Daily Tarot Readings: Day Fifty-One

Merry Yule! The day is finally here, and after the longest night of the year you probably thought it never would. This year Yule is looking a little challenging for me. Little things are just going wrong all over the place. But that’s part of the fun of Yule I suppose. In the Ancient world Saturnalia saw the reversal of societal rules. Maybe things going wrong is just the modern equivalent. Who knows? Either way, we can celebrate a part of Yule together by reading cards. This time of year has always held a certain kind of magic and story in the air. Let’s start by focusing on the card of the day:

Five of Wands

Celebrating Yule With Various Tarot Spreads

To begin, my attitude, with all the things going wrong, isn’t the best today. I can feel it, and I acknowledge it, but I seem to be meeting resistance changing it. So, the first spread I want to do is one to create a positive outlook in my sacred space. For that, nothing special is really required. I made my own, but I’m sure something like this has already been done before. This is a simple three card spread, purely because I don’t see wasting this much time on the issue. If I notice what I need to, great. If not, I’ll just try to piece it together throughout the day!

Merry Attitude Spread – Three Card Layout

For this spread I drew the Ace of Cups, Knight of Swords, and The Hierophant. At first glance, the cards seem to be telling a story read right to left. There’s a swift of thought from religious institutionalized knowledge to that of the true source of it. Other than that, I do notice that The Hierophant is my Destiny Number. Understanding it that way, I guess for Yule the universe is gifting me a deeper sense of knowledge. There’s the seeking out of my grail, and maybe, just maybe, I’ll find it. That kind of makes me feel more positive already. Even if it’s not true, we’re now dubbing The Knight of Swords Galahad. That makes me smile a little bit.

The Wheel of Life Spread – Five Card Layout

This spread focuses on the rebirth aspect of Yule, and that life continues. For this, I reworked the Sacred Circle Tarot Spread to fit the themes of Yule. I wanted a spread that would reflect the aspects of light, darkness, and hope moving forward. Instead of the typical meanings then, the cards have the following meanings:

  1. Middle Card – You At Present
  2. Bottom Card – Issue or Struggle
  3. Top Card – Highest Ideal or Solution
  4. Right Card – Female Aspect of Self
  5. Left Card – Male Aspect of Self

The cards I drew for this particular spread were, King of Swords, 3 of Swords, The Emperor, Queen of Cups, and Justice. To me, this is a really powerful five card spread. The odds of getting these cards probably isn’t that great, but odds are still just odds. To me, this spread says I’m going through a time of sorrow. This is normal around the holidays for me. The sorrow is dealt with by analytical thinking and acceptance. Because of this, I’m currently thriving in a King of Swords environment of action and judgment. This might change though, as the Queen of Cups symbolizes deeper spirituality and creativity. That, accompanied by Justice is certainly indicating mystery of some sort.

The Evergreen Yule Spread – Seven Card Layout

This is a spread I found over at Angelorum, which I’m loving more all the time. When I saw it, I had to try it. First, the spread is seven cards, my Life Path Number. Second, it’s focused on movement and going forward. Lastly, I love trying new tarot spreads and it’s a great way to celebrate this time of year. The cards I drew were:

  1. Pine Wreath – Page of Swords
  2. Yule Log – The Hierophant
  3. Mistletoe – The Sun
  4. Yule Tree – 2 of Cups
  5. Candles – 3 of Pentacles
  6. Holly – The Lovers
  7. Ivy – Page of Cups

At first glance, this spread shows it’s trying to reflect on something very important to me as a person. There’s The Hierophant, The Sun and The Lovers for Major Arcana. Two Pages, that of Swords and Cups. Then, the Minor Arcana also happen to add up to five. All in all, I’m paying attention. Not only that, but I just happened to notice it’s also snowing now for me. So, while I’m not sure what this all means yet, I’m eager to find out. This spread has a lot of cards to it though, so I’m going to take time to dissect the meaning of each card. Hopefully you don’t mind!

1. What Needs To Be Brought To Completion/Purged Before The End Of The Year

Page of Swords. This card symbolizes detachment and a higher ground strategy. For me, I actually think this is something that needs to be brought to completion, rather than purged. Often, I find myself extremely attached to situations that I shouldn’t. That might be my Wands type personality, always competitive. What this card hints at is I need to adorn my door with welcomed detachment. In Yule terms, this means not trying to keep up with the usual fanfare. Instead, I can relax and enjoy the holiday how I and my family want to. That though, is only a small piece of it. The idea applies to the coming year too.

Swords - 11

2. What To Hope For In The New Year (A Main Influence)

The Hierophant. This card symbolizes a whole lot of different things, and I think that’s the point here. As a main influence, this card is a powerful force to be exposed to. There’s the idea of coming into a part of my personality that is solid and concrete. However, in the Rider-Waite Smith deck, The Hierophant is very negative. I don’t think this is the case, but it’s an interesting addition to drawing this card. For me, The Hierophant represents that secret doctrine that initiates one, through society, into something deeper. Is it any surprise I drew this just as I’m blending my Christian and Pagan faith to become a Christian Witch? I think not.

Major - 05

3. What To Fertilize In The New Year

The Sun. This card often symbolizes clarification, happiness, and knowledge. All the powers of the sun really do apply to this card. As a project or something to nurture, this is a somewhat obvious card. I need to let my knowledge, sense of clarity, and happiness thrive in the coming year. What’s difficult about this card is my desire to rush things a bit. I kind of feel like I did a lot of this kind of thing this year. Granted, it was more of a discovery, but still. I don’t necessarily want to keep focusing on learning. There’s the small hope of a community or a place to thrive in. But, I still understand the meaning of the card, and will probably start forming some nurturing projects.

Major - 19

4. What Gift/Talent To Draw On To Make Your Dreams Come True

2 of Cups. I love this card in this particular spot in the layout. Typically, this card has become a romantic partnership type card. For me, I understand the classical symbolism of the card in my own relationship. My husband and I have a lot in common, at the core, but we’re also opposites. He challenges me and makes me a better person, and likewise, I do so for him. We compliment the other as two halves of the same whole. This is a gift, and I’m actually quite glad to remember to lean on my spouse for support. At times, I want to do too much alone. The reminder is clear, I have a support, and I need to draw on it when needed.

Cups - 02

5. How To Shine Your Light In The New Year

3 of Pentacles. This card is becoming my stonemason card for obvious reasons. Likewise, I find it interesting this card came up in terms of relating to light. The card represents more than diligence or pride in work projects. To me, the 3 of Pentacles symbolizes how it all comes together. Air, Fire, and Water are all depicted in the card working toward a common goal. The interesting thing is that the symbolism is quite mute and almost routine. This is the real lesson here. Shining my light is not something that requires a bullhorn. No, shining my light is much simpler than that. I have to be myself, remember what I do has a purpose and a spiritual connection. That’s all there is to it.

Pentacles - 03

6. Where You Need Protection/How To Protect Yourself

The Lovers. This card is the never ending choice between two loves. In many ways, I thought this a strange card after having drawn the 2 of Cups, so I read a little more. This card before the Rider-Waite Smith version of tarot was often called, The Choice. To those using the older versions of tarot, this card symbolized temptation as well. I think this might be more accurate in this circumstance. I need to guard myself against tempting things that try to pull me away from the knowledge I’ve learned. This makes sense in terms of the overall spread as well come to think of it. There’s the lesson of needing to focus on myself and my personal path.

Major - 06

7. How To Establish A Foundation Of Peace In The New Year

Page of Cups. What a card to draw as a foundation of peace. This is the card of imagination that’s actually productive. The Page of Cups is all about being free from conflict by lacking material responsibility. I wish this could be more the case for me personally, as I take on a lot. However, keeping with the spiritual themes of this tarot spread, I think the Page of Cups might be symbolizing spiritual or psychic abilities being developed. Take peace in the spiritual, the imagination, and try to relax when it comes to responsibilities. That’s still possible, but a little more realistic I think. Not a bad lesson in terms of Yule either.

Cups - 11


The Seven Ornaments Spread – Seven Card Layout

This is the closing spread, and it’s one I decided to come up with to put everything together. You need to take all the cards you’ve drawn above, and then shuffle them. Once you’ve done that, choose seven. These seven cards will represent either your chakras or, if you’re like me, the seven spheres to get to the material realm. Either way, it’s kind of a fun spread to reflect on at Yule. The cards I chose have the following correspondences:

  1. Chesed – Ace of Cups
  2. Geburah – Knight of Swords
  3. Tiphareth – 3 of Swords
  4. Netzach – Queen of Cups
  5. Hod – Page of Swords
  6. Yesod – King of Swords
  7. Malkuth – The Lovers

As a whole, this spread really helps put things into greater context for me. The Ace of Cups is the source of spirituality, and it’s rooted in Chesed (Mercy). That’s somewhat understandable. The Knight of Swords is in Geburah, which is totally appropriate. These two are balanced out by sorrow, or an ability to accept the unfairness in life. This then connects to creativity and knowledge, which is balanced out by expressed judgment. All that makes sense, and culminates in The Lovers, or choice. Suddenly, it makes sense how I could be tempted and in what areas. There’s the added context, though it takes time to trace it all out. That’s why this spread is last, so I can reflect on it throughout the day!


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