Weekend Readings: The Happy Tarot


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Reading With The Happy Tarot

This weekend, I thought I’d share one of the more ‘for fun’ decks that I own. It’s another Rider-Waite Smith based deck, but, well, just look at it. The Happy Tarot seems to be quite popular recently, and I couldn’t resist. My little one loves the art, and so does my inner child. The deck is put out by Lo Scarabeo, which I know some won’t like, but the quality is fine to me. What’s a little disappointing though, is the fact that the little white booklet contains only a generic three card spread. So, to really let this deck shine, I thought I’d try a spread from the Tarot Prediction & Divination book again. Here’s to another weekend, and another weekend spread.

The spread I selected for this weekend’s reading is called the Inverted Pyramid Reading, and somehow it just seemed fitting. I had a tough week, and I could really use a general spread to clear my thoughts. Because of that, I’m actually going to do another general spread. I hope you don’t mind. Each general spread is going to be unique anyway. However, for the purposes of learning tarot, this Inverted Pyramid Spread is great for flowing topics. Each row can be adapted to your specific needs, slowly getting closer to a single data point. I kind of like that personally, and I’ve been experimenting with the concept. But for now, as a general reading, I’ll try to just see what happens. No prior context, symbolism, or data points.

Row #5

This row consists of The Magician, 7 of Cups, King of Swords, Queen of Pentacles, and The Star. For me, the first thing I notice is the Queen of Pentacles, especially with the King of Swords. These cards typically represent both my significant other and myself. He’s a Libra, and I’m a Taurus. To me, this is a big signal I need to pay close attention. The other cards are also important, as two of them are Major Arcana. In some ways, I see these Major Arcana as two forces working together, one is my husband’s and the other is my own. I see him very much connected to The Magician at the moment, while I’m more focused on The Star. The confusing card in this row is actually the 7 of Cups. This is the card I’m keeping in mind as I continue to the next row for more information.

Row #4

Interestingly enough, this row consists of The Chariot, The World, the 7 of Wands, and the 10 of Swords. If there is any card that symbolizes how I felt yesterday, it is the 10 of Swords. Add to this the fact that The Chariot connects to my Life Path Number, and I think the topic is pretty clear. Altogether, the row also speaks to what needs healing. The bad experience I had the other day needs to be ‘washed out’ and healed. This could be reflected in The World (starting over), and also the 7 of Wands (defending my position). It’s actually comforting to see the 7 of Wands with the 10 of Swords, because it confirms successful defense while still feeling a bit defeated. At this point in the reading, I’m now curious to see what else there could be to discuss on the topic.

Row #3

With Row #3 consisting of the 5 of Swords, Ace of Cups, and Temperance, I feel like my Happy Tarot is a bit sassy. The 5 of Swords is often seen as symbolizing victory over defeat, but actually traditionally stands for loss or defeat. But, this is the Happy Tarot. I think applying victory here could be applicable. Also, to me, there’s some symbolism within the card of just picking up the pieces and moving ahead. That’s really what I think the 5 of Swords is doing in this row, connecting the prior rows while still moving forward. There’s some helpful reminders in the Ace of Cups, telling me to remember the source of my spirituality and creativity. Along with this is Temperance, a reminder to constantly improve myself. It is also a reminder that spirituality is linked to the personality of the individual, and thus, an evolved form of The Chariot.

Row #2

Proceeding with Row #2, a more ‘futuristic’ tone starts to develop with the 6 of Cups and the Hierophant. What’s interesting to me is that the Hierophant is also linked to my sun sign in astrology. Each row has so far contained some card focused on a direct element of myself. However, the Hierophant also balances out the 6 of Cups, telling me there’s something more here. The 6 of Cups often represents a kind of childhood nostalgia. In contrast, the Hierophant symbolizes an initiation into an structured order. At first both cards seem to have very little in common. But, to me at least, they do work together. Keeping in my the healing context of the reading, with the advice of going back to the source, nostalgia makes sense. The fact the healing needs to take place in the realm of religion and I drew the Hierophant only seems the next logical step.

Row #1

The card to conclude the pyramid is The Queen of Swords. This is probably representative of the end goal or result of actions carried forward. In my case, I really have a love hate relationship with the Queen of Swords. There is the concept of wisdom gained through pain of experience. So to me, I can see how this card would show up in this spot. I’m hoping to get back to a state of study, an intellectual pursuit. A more abstract interpretation to might be carrying out a sense of Justice or making things right in my own mind. Either way, I think the card connects on the personal level. This might be one of those cards to really set out for the day and think over. The expanded symbolism couldn’t hurt, in fact, it could only help.

Tying It All Together

In someways, I wanted a reading that secretly dealt with the issues of the week. What I didn’t know was what question to ask to help frame the focus. However, tarot can be shaped to your needs if you just draw the cards. In my case, I’m really glad the spread turned out so well. The experience helped clear my mind a bit, but also gave me something to think on going forward. The spread itself is good for this. You could highlight the single card in your thoughts as a ‘solution’ to your issue, or you could take in the whole spread if you had enough space to reserve. I enjoyed how the inverted pyramid worked downward instead of upward, making things feel a bit more natural. In any case, I’m curious as to what your spread for the weekend is. Let me know, and happy weekend!



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