Day 008: Allaying Tarot Fears


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Those Dreaded Cards & Five Explanations

Have you ever had a bad experience with tarot? Does the idea of telling others you study tarot terrify you? Well, you’re not alone. The tarot has quite a bit of stigma surrounding its reputation. This is interesting, considering the fact tarot cards have been around for centuries. Perhaps we still recognize the ability of the tarot to draw out our innermost thoughts, an idea that frightens many. Whatever motivates the apprehension many people feel, it is definitely a concern. Even when tarot is growing in popularity, we need to continue dispelling the negativity. Holistic Tarot includes a small section on tarot fears, but I thought expanding the premise would help many like myself. So, here are five cards I always dread drawing in my tarot readings, as well as arguments surrounding their themes in more general conversations of tarot.

The Fool


In A Reading

When I draw The Fool, I’m always frustrated by its presence. The main problem I have with this card is it never really shows up for me. It’s one of those cards I study, but never seem to come across. This might be a difference in personality and life paths though. The Fool is a very child-like card, and quite honestly, I don’t see myself as very child-like. But, when I do get this card, it is surprising. For me, The Fool is always there forearming my current self. I suppose many people don’t interact with The Fool that way, but it is what I have personally noticed. Either way, I usually don’t like to see this card come up in a reading for myself because it requires less thinking and more dreaming.

In Personal Settings

When many discuss tarot, one of the actions I see is an implied frivolousness. Some may feel tarot is a waste of time or that those that study tarot are easily taken in. This can be one of the worst feelings. To help dispel this, I highly recommend, if the person is open to it, giving them a short reading. Many people who take a more open minded but skeptical approach to tarot just don’t understand how it works fundamentally. If they can see it and understand the process, they are less likely to continue seeing it as frivolous. Personally, I had this happen recently, and it was an eye-opening realization. Some people just don’t know you can use tarot for personal growth, or that its symbolism is often rooted in psychology.

Wheel of Fortune


In A Reading

Drawing the Wheel of Fortune card to me is quite infuriating. I often find myself just staring at the card wondering when it will change to another. Sadly, it never does. Having to make my peace with drawing the Wheel of Fortune is very similar to its meaning. To me, this is why the card is so dreaded. The Wheel of Fortune is all about the things we can’t help. There is still, try as we might, that element of Fate at work. I draw this card in moments of frustration and resistance. The card alerts me to the fact I’m trying to force something into taking place, which rarely works well. Still, the card is simply difficult and highly individual.

In Personal Settings

Some people are overly cautious, while others ignore the idea of fate altogether. In these cases, you get both those overly enthusiastic about tarot and those who view it as a complete fraud. Still, even more view predictions of any kind to be evil. These situations are complex, and they take a lot of communication. Always be upfront to dispel doubts of those a bit more cautious of tarot. With those who think it is evil, try explaining the various opinions on predictions. Let others know that prediction in many cases isn’t accurate, and you’re only presenting results of actions carried forward. Again though, don’t be surprised if many are not receptive to tarot in this case.



In A Reading

When Death comes up in a reading, I don’t usually dread the message as much as the imagery. To me, Death has come to represent what must be let go to restore balance and allow for rebirth. One of the reasons I don’t fear this card while many might is the fact that I’ve gauged when it comes up for me specifically. By the time I draw Death, the painful part is usually over. I’m the kind of reader that asks why something happened or feels off. This is why Death then, often comes up in a more past state. People are quick to overlook the flag Death carries, which symbolizes life. Others see a strong connection to one of the Four Horsemen in Revelations.

In Personal Settings

The Death card often gives others confirmation of spirits communicating through the tarot. Now, some people do use it for this purpose, however, that’s not the only ways to use tarot. While some may try to communicate with spirits, it is perfectly possible to never do so. There are no spirits trapped in individual decks of tarot. This idea is widely believed in superstitious circles, and it’s quite difficult to correct. The best method is to just explain that tarot is a tool, one that you use for a different purpose. You may even try to explain the origins of tarot, or what it means to you. However, always keep in mind that many people fear the mystery of the afterlife and may not be open to your opinions.

The Devil


In A Reading

Where do I start with this card? The Devil is all about our vices, or more destructive behavior. However, the card has also come to represent passion in the material realm. When I draw this card, it tends to indicate a time of intensity. I already greet life with lots of passion, so at times, this is a warning not to up the intensity. There’s also some allusions of The Devil representing Occult Knowledge, which is certainly applicable. In either of these cases, I tend not to dread being too self-destructive. What I do worry about is being too intense, too passionate. Many people don’t function in the level of The Devil, and it is somewhat understandable as to why. There’s a huge requirement to the material, and that’s tough these days for everyone.

In Personal Settings

To many, The Devil card is proof of both Paganism and Satan existing in the realm of tarot. This is perhaps the most difficult obstacle to overcome for many people. The issue of religion, and what religious doctrine teaches, makes objective conversation difficult. In the instances I’ve come across, no one method has ever been successful. Instead, I recommend a firm sense of self. Surround yourself with people who build you up, and keep interactions with those who don’t to a minimum. I’m not saying ignore negative people, but simply don’t open that tarot door. Don’t invite their criticism. Just remember that both your personal faith and your journey with tarot are yours. You don’t owe your life to anyone else. Live your life for you, and if tarot is part of that, then study tarot.

The Tower


In A Reading

This card is perhaps the only one that truly scares me, at least out of the Major Arcana. It’s funny because it is also my Hidden Aspect card. To me, the card often represents hubris, or a crime against the Divine. This is the great striking down of biblical accounts, the infamous Tower of Babel. I don’t draw the card too often, and it has a minimal impact when I do. The whole thing makes me wonder for that reason. But, in practice, the card often corrects pride. So, maybe in that way, with the subtle reminder of hubris in my mind, I’ve been prevented from wandering too far into Tower territory. In some cases, I get extremely clearheaded days when I draw this card. Perhaps that connects all of the themes super well actually. There’s a sense of clearness of thought.

In Personal Settings

The Tower is a card that, in personal practice, could symbolize the fear it’s all in our head. That’s a stigma too right? I believe it is. Many who practice tarot don’t believe in themselves. I’m guilty of this at times. I worry I’ll sound silly when I share my love of tarot with others. This is actually pride in reversed form, it is shame. There is no need to feel ashamed of the knowledge you’ve gained from reading tarot. If this is a problem for you, try really reading up on various aspects of tarot. Take in all the influential people who understood and studied tarot too. No one would call them silly, why should they call you silly for the same ideas? Remember to breathe on this one, as it will take time. Interestingly enough, that’s also a contrast to The Tower. Change there happens rapidly.


Allaying tarot fears is not an easy task. The whole range of stigmas make a single process impossible. However, stigmas are to be overcome. Don’t let fear hold you back. If tarot is truly what you love, then keep exploring the cards. The best wide ranging solution I can currently offer is articulation. Be able to express your ideas to others, including how you personally choose to utilize tarot. This will help you more than I can express. Knowing what you think and a good solid basis for it allows confidence to steadily add authority to your voice. Don’t dictate your beliefs, simply state them firmly with confidence. Have an honest debate. But also, remember not to waste effort on those who are not open minded. Neither one of you will get value from the experience.






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