Daily Tarot Readings: Day Forty-Seven

It’s a Sunday today, and I really seem to need that welcoming warmth of the sun itself. I’m not feeling the best today, but it might be the weather change. Who knows? In any case, there demands another card for the day. Yule is now only four days away! I suppose I need to start planning something special! Today’s tarot deck isn’t even one listed in my tarot 101 list, so surprise! The art is beautiful, and I need to work with this deck more anyway. Today’s card seems to reflect that pretty well. Guess who showed up again?


King of Pentacles

Tarot Interview: The Crystal Tarot

First off, I just want to apologize for not having any pictures of this deck. While I was hoping to find some, there just weren’t any of the applicable cards. If this deck is a rare choice for people, I’m hoping this will give it a little boost. The deck is beautiful, absolutely so, though I can see how people might not like it. When I purchased this, I believe it was because of the correspondences. The Crystal Tarot is all about well, stones and crystals. As an earth element I thought this appropriate. So, let’s see what the deck has to say, and get right to the interview.


1. Introduction – 2 of Swords

A balancing act. This is an odd card for an introductory card. What does balance in terms of thought really have to do with a tarot deck? Well, that’s where this deck is actually quite helpful. This deck includes, with every card, a chakra and crystal correspondence. The 2 of Swords is actually all about trusting ourselves. There’s also a huge need to do away with negative thoughts in an effort not to dwell on them. So, essentially, the deck is an embodiment of that process. Readings will help ease this tension to create balance between positive and negative thoughts.


2. Strengths – Queen of Pentacles

Nurture is the keyword for you. This makes a lot of sense when you consider the introductory card. The nurturing is important to dispel negativity. Along with that though, is the added idea of doing the nurturing, which I like immensely. As a strength this means the deck just has an earthy quality about it, and it does. The readings done with this deck just seems to be grounding. Lastly, I find it worth mentioning that this deck recommends rainbow fluorite for focus. As a Taurus, I find it odd that I’m drawn to this stone, it’s beautiful. This is the first Queen of Pentacles card I’m comfortable in!


3. Limitations – The Devil

You have become dependent on someone or something. Personally, this isn’t all that surprising as a limitation. The Devil is all about the material world, in other words, The Devil is kind of the opposite of The Queen of Pentacles. Where the Queen is nurturing, The Devil is self-destructive. These are two sides of the same coin to an amazing level. I can easily see this in the deck, especially with the recommended crystals. Suddenly I want more crystals or stones, and I wonder how they’ll help me. Stones don’t help you, altering your consciousness does. Reminders don’t hurt, but dependence in this capacity is certainly a limitation.


4. What Can I Learn From You – Page of Wands

Be careful of what you ask for. Isn’t that just a blatant thing to learn? This deck is actually really good at teaching this though. Along with all the nurturing and making a decision, comes responsibility of choice. Take for example the wanting of more stones. If I had accumulated them at this point in my journey, I would have missed out on the books I ‘needed’ to shape my path. This is the Page of Wands playing out in a very simplistic way. There are of course deeper meanings to this idea, but I think most of us know them from personal experience. In readings though, yeah, I understand this applicable card.


5. What Is The Best Way To Work With You – King of Cups

You are surrounded by the flow of energy around you. I hate to admit it, but this card is a personal lesson card. As a Taurus, my sign is highly attracted to Scorpio, which is an opposite water sign. In other words, I just realized how important the King of Cups is in my life. This card is a balancing one, though it doesn’t feel like it. Usually, the King of Cups for me is that overwhelming tide of discomfort. That’s the way I need to use this deck though, as the balancing uncomfortable force. I’m surprised it has taken me this long to put two and two together, ugh!


6. Outcome – Two of Pentacles

Anything is possible. In other words, this deck is an extremely positive force. In many ways, I can see this playing out slowly. The deck is one that I love, but I hate to take it out of its box. If I just bit the bullet and bought a nicer box for it and all that, I’d probably use it more often. There are still times though where I just feel the urge to pull it off the shelf and read with it. These are actually quite powerful moments if I reflect on it a bit. Perhaps I’ll do just that, and actively use this deck more often… after I splurge on a few crystals or stones. Just the ones recommend here for balance. Overall, I’d say that’s a positive outcome already!


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