Daily Tarot Readings: Day Fifty-Two

Congratulations! If you’re reading this you survived the worst day of the year, supposedly. Whether yesterday was a day of tension or relaxing ease, today is a new day. I love the quote, “Each morning we are born again. What we do today is what matters most.” While it doesn’t resonate with everyone or even every belief system, it’s still great to remember we can let go of yesterday. Moving forward, there’s another tarot spread to do. I’m also planning on telling you about my previous week, how I spent my Yule, and what’s going on so far. But first! Today’s card of the day:

The Fool

The Pentagram Tarot Spread

I know, it’s a little strange to be doing such a simple tarot spread layout but hear me out. Yesterday was a day of complexity. Everyone seems to need a break today, including me. So, I thought I’d take into account The Fool and choose a spread that corresponds well to the themes of the card. This Pentagram Spread actually does that, as I used The Fool as the center card to represent the issue at hand. To me, The Fool speaks to a new journey. This is probably a religious one, that weird gift of knowledge from yesterday. Who wouldn’t want to do a spread to clear up the issues involved? Alright, let’s take a look.

Earth: Keeping Grounded – The Knight of Pentacles

This card symbolizes that I am currently rooted in an atmosphere of hard work. While I’m resistant to that description, I know it’s largely true. There’s a lot that I do in life, and I do see them as responsibilities. The Knight of Pentacles hints that because of this focus, my overall approach to life has narrowed. That’s largely true, though I’ve resisted it for a long time. What’s worse though, is the Knight of Pentacles also symbolizes someone who has lost focus. Practicality doesn’t allow for the mysterious, and thus lies the root of the problem I’m having spiritually. One of these things must give, and it’s usually the comfort that must change. In other words, I need to stop being stubborn.

Coins - The King of Pentacles

Air: The Winds of Influence – The Moon

This card symbolizes an external influence of introspection. Granted, that seems weird, but Air is the element also linked to inspiration. In other words, there’s a whisper of deeper meaning currently going on in my life. The Moon is a card all about the psyche or the mind. To me, this might actually be difficult to accept. As an influence, The Moon is quite disruptive. My routines suddenly become difficult to stick to. Moments of routine peace suddenly hold no mystery or satisfaction. All this is an aspect of The Moon awakening something primal and natural. There’s that breaking down of societal influence, which I understand right now. I just dread it and welcome it at the same time.

18 - The Moon

Fire: The Ultimate Destroyer – Nine of Swords

This card symbolizes deep mental pain, though a bit exaggerated in reality. There’s a moment of agony embodied in this card’s symbolism, and yet, I’m not too worried about the card in particular. The element of this spot in the layout is Fire, and Fire often purifies. To me, this actually represents something a little more positive. The emotions of this card are exaggerated, and probably for the good. If that’s kept in mind, I can understand this card’s symbolism all too well. There’s just the discomfort of The Moon’s influence combined with seeing the world in a different light. Withdrawing from society can often lead to examining it, and well, recognizing the sadness of it. But, luckily, this card has a bit of hope to its symbolism.

Swords 09 - Despair and Cruelty

Water: The Tides of Intuition – Ace of Swords

This card symbolizes true perception, or wisdom combined with personal experience. For me, there’s a recognition of this card immediately. The Ace of Swords is connected to the Queen of Swords or perhaps the King, Justice, and The Emperor. These are all ideas and concepts I understand quite well. For me, they’re kind of inescapable. What’s odd is that the Ace of Swords is in the place of Water, or the realm of Spirituality. To me, they balance each other out more than anything. But essentially, Wisdom is in the spot of well, Wisdom. A better way of saying this might be that Water and Air mixed, a concept often labelled as Invoked Force. Some interpretations of this card say it represents a choice of paths, between Chesed (Mercy) and Geburah (Severity). That, well that I understand.

Swords 01 - The Ace of Swords

Spirit: The Whole Self – Two of Pentacles

This card symbolizes the enjoyment and pleasure of maintaining balance. At first, I only wanted to understand this card is terms of balancing two paths. What I was ignoring, or failing to put together, is the fact some ascribe the card to Jupiter in Capricorn. Is it a coincidence I draw a card like this right after the Winter Solstice this year? Eh, probably. But, I still understand a different dynamic to the card because of it. All these pieces come together to represent a much deeper balance, that between spirituality and practical life. For me, this means I’m fighting against my nature to learn a deeper knowledge. While it isn’t easy, there is true joy in doing so. Life is meant to be lived, and knowledge alone isn’t good enough. I’ll take that wisdom from a tarot reading any day of the week!

Coins 02 Harmonious Change

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Currently, I'm just someone that loves to learn and embraces various ideas about religion, life, and the daily routines we all have. My blog was setup as an attempt to collect and share my thoughts with others.
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