Day 013: Morning Readings


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Holistic Tarot & A Week’s Readings

While working through Holistic Tarot one of the themes I noticed is a lot of tarot readings. This only seems logical, as practice makes perfect, but don’t you hate morning readings? Drawing a card, or even a whole spread, just for the day in question seems vague to me. What are really supposed to do with one card draws? Aren’t one card draws for ‘yes or no’ styled questions? Do themes of the day really matter? After reading a recent article making the rounds called, Here’s What Happened When I Did Exactly What My Tarot Cards Told Me To, I decided to give it a try myself. The experiment is simple, draw a card, listen to its themes, and do this for a whole week. That’s it. Well, that and actually take note of said themes going on.

Day 1 – 6 of Wands

The keywords for the 6 of Wands are, success, victory, exalt, and tribute. These seem perfect for a Sunday, the day that starts our week. That’s what I thought at least, so I tried to embody a spirit of victory and success. Turns out it wasn’t exactly successful. There were lots of hardships going on that were tough to overcome. In many ways, this is exactly the opposite of how I felt that day. But, I do think, in retrospect, that the spirit is different. I didn’t want to be defeated, and I took actions to move forward toward victory. And that, well that sums up the 6 of Wands perfectly.

Day 2 – 4 of Wands

This card, on a Monday, is somewhat hilarious. The keywords for this card are, repose, harmony, and prosperity. And, while I want to think two cards like this were positive, they somehow weren’t. I definitely connected to the repose summary of the card. In fact, I again see harmony as an opposite. The repose was more of a minor depression setting in, and that’s frustrating. These two Wands cards really set my mood for the week. Working toward victory was certainly my goal, but it seemed to take place through repose. And this, was whether I liked it or not.

Day 3 – 3 of Pentacles

For me, the 3 of Pentacles symbolizes work with a higher sense of purpose. No keywords were necessary for this card. It’s quite strongly connected to me and my tarot journey. After two rough days, I was glad to see this card turn up. Likewise, the day became all about connecting back to the source. I listened to tarot podcasts. A few walks outdoors were necessary. And, I may have even buried my nose in a book or two. But, at the core of all my efforts was the slow reinforcing theme of remembering my work has a higher purpose to it. The card was spot on what I needed to draw.

Day 4 – The Empress

Along with remembering my higher sense of calling with tarot, was this card the next day. The Empress is how I best relate to the Female Divine. This was a difficult thing for me recently, and I was happy to see this bit of a nudge. For the blog, I started to do my research on The Empress card on this day, and I couldn’t have been happier. At home, I also took time to just feel beauty within myself. I burned some new rose scented incense, and put out the tarot queens I relate to most. Over time, it even allowed me to develop a connection to The Empress tarot ritual which I plan on sharing soon.

Day 5 – Judgement

At first, I thought this card meant to reaffirm the themes of higher callings. However, it was also a Thursday. This was when I needed to make a decision about something very important to me. Taken at face value, Judgement seems like a good card to draw for that. Now, in retrospect, I understand the religious significance of this card as well. This was an important factor in whether or not I would continue working in the direction of my higher calling journey with tarot or not. Luckily, I’m still here, so you can guess which I chose to do! But now, I appreciate the card even more so.

Day 6 – 2 of Cups

The 2 of Cups, of a Friday, is a terrible card really. But, taking a step back from my dislike of Fridays, I like getting to draw the 2 of Cups. This day for me was filled with love and support, much needed support. It also became a day where uniting opposites was important to me. The dual themes of the 2 of Cups was certainly felt, including emotionally. While the card is happiness to some, it is also difficulty to others. For me, I’m in the difficult category. Merging opposites is tough work, and it is emotional work. Thankfully though, it was working toward a conclusion and not more drama.

Day 7 – Ace of Swords

The prize of the week! When I drew this card, I suddenly had an urge to look at my week as a journey. Remember the 6 of Wands? Well, I feel like the rider was working toward the Ace of Swords. To me, this is the source of ideas, and it is also a choice between two things. The Ace of Swords can be summed up for me, in a choice between truth or goodness. Cutting out lies, especially to ourselves, can be painful. Somehow this really has become a theme for my entire month. But, seeing it as a prize, to having figured it out, is immensely rewarding. It felt worthwhile to struggle through the tough week, and that’s priceless.


I loved drawing and embracing cards this way for the week. It’s a tough habit for me to keep up with, but I am certainly going to consider doing so. If I did this with a few journal pages added to recap as I go, it could be invaluable. I’ve often struggled to see how people get much out of daily draws or morning readings. But, from this exercise, something just clicked for me. I recommend trying it yourself. Share your results. You’ll never know what amazing discoveries you’ll make. Whether it is a card’s personal meaning to you, or a simple keyword string. What matters is what you make of the advice or concept. So keep trying.


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