Daily Tarot Reading: Day Forty-Three

This is a really fun project I’m ‘creating’, but am sure has been done before somewhere. I wanted to show off my tarot decks in some way, but didn’t know how. Likewise, I wanted to interview them, see their strengths and weaknesses. So, today’s spread will do just that. It’s a project that will take two weeks, but hey, it’s worth it! Anyway, what this means is today, I’m using a different deck for my readings. The card today with the new deck, well take a look:

2p t the complete kit

Two of Pentacles

Interviewing Tarot: The Complete Kit

There is plenty of nostalgia using this tarot kit today. This was the very first tarot deck I had, and it was given to me by my mother. For the younger me, knowing it was from New Orleans held a kind of magic on its own. But, I never knew enough back then to ‘interview’ the deck itself. The cards often adorned my altars and shrines, as well as gave readings. The deck is filled with energy, and I can’t wait to see what kind. Usually, I don’t read with this deck anymore, as the coating started to wear. But, today can be an exception to the rule!


1. Introduction – 6 of Cups

Personal magnetism, nostalgia, and a sense of security all sum up the 6 of Cups. For a starter deck, what else could one ask for? To me, this means the deck literally embodies the spirit of giving. Is it a surprise many people receive this kind of deck as a gift? Maybe, maybe not. There’s an interesting thing now, in that this deck is simplistic and very symbolic. To me, I’ve come to understand this as a way to impart knowledge. The deck’s first impression is really one of subtle wisdom, security, and the gifting of a fond memory. At least, mine is that way.


2. Strengths – The Emperor

Play by the rules, that was apparently my first introduction to The Emperor. In a way, I can understand that as a strength of this deck. When first starting out, there’s a huge need to adhere to the book and its meaning. The deck itself reads very logically, which is something I tend to observe in all my decks (at least the ones I like). There’s also the symbolism of The Emperor in terms of a father figure. In many ways, this deck can be that way too. It tends to lean heavily on dry interpretations. There’s not a huge mystery dynamic too it. So, it’s actually not fun or festive but practical.


3. Limitations – The Star

Remember what I was saying about this card not being very festive? Well, apparently it agrees with me. The Star is often symbolic of hope and optimism. When you’re extremely logical, you can tend to forget optimism. With that, seems to be quite a few depressing readings. In the long run, this can be a strength of the deck but it’s difficult to remember. Knowing optimism is a limitation allows this deck to speak to the truth of matters we often don’t want to hear or acknowledge ourselves. But yes, I can totally see how The Star is a weakness of this particular deck.


4. What Can I Learn From You – Knight of Swords

Don’t lose your own identity. I like that message for this particular deck. The Knight of Swords for me now is often associated with facing challenges a little naively, perhaps even fearing loneliness. But this deck adds yet another dynamic to the Knight, that of relationships. At times, our thoughts can keep us apart from others out of necessity. It’s interesting that I’ve never paired this deck with another for readings. Maybe I too need to learn the value of my own thoughts, rather than those of others.


5. What Is The Best Way To Work With You – Temperance

Compromise. I think it’s interesting this deck chooses to see Temperance as a compromise card. In many ways, I’ve had to learn how this applies after the fact. This deck is not traditional, but it was a good starting teacher. There was perhaps, a little more of a learning curve with my next deck, but at the time I had what I needed. That’s compromise, especially in a Temperance way. Temperance produces something material, just like learning with this non-ideal starter deck. I had what I needed, and at that point in time, that’s all that mattered.


6. Outcome – 6 of Wands

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. I love how that’s written in the companion book for this card. So often, I draw the 6 of Wands in terms of competition and victory. But this deck adds a little bit extra to the outcome, that of confidence. In not being afraid to ask questions, I realized I wanted something more too. There’s nothing wrong with that. In a sense, this is learning what I don’t know. That’s often tough to acknowledge and recognize. This deck uses a crown to symbolize the 6 of Wands. Only now do I understand the significance of that, and I couldn’t pick a better card for an outcome of my first tarot deck.


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