Daily Tarot Readings: Day Forty-Eight

There are so many ideas going on in my head today that I can barely keep up! It’s only day six of the tarot project, and it’s already been quite insightful. So, while there’s plenty going on right now, I’m enjoying the routine of discovery. There’s something nice about seeing how all these decks interview. That said, I’m not really looking forward to today’s deck choice. I love this deck, but I hate it for other reasons. Anyway, here’s today’s card:


Nine of Cups

Tarot Interview: Leonardo Da Vinci Tarot

This deck was an emotional purchase for me. When I went on a vacation to Gettysburg, I discovered my first occult shop. Up until then, I’d only been able to purchase things from craft stores and bookstores. I immediately wanted to purchase something, especially a tarot deck to add to my collection. Since it was Halloween, I couldn’t resist this tarot. It just stood out to me, begging to join my collection. Da Vinci is my favorite artist by far and away, though I do say that with a little difficulty. What could be better than tarot and Da Vinci, right? Well, we’ll have to let the deck speak for itself.


1. Introduction – 3 of Wands

Hidden Danger. Isn’t this card a strange introduction to a tarot deck? I mean, the card depicts somehow holding a knife just waiting to stab you. For card reading, I can see some purpose to this symbolism. The deck is obviously blunt, and the allusion to swords might have some additional interpretations. This could possibly mean the deck will cut away lies or give a clear reading. It could also mean that this deck simply isn’t meant for me and that there’s a more negative result. This deck is also probably giving mixed energy in readings because it’s so mixed matched.


2. Strengths – Knight of Cups

Spreader of religious, humanitarian or political ideas. Alright, suddenly I’m starting to see the odd energy of this deck. As a strength the spreading of ideas isn’t bad. But, there’s just something about this deck that makes me want to continually cleanse it. Keep in mind, I’m a person that believes in letting the deck absorb your energy. Overall it’s an interesting issue. Da Vinci himself was quite political, and did indeed spread his own agenda. I find it interesting this deck embodies that as a strength as well. I often find this deck inaccurate purely for this reason though. It tells you what it wants to, not what you even asked to know about.


3. Limitations – 2 of Wands

Depression. Yes, this deck’s limitation is actually depression. Isn’t that kind of sad and amazing at the same time? This certainly isn’t the deck for someone like me, as I’m already prone to depression or pessimism. What’s so odd is this deck itself seems to be a lesson. There’s the strength of spreading religious ideas, and yet, a limitation of tiredness and depression. How many of us can see that in our own lives? I find it kind of sad really, as I’d love to read more with this deck. There’s just that negative vibe that seems to infect every reading, no matter how happy.


4. What Can I Learn From You – The Star

Positive signs and new ideas. Okay, so I’m a little confused by this. How could such a negative deck teach me positive things. Well, in some ways, this is where that bluntness comes into play. There’s a knowledge gained in recognizing what I need from the cards I read with. Intuitively, if they don’t feel right, I’m not necessarily crazy. Decks come with different energies, and this one simply isn’t for me. But, the one nice thing is in realizing that positive alternative. The Star is sometimes connected to hope, and I think that actually applies as the lesson to be learned here. There is always hope.


5. What Is The Best Way To Work With You – Queen of Wands

Mediator. To me, I understand this in a complicated way. The deck is that bridge between overly positive themed decks and well, the brutally pessimistic ones. Working with this deck is often strange in that I’m attracted to it, but I hate the end results. There’s always something just a little off. The Queen of Wands is my significator card, and I don’t think that’s a coincidence. This kind of deck may sum up my own personality, at least outwardly. That could mean that working with this deck is just too brutally honest and familiar, and I’m desiring something different from that in regular workings.


6. Outcome – The Emperor

Stability. What an odd card to compliment that introductory card. In many ways, I do think this deck is too logical. But, that might be the point too. When we are too logical our emotions tend toward extremes. These two outlooks then are very closely connected. The Emperor is a reminder that with logic comes cutting out the lies. At times, this really does seem like an ambush. Other times, there is that slow creeping plotting of fate at work. This deck is kind of like that, and as an outcome, I suppose it makes sense. Makes me wonder how long it was sitting on that store shelf though!


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Currently, I'm just someone that loves to learn and embraces various ideas about religion, life, and the daily routines we all have. My blog was setup as an attempt to collect and share my thoughts with others.
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