Daily Tarot Reading: Day Forty-Four

Continuing with the Tarot Interview Project, as I’m choosing to call it now, we have another deck interview! This deck was actually my second one, as I’m trying to do them in order as much as I remember. I’m quite excited to do the interview! Also, it’s worth noting I woke up and it was snowing today. Apparently, it’s an unusually cold weather, but I welcome the snow now that I have the tree up. Yes, it has red and gold on it. Yes, it’s an ode to Saturnalia. Anyway, let’s take a quick glance at today’s card of the day:


The Magician

Interviewing Tarot: Tarot To Go!

While this is my second deck, it is the first one I personally bought. There’s a feeling of warmth approaching this deck, as it is still not worn. The box is a little rough, but it’s a tough one. What’s surprising is, while picking my card of the day, I realized how impractical the card size is. The cards fit easily in my palm, but shuffling them is immensely difficult. For the first time, I’m noticing the card back too, which I don’t care for. But, the art was my first introduction to tarot art, and I love it. I still love the artistic liberties taken here. Anyway, let’s see what kind of personality this deck has.


1. Introduction – 10 of Pentacles

Safety and Security. This is a relatively good introduction to this deck. There’s a sense of stability about it in appearance. The artwork makes it feel inviting and welcoming, kind of cozy. Reading this deck teaches traditional meanings, as far as art. All that, and I understand why the 10 of Pentacles showed up here. It’s interesting this is a materialistic card. Out of all of my decks, this is the one I’ve gotten the most out of in the past. In a way, I could see passing this down, if I could bring myself to part with it!


2. Strengths – 3 of Wands

Negotiating from a position of strength. That’s a somewhat interesting choice for this position. In a way, you have strength within strength. But, I’ve found this deck gives somewhat double meaning readings. There’s a surface reading, and then something else to see. Knowing the traditional meanings is the position of strength, reading the second meaning, is the negotiating. Also, I’ve found this deck isn’t as blunt as others, telling me a little bit of a nicer outcome. Overall, I’d say that applies to the 3 of Wands.


3. Limitations – 8 of Cups

Don’t turn away from success, that’s an interesting twist to this card. Many times, I’ve seen this card as seeking something new instead of stability. In a way, this might be a combination the two meanings. This deck was my go to deck, and I enjoyed it immensely. In the scheme of things though, I started checking out other decks. These other decks sometimes included their own meanings, and it was confusing in retrospect. This wasn’t a bad ‘turning away’, but it might have been easier to learn tarot sticking with this deck.


4. What Can I Learn From You – 9 of Cups

A wish will be granted. This deck equates the 9 of Cups with luck, especially materialistic luck. For me, this has a lot of personal meaning in retrospect. The 9 of Cups is a happy card, and I felt happy with this deck. I can always use the reminder that optimism brings a luck on its own. That’s a tough thing to learn for a person accustomed to destructive statements. Again though, another meaning to this is also about the wish. I wanted to learn tarot better, and by purchasing this deck, I did manage to start learning.


5. What Is The Best Way To Work With You – Queen of Pentacles

Sensual and earthy. I love that description of the Queen of Pentacles. In a way though, this card symbolizes my zodiac sign self. This who I should be, rather than how I see myself. In a way, this deck is telling me to work with it on a realistic level. It speaks to me as a person, and communicates how I need. There’s the material honesty, and yet, also the somewhat sensual. This deck is filled with slightly sensual art which is interesting to notice now after all this time. It’s just variant, and I like that a lot. It’s another layer.


6. Outcome – 5 of Pentacles

Help is available. This deck interprets the 5 of Pentacles in terms of not seeking the help right behind you. For me, I can understand how this plays into the personality of the deck. It’s actually the main purpose of the deck, to change your mindset so you see the help behind you. In many ways, this deck was with me through turbulent times. I was more pessimistic then, and yet now, I’m interesting in a more optimistic place. The tarot deck didn’t do that for me, but it’s been there. The lessons within tarot, well, they may have helped just a little bit, if I dared to admit it.


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