Daily Tarot Readings: Day Forty-Two

Today I am super worn out! Moving is no easy task! Thankfully, I have most of the boxes unpacked, and the place is starting to feel like my own. As a witch I hate not having my shrines and altars setup. But, there’s always a positive. I did some rearranging, and I’m looking forward to the changes. Today’s reading is how I’m winding down and getting back to a sense of normalcy. The card for the day:

Four of Cups

Home Sweet Home Tarot Spread

I know, it’s not very creative of a subject but at least it is relevant. For today, so much of my effort has been put into making my home mine, that I couldn’t think of anything better to do a reading on. Sure, I’m currently creating some new spreads and have new ideas, but I try to get value out of it too. So, today’s spread actually comes from here. Feel free to go through the other options if this spread isn’t entirely accurate for you!

1. Where You’re Coming From – The Sun

This is the card I mostly associate with clarity. The degree of clarity can change, as some people say it is rapid, others say it is slow. Either way, The Sun is all about seeing things as they actually are. For me, when I think about this card as the basis for moving, I understand where it’s coming from. We realized that the other place simply wasn’t good for us for multiple reasons, and we wanted to move. The challenge was in where to move to, not whether we should or not. In retrospect, we were even right about needing to move for our benefit. So I can understand how The Sun applies in this case.


2. Where You’re At – King of Wands

At first, I wanted this card to reflect my emotions, or internal state. The King of Wands however is almost certainly an external state card. This card is often a signature card for my significant other. To me, this is understandable when I consider how heavily I had to lean on him the last few days. When moving, there are a lot of things that can’t be done by yourself, and I’m no exception. So, for an external card, even as I unpacked today, I relied heavily on him. Internally though, the King of Wands represents stubbornness at times, and well, I was a little stubborn.


3. Where You’re Headed – Queen of Swords

Interestingly enough, this was yesterday’s card of the day. I wonder if that reflects anything specific or if it’s just a coincidence. Either way, the Queen of Swords reflects a little more self-confidence and intellect. This could be something as simple as resigning to the fact I don’t know everything about moving, or simply knowing how to pack or unpack. Overall, in the spread, this card represents the last step on the path before getting to the new place. So, with that in mind, this might just represent my better state of mind and ability to accept what I can’t change.


4. The Door – 4 of Swords

Ah, the 4 of Swords. I’m suddenly understanding why this card has shown up quite often. This is the card of retreat, withdrawal, and perhaps, rest. One of the first things we did after we got everything moved to the new place was rest. Literally, we took the time to sleep in and just pace ourselves with the unpacking. We needed to do this. I find it completely understandable that the 4 of Swords showed up. What’s interesting though, is that this is also the card of self-rest. In other words, I probably needed the break to set my attitude completely in line before attempting the unpacking.


5. The New Environment – Ace of Cups

To me, this card is a little bit intriguing. There are so many meanings to the Cups suit. For me, the most common is that of the spiritual. In this case though, I think it really is about emotion. We were instantly happier in this place. I mean, like night and day difference one can feel. Sure, there might be a bit of spiritual undertone to this too, as I found some interesting books my husband had in storage! But, overall, I see the Ace of Cups especially applicable here. There’s just that overflowing feeling of creativity, spirituality, and just plain happiness since moving, which is rare for me.


6. Emotional Potentials – 10 of Cups

I love this card in this spot! There’s just something about drawing the 10 of Cups that’s refreshing. Maybe I’ve spent too long not acknowledging my moments of happiness, or maybe I just really needed that move. But, either way, I’m glad to see the 10 of Cups show up here. What I love about this card especially, is it touches on a delicate topic for me. So often, my happiness stems from a lack of pain in life. In other words, I’m happy when there aren’t a lot of problems building up. But, when I actually get what the 10 of Cups embodies, true happiness, I’m elated. I’m looking forward to this for sure!


7. Financial Potentials – 5 of Pentacles

This is actually a very complex card, particularly in this spot. To me, the 5 of Pentacles is usually representative of being turned away or rejected by a religious group. The category of this though is financial issues, and the Pentacles suit is indeed relevant to that in the extreme. So, for me, this probably is a failed project or avenue. This is often not really failure, but a tough time. I wanted to start a tarot business, and I have kind of been getting echoes of ‘don’t do it’. Maybe I just need to wait.



8. Overall Outlook – The Chariot

Alright, this card is a little ironic and interesting both. Recently, I just learned about how some people link tarot cards to Numerology. My life path number happens to be seven, and therefore corresponds to The Chariot. In many ways, I would welcome the symbolism embodied in The Chariot right now. There’s the idea of confidence and success. Granted, this doesn’t signify the whole journey, but for me, it would feel like an important moment in my life, a stepping stone. Who knows where this move will put me in the long run. At least, it seems to look promising.


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Currently, I'm just someone that loves to learn and embraces various ideas about religion, life, and the daily routines we all have. My blog was setup as an attempt to collect and share my thoughts with others.
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