Weekend Readings: Tarot The Complete Kit


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Reading With Tarot The Complete Kit

With the new weekend comes a new weekend tarot reading! The week has certainly been busy, and it is only going to get busier. For those in the United States, the 4th of July is coming up… and it’s on a Wednesday! This makes it difficult to gauge when the official holiday weekend is. So, if you’re celebrating already, Happy Independence Day! If not, we’ll get to you next weekend… if it applies at all. In any case, whether you’re celebrating this weekend or simply taking it easy, I have another spread for you. And, this week, I’m going to read with my first ever tarot deck, Tarot: The Complete Kit. The spread I chose is also worth delving into for your personal journey with tarot, so let’s get started.

For this weekend reading, I came across a spread that seemed to keep with the overall theme of what I’ve been learning lately. This is a spread put out by Biddy Tarot, and you can check out her wonderful graphic and article on it here. The spread is officially called The Confident and Intuitive Tarot Reader Spread, and it is amazing. I’ve been looking for a method to discover what my next step might be, and this just seemed to fall into my lap. After discovering my tarot foundation, or my personal approach to tarot, I’ve been immensely curious on how to embrace resources for my specific outlook. Maybe this spread can help me brainstorm some possibilities.

What is coming into my conscious awareness about reading Tarot?

Believe in yourself. I really like that summary of the Queen of Wands from this deck. The Queen of Wands is often the card I choose to represent myself in a tarot reading, and so, I find it interesting it showed up here. Perhaps what is coming into my conscious is a sense of self or my identity as a tarot reader. The card seems like a confirmation to me that I’m headed in the right direction, and that I came to the right conclusion. Belief in self, or confidence, is certainly what I have gained by discovering my tarot foundation. Being able to articulate my approach to tarot helps me in my interactions with others, and it also gives me a better sense of how to sort through information.

What innate gifts and talents do I have that I can share with others in my Tarot readings?

Personal Magnetism. In some ways, I can understand the idea being conveyed here through the 6 of Cups. I’m very opposed to it however, and it might be the subconscious showing through for me. Personal Magnetism is not something I view as a gift or talent, it simply is or isn’t. But, with that said, if I try to embrace Personal Magnetism as appeal instead, things start to become clearer. What I can share with others in my tarot reading is a sense of investment. Appeal of any kind often leads people to invest a part of themselves. It’s interesting that the readings I do for others, never seems to run into disinterest. Communication is always high, and breakthroughs happens because of it.

What aspects of myself do I need to develop to step into my full potential as a Tarot reader?

Learn to budget time. Ever feel like your tarot deck calls you out a bit? Well, this is one of those moments staring at the Knight of Pentalces. I’m usually very good with budgeting my time, even on my worst day I’m better than most. But lately, well I haven’t been keeping up. I came across a great video by Benebell Wen on Youtube discussing how you can only have two priorities out of three. This has been a big theme in the business sphere of my life, but I never applied it to my tarot sphere. If I want to be a tarot reader in any professional sense though, I will need to work on balancing my time. There’s also trusting things to work out on their own, which is tough for me too.

What aspects of my Tarot reading skills do I need to develop to step into my full potential as a Tarot reader?

Examine Spiritual Beliefs. The Queen of Cups often represents my sense of expression. When it comes to becoming a better tarot reader, I’m only starting to understand the concept of expression. In some ways, I thought my role as a tarot reader was to limit my sense of expression. But recently, I’ve been corrected on this point. Tarot is also about how we filter through information and symbolism. Self-expression is require then, as a tarot reader. If this is the theme I work toward this coming month, then I couldn’t be happier. The truth is, I resonate well with this little nudge.

What external resources are available to me to develop as a Tarot reader?

Growth Linked To Self-Expression. Alright, so I’m starting to notice the theme now. While I highlighted the reoccurring theme of self-expression, this deck also links The Sun to accepting criticism and admitting mistakes. To me, this highlights the external resources available. My community will help me receive constructive feedback, and I need to be accepting of the mistakes I make. I’m a person that wants to get it right the first time, but this simply isn’t realistic. With people who can give feedback, I can better myself as a tarot reader. Again though, this is all for growth by self-expression.

How can I connect with the right people, with whom I will create ‘magic’ as a Tarot reader?

Allow yourself time for play. Really, the 5 of Swords? Connecting with the right people is a tough subject for me. I often feel ostracized from the tarot community, and it’s a lonely journey at times. However, with that said, the 5 of Swords highlights an interesting dynamic to me. I certainly have an approach that is defined by the number five. Conflict, heavy competition, and challenges are all the norm for me. In this card’s case, it is about an atmosphere of victory or defeat. Perhaps my best way to connect with the right people are during these times of competition. Whether I personally come out victorious or not is unimportant. What is important is turning these moments into friendship opportunities.

What is possible for me when I am reading Tarot with confidence?

Different perspective. If there is one thing I want to help others do, it’s look at their conflicts or challenges from a different perspective. This is largely what I use tarot for personally, and I’ve seen it help others as well. The 4 of Cups is actually a card that symbolizes routine and boredom to me, but in this context, I understand why it’s been turning up elsewhere lately. When we get bored, we often need to look at things from a fresh perspective. Reading tarot with confidence is difficult for many of us, myself included, and yet, I think when I approach tarot in the realm of fresh perspective my confidence does increase. This is a big deal.

Tying It All Together

When I did this reading, I really wanted to explore my next step as an aspiring tarot reader. What I discovered is a reaffirming of many thoughts going through my head this weekend. One of the priorities I need at the moment is a balanced approach to my time. Once I have this, then I will be free to brainstorm more of what I bring to the tarot table. Personal magnetism is great, and it compliments growth by self-expression wonderfully, but how do I feel confident in conveying this? In fact, how do I convey it at all? What makes tarot reading from this foundational place different and unique? Are there resources for this if it is personal expression? All these questions seem like a great study for the upcoming month, not to mention, Independence Day. Happy Weekend, Everyone!

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