them. Both seem applicable. Ultimately, I feel I will continue to notice things about this paring.


4. The Cup – What Does The Divine Spark Look Like In My Relationships?

2 of Wands. This is where my deck is just being brutally honest. I wanted this category to symbolize relationships, and it gave me a card that related to pure emotions. Okay then. The 2 of Wands is a bit blunt, as it is the suit I gravitate toward naturally. There is the symbolism of boredom within this card. When I complete my task, when the struggle is over in any category, I become bored. That’s something I’ve never really thought of before, but is extremely applicable. This information is so valuable, that this makes the spread worth it alone. My emotional struggles lately are because of boredom, and I must learn to be content in the calming recuperation after an accomplishment.


5. The Pentacle – What Does The Divine Spark Look Like In My Everyday Habits?

4 of Swords. Withdrawal. There’s no other way to put this card than simple withdrawal. At times, the 4 of Swords can indicate a feeling of being overwhelmed, but that’s not applicable now. For me, I tend to deal with the new philosophy by turning inward. I view myself as a source of answers, and I check new information against my intuition. In some ways, I can see a symbolic rest in an effort to heal as well. I’d like to think I’m fully over the hurt of my previous philosophies, but I’m not. Those need time to completely heal. They will heal though, but both aspects of this card require withdrawal.


6. The Conduit – What Is The End Result Of This Inspiration?

King of Pentacles. Lastly, we have the card of success. This is a positive card to be sure, but we must also notice its placement. The King of Pentacles is extremely strong when discussing the material realm. As an end result, The King can hint at success, comfort within responsibility, and satisfaction. At the same time though, the King of Pentacles often represents complacency. We start to enjoy our comforts a bit too much, and we forget the original joy that brought them to us. For me, there’s a bit of this, though in the opposite. I tend to work hard, enjoy the struggle, and then, get bored, as indicated by the 2 of Wands. That means I never really stop to enjoy the fruits of my work. If I pay attention to the divine spark of inspiration now, I will actually correct that bad habit.



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