Daily Tarot Readings: Day Fifty-Four

Happy Christmas Eve! Alright, so it might be Christmas by the time I publish this, but I wanted to do it while the day wore down. The celebration for today has been a cozy relaxing one of watching favorite seasonal movies. I’ve seen Miracle on 34th Street, Santa Claus Is Coming To Town, Frosty The Snowman, How The Grinch Stole Christmas, White Christmas, Elf, and I have even more planned for tomorrow. Of course, I also happened to watch Little Women. While watching the movie I couldn’t help but create a tarot spread for the characters, so let’s celebrate by taking a look. First, your card of the day:

Seven of Pentacles

The Little Women Tarot Spread

When creating this tarot spread, I thought it would be a fun way to relate to the season. Each of the sisters has such a distinct personality, and everyone seems to have their favorite. It’s worth noting that, because of his relationship with each of the March sisters, I drew a card for Laurie. This spread can be adapted and changed to have whatever theme you like. But, since it is Christmas Eve, I wanted to do a spread that focused on each character’s outlook and relate that back to the season. Also, if you like this spread, let me know, because I’m considering doing more to help teach tarot meanings.

Meg – How Are Traditions Important To Me

King of Swords. This card hints that traditions are how I maintain order during the holidays. In some ways, I like this blending of Meg’s character into my own life. Traditions are important, and they often do give me a sense of what to do practically speaking. There’s that nagging tendency though to push it too far, and then feel disappointed when things go wrong. Instead of dictating what must be done, it’s best to just relax and enjoy some nostalgic traditions.


Jo – How Am I Approaching My Dreams This Season

7 of Swords. This card hints that I’m approaching my dreams impulsively. While I hate to admit it, that rings rather true. I’m finding myself wanting to randomly bake to celebrate, so I do. There’s also the idea of starting projects with no real plan in place. The card makes a lot of sense, while it wouldn’t be my favorite aspect of Jo’s character. At the core though, maybe this is similar to simply moving on, pursuing that dream only to figure it out later. Luckily the seasonal aspect of the dreams means no real harm is done long term. So why not be a little impulsive?


Beth – How Do I Share My Love With Family

6 of Wands. This card hints that I’m sharing my love with family by being positive. It’s a simple concept, but quite a powerful one. My family does depend on me to be cheerful and to nudge them into celebrating just a little bit. Doing this isn’t something I’m accustomed to, but I do enjoy it myself. Sharing love is a win win situation, as it is infectious and contagious. When talking about Beth’s character, I can see this playing out extremely well. She’s a constant reminder that there’s always a positive force behind chaotic events or celebrations.


Amy – How Am I Focusing On Self This Year

The Chariot. This card is an important one for me, as it is my Life Path number. I’m going to be blunt and say I hate Amy’s character though. The combination however hints that a strong focus of identity has taken place. Amy’s character has always just kind of known who she is, even when it does have drawbacks. The Chariot hints that I’ve matured this year, and I understand that in many areas of my life. There’s figuring out my unique approach to deity, making my own family holiday traditions, and just being myself. Maybe all that resent of Amy is that I see plenty of myself in her, and I love Jo instead, everyone does!


Laurie – How Do I Present Myself To Others This Season

Queen of Wands. Alright, this card hints that I’m presenting myself how I personally see myself. In other words, I’m being honest when I interact with those around me. The Queen of Wands is my ideal concept of self, so it’s very fitting here. Laurie’s character has evolved as I’ve grownup, and that’s not too surprising now. The presence of passion and sexuality though is a little shocking only in that I didn’t see it before. There’s a passion for life, and the physical, but the two often blend together. That, well that is in fact, me. Interestingly, Laurie and Amy also ended up as a couple, so there’s that mystery.



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