Weekend Readings: The Robin Wood Tarot


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Reading With The Robin Wood Tarot

Practice readings can be tough, and I might as well admit it, so can working with a new deck. Holistic Tarot is absolutely filled with practice readings though, and so, they’re unavoidable. In the effort of highlighting this overwhelming bit of study, I thought I’d try to make it a bit more interesting. I just so happen to have a pile of Rider-Waite Smith based decks, and they’re suddenly calling my name. Throughout the Holistic Tarot study, I thought I’d highlight some of the various Rider-Waite Smith themed decks and showcase some of the various tarot spreads as well. First up on the list: The Robin Wood Tarot.

When I read with a new deck, I like to try any spreads that seem unique to it first. Many decks come with a Little White Booklet (LWB), and some include a special spread that’s a little unique. For the Robin Wood Tarot, there’s a 15-Card Spread. What makes this 15-Card Spread even more interesting is the fact it is for a general reading. That’s right, fifteen cards just for a general checking in spread. What could possibly go wrong? Well, we’re going to find out, because that’s the one that stood out to me. Generally, I wouldn’t do such a massive reading over a weekend, but why not? My favorite tarot spreads tend to be a bit long anyway, so grab a cup of tea or coffee and just relax with some tarot!

Cards #01, #02, & #03

To begin, cards one, two, and three all deal with the general situation of the reading. Since the reading is a miscellaneous one, it helps to try and identify what the topic actually is. For me, I drew the 5 of Swords, Page of Swords, and the 5 of Pentacles. Clearly these cards all share themes of hardship, except for the Page. This might stand for wanting to feel above the hardships, and yet, still having to deal with their overall themes. The suit of Swords refers to thoughts, indicating challenges to logical or philosophical perceptions. The suit of Pentacles refers to challenges in the realm of the material or just plain financial.

Cards #04, #05, & #06

Cards four, five, and six all have to do with the unseen, the topics that need to be known but are not currently in the conscious. For these, I drew The Emperor, the Ace of Swords, and the Ace of Pentacles. Interestingly, both of the aces match the suit of the above fives. This tells me the challenge I may be feeling is due to a restart, or new beginning in each of those categories. For added context, there is also The Emperor, the symbol of authority or the rules dictated by society. What’s interesting is I link The Emperor to the Ace of Swords, which often indicates a choice between two paths intellectually. The odd takeaway is that I don’t often associate The Emperor with the Ace of Pentacles, which I might need to take into account and think on.

Cards #07, #08, & #09

The third category of cards deals with those traits we can choose or leave behind. I drew The Fool, The Sun, and the Ace of Wands for this spread. Whether I like it or not, all of these cards are bright, cheerful, and probably symbolize new beginnings. These particular traits are all worth keeping, but they are extremely difficult for me to deal with. I don’t tend toward change, but I don’t dislike change either. Somehow, the Ace of Wands seems to also balance out or compliment the Ace of Pentacles in the previous spread. The Ace of Wands symbolizes elemental fire, and is the beginning or spark of creation. The sunflowers on the card allude to The Sun which I find interesting as well. The Fool then, acts as a clarifying influence toward new beginnings and adventures.

Cards #10, #11, & #12

This is the category no one likes to highlight, as it symbolizes those aspects or things we cannot change. To make this a little more dramatic, I drew the 5 of Cups, 6 of Swords, and King of Swords. These cards tend to be negative and positive both, depending on which trait you choose to focus on. Something I’m aware of, as someone who draws the 5 of Cups often enough, is that it is a card about focus. This is a warning card, symbolizing my tendency toward focusing on the negative over the positive. While I can’t change this, I can acknowledge it quicker and move forward. Hence, how the 6 of Swords plays into the reading. Moving forward in a difficult time is essential. To help with this, is the King of Swords. My significant other happens to be a Libra, and he gets the King of Swords quite often. He’s a resource to lean on to help calm the rougher emotional moments.

Cards #13, #14, & #15

Lastly, we have the category of final outcome to be expected. For a general reading, I see this as where I’m potentially headed in general. Being honest, the cards I drew are a little difficult to mesh together. I drew the Wheel of Fortune, the 7 of Wands, and The High Priestess. The Wheel of Fortune, according to the LWB, can stand for simply moving forward in a difficult time. As an interesting twist, I was attracted to the 7 of Wands immediately going through this deck, and it showed up here. The card stands for success despite difficult times, so the two cards may go together. Add to this The High Priestess, and I think it shows my inner self having gained a better experience and knowledge of myself for the journey. Interesting things may be ahead of me.

Card #16 & Tying It All Together

To help myself focus all this information one way, I drew a clarifying sixteenth card, The Three of Pentacles. This card is the Master Craftsman card, and I always smile when I draw it. The card has special meaning to me, but it also has the basic meaning of success in ones work. As a general reading, this spread tended to focus on my personal work, work with a higher sense of purpose, or specifically, my tarot studies. When it comes to studying tarot, there definitely is new passions, thoughts, and rewards to be had for the effort. I can only hope to one day feel that I have earned the title of Master Craftsman, at least in terms of tarot. Not bad for a weekend check in type reading.

So, what’s your reading for the weekend?


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