Daily Tarot Readings: Day Forty-Nine

So far, we’ve gone through six different deck interviews. I’m enjoying the project, but I’m especially excited for today’s selection. Before we get to that though, Yule is almost here! If you’re doing anything for the Winter Solstice, I’d be delighted to hear about it. Likewise, I’ll be sure to post an additional tarot spread for the holiday. I’m not sure if it’s one I’ll make or simply find, or maybe even both! But, for now, let’s take things one day at a time. Here’s your card for today as we explore another tarot deck interview:


King of Swords

Tarot Interview: The New Mythic Tarot

As I hinted, this is one of my favorite tarot decks! There’s no shortage of love for the art, the symbolism, and so much more. Quite simply, I know I’m biased when it comes to The New Mythic Tarot. The images here are from the original Mythic Tarot, but not much has changed. Unfortunately, I haven’t purchased the original deck but I took time to find the original images. There’s some added color splashes, but I don’t believe there’s a dramatic change in symbolism. I do know people feel strongly about the quality, but I can’t speak to that. So, let’s get right to the tarot interview instead!


1. Introduction – Nine of Pentacles

Solitary Enjoyment. This introduction is quite an interesting one when taking in the whole mythological tale of the Athenian Craftsman. In a way, the tale is bittersweet, depending on what side you’re on. For a deck introduction, there are certainly worse cards to draw. I shouldn’t be surprised that I connect well with a deck where the introductory suit is Pentacles either. There’s a material realm introduction, and one that takes great satisfaction in the work we build for ourselves. In other words, I get out of this deck what I put into learning it.


2. Strengths – Eight of Wands

Stimulated Creativity. As a strength this is an extremely challenging card when put into the deck’s specific symbolism. The concept of the card is that creativity is only brought about by challenging circumstances. These two creativity and struggle are always locked in a balancing back and forth. Thankfully, the card focuses more on the creative and that break from the antagonistic environment. I see this when I look at the readings from the cards. They’re always extremely focused on opposites. This happened and this is the result. Work within the constraints of that, and you’ll see what happens essentially.


3. Limitations – Six of Pentacles

Life’s Generosity. Usually, I’d say this is a pretty harsh limitation. However, the themes of the deck seem to make it work. This is particularly true when considering the context of its strengths and introduction. The deck cannot account, or is limited by, the generosity found in life. In many ways this makes sense, as the deck focuses on an individual and their actions. At times, we do accumulate the generosity of others. Luckily, the 6 of Pentacles has more to do though with generosity that is not earned. This makes readings a bit more realistic in my opinion.


4. What Can I Learn From You – Two of Sword

Unpleasant Reality. This is kind of a dark tale for such a non-dark card, but it does add flavor to interpretations. In a way, this is what the deck actually helps with. The strength of the deck shines a light on areas we need to take action. Our past experience can help us produce in the future as well. The 2 of Swords is all about ignoring a situation and not hearing what we need to. A material oriented deck can help shape that into some movement and actions, without being impulsive. Remember though, there’s a lack of dependence on generosity in this particular outlook.


5. What Is The Best Way To Work With You – Justice

Reflective Judgement. I love this card and the artwork of Athena. This just connects with so many levels of symbolism. For this deck, Justice is a likewise important symbol to understand. Athena brings both Justice and Wisdom with her. The best way to work with these cards then corresponds directly to that source of inspiration. When tasked with making a choice and taking action, we all hope to be just and wise. Discretion is important, and it allows us to understand a piece of the mystery within everyday life. Likewise, it’s interesting that Athena is also linked to creativity in this way too.


6. Outcome – King of Pentacles

Material Self-Confidence. I’ve never thought of tarot giving a sense of material confidence. In many ways, I think this is extremely unique to my situation. When I purchased this deck, I really wanted to deepen my understanding of tarot. I did with this deck, every card was suddenly filled with symbolism and wonder. I was able to learn that material self-confidence. Not only that, but there’s the idea of taking something in and polishing it to a better state. I love that. I hope that this rings true for me in the corresponding future. It wouldn’t be so bad after all.


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