30 Day Tarot Challenge – Day 03

Favorite Decks & Tarot Purchases

Honesty time, I have too many tarot decks. Now, before you tell me there is no such thing, hear me out. I really do have too many tarot decks. Before I knew what I was doing in the tarot sphere, I thought buying more decks would solve the problem. That I simply wasn’t connecting to the right deck. Do I even have to tell you what this lead to? Well, if I do, it lead to a collection of tarot decks that I didn’t really connect to or with. Now that I’m a little more knowledgeable in my tarot purchases, there are definitely decks that I use more than others. This question is all about favorite decks, so what more is there to love than possible new additions to that list of yours?

Here’s today’s question:

Do you have more than one deck that you use and if so do you have a favorite? If not, why do you like the deck you have chosen?

When I look at the tarot decks I buy, I can’t help but see stories. There is a search for understanding in many of my deck purchases, one that isn’t always obvious. Looking at my collection, I do see the disjointedness of it. Slowly though, you’ll notice more of a theme to my string of purchases. Perhaps the first of these was my Arthurian Tarot, a deck that I still use quite often. This is a deck I purchased when studying the Arthurian Tradition of Wicca, but now use when reading for men. The deck is probably the most masculine deck I own, and I find men really respond to the themes. That said, I will always collect John Matthews’ decks. There are tons of his decks on my wish list, which if I purchase them, may impact my continued use of the Arthurian Tarot for men specifically.

But, if I’m examining my decks for a favorite, it is by far and away my copy of Crowley’s Thoth Tarot. This is the deck that I feel I was meant to have. When I first got it, I was extremely nervous. The deck was said to be an advanced one, and I was not an advanced reader. At the time I purchased it, I didn’t even have the Book of Thoth to explain the deck. However, none of that mattered when I held the deck. I knew it would be special to me, and I have treated it as such. Right now, this deck is my main ritual deck. When I truly want to put something out in the universe, I use the Thoth. I’ve debated getting a smaller version to read with, but decided against it. Instead, I’ve actually ordered decks that use the Golden Dawn System instead.

There are times I also feel witchy, and there is no shortage of witch themed tarot decks. My personal favorite right now is still the Everyday Witch Tarot. The art of this deck is just something that makes me connect to my magical side. I also happen to have an affinity for many specific cards in this deck. If I was reading for a group of witches, I would certainly use this deck over any other I own. Yes, everyone recommends it. Yes, I have other witch themed decks that are likewise wonderful. But, I do feel like this deck embodies something that many witches connect with universally. Does that make much sense? Probably not. The deck though is just fun, mischievous, and encompasses many of the aspects of witchcraft that are worth embracing.

But, if I was going to read tarot professionally, what three decks would I choose? This is a question I ask myself often. Please tell me I’m not alone in daydreaming about that. And, while my answers will often vary, the decks I love never do. When answering this question, I would actually have to consider what topics come up the most for readers. According to Benebell Wen, she gets mainly questions in the categories of Love, Career, or Future. This makes sense, as it seems to ring true even among tarot readers themselves. So, the decks I would choose to set at my table may deal with each of these topics plus one or two general decks. That makes sense right? Well, I hope so because that’s how I’m going to examine my favorite decks.

Alright, so what is my go to love themed tarot deck? That answer is super easy, the Tarot of Sexual Magic is my must have. This deck was a gift to me from my significant other, and I just love the artwork. There are different couple dynamics and various approaches to sex and relationships. Now, the one flaw to this deck is that it is heterosexual themed. However, I’m a Bisexual woman, and I do find certain cards seem to embrace alternatives. But, if you’re looking for a homosexual themed romantic deck, this one is unfortunately not for you. There are some great homosexual themed decks out there, but I’m in a heterosexual relationship so the deck I have in this category reflects that. But, if you’re heterosexual, I cannot stress how much I love this erotic themed deck! It’s beautiful. It’s tasteful. It’s just perfect love based readings.

The idea of choosing a specific deck for career based readings terrifies me. I would never want to put anyone’s career in a box… literally. That said, this is a post about favorite decks. So, for me personally, I really love the Housewives Tarot, which I’d use both men and women. The deck is weird in that it mixes up Major Arcana numbers, but other than that, I love the theme. This would go in the realm of career, and is the only deck I have that fits in that category. If I was approaching this from a creativity standpoint though, I would probably use The Robin Wood Tarot because it sparks thought in many people. The deck is also gender neutral and career neutral, which is a must in my opinion. These days there are not many stereotypical gender jobs left, so embracing all aspects of projects is probably best when reading for a large group.

For the category of Future, anything is possible. There’s no limit to what this category can contain. Personally, I’m going to select the Santa Muerte Tarot. While this might seem like an odd choice, it’s a symbolic choice for me. We all, sooner or later, will have to face our mortality. When reading about the future, we should be mindful of this face. Instead of dreading death however, this deck shows us there’s more than we first think. Death is not an end, at least I don’t believe that. Instead, we can see how our future is also define by our personal past, as well as those who came before us. I’m not going to get into an argument over the Santa Muerte Tarot being cultural appropriation or not. To me, it’s a great deck. I happen to think it’s also perfect for the topic of future readings.

So, what are my two other free deck options? Well, that would have to be The Happy Tarot and The Golden Tarot. Now, I just can’t deny how much I love The Happy Tarot. It’s an absolute favorite, and I have no excuse. The deck just makes me smile. It is also children friendly, in case any younger people want their cards read. My other choice is a practical one. The Golden Tarot by Liz Dean is a beautiful deck that has a hybrid system. This would be the deck for those who wanted a Marseilles Tarot reading. Yes, Strength and Justice are reversed (like in the Rider-Waite Smith), but otherwise this deck utilizes pips. I’m not very comfortable reading Marseilles yet, but I’d at least try! The deck is gorgeous anyway, and it has an atmosphere of being older than it is.

So, those are the decks that I currently use quite often. My collection, as of this post, is roughly twenty-three decks. For better or worse, I’ve already ordered more! The tarot decks I collect though all have a purpose or point to them. Right now, I’m trying to advance as a reader, which means my decks are mainly historic. However, the occasional impulsive buy still happens. Tarot has connected my love of art with my love of playing cards, and that’s perfect. My favorite decks will always shift with each new purchase, but some decks remain favorites forever. I have to know, what are your favorite decks? And, what made you fall in love with it?



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4 Responses to 30 Day Tarot Challenge – Day 03

  1. I love the Rider-Waite-Smith, and have several versions of it. I know a lot of people these days don’t seem to connect with the imagery, but honestly, it has a hold on me. It is a classic, and I find it easiest to do cold readings for other people with these cards.

    For my own personal readings, I also really like the Thoth. It is another classic, though not as accessible as the Rider, and it is powerful.

    Of course the Marseilles is the “original”, and so I make it a point to try and be relatively fluent in it, as well.

    I have a slew of lesser-known and non-traditional decks, as well, but by and large I like to use one of the above “Big Three” if I’m going to do serious reading for other people.

    As for why I fell in love with these, I couldn’t really say. I think I fell in love with the concept of the Tarot in general, and it was these three which formed the basis of my education, so I’ll always stick with them (especially the Rider, which was my very first).

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    • Samantha says:

      One day, I think I’ll actually say something very similar to this. The Marseilles looks fascinating, and I admire your fluency level with it. I haven’t personally taken the time to study it yet, but do love the history.

      Tarot decks through history is perhaps one of the best ways in my opinion to learn tarot. Card meanings just take shape and you tend to remember certain illustrations over others with enough time. It’s great.

      The “Big Three” have become my new love. Right now I’m studying the RWS but will then study the other two! I’m slightly cheating and studying the others slowly now, but my main focus is RWS.

      The concept of falling in love with tarot is really amazing. It’s something I think many feel but never say. Hearing/Reading it in your comment was a real joy to my morning. 🙂

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      • Well, I’m only mildly adept at reading the Marseilles, but thanks. I like it because it is basically a blank slate with its un-illustrated pips. It takes a bit of memorization and imagination, but there aren’t better cards than these for freedom of interpretation. On the other hand, compared to the RWS and Thoth, these cards might appear boring or plain to some people.

        I study all of them as the mood strikes me, rather than in any particular order. So I’m not really an expert in any of them, but after the time I’ve spent, I’m at least reasonably good with all of them. I admit to still using books for help when reading for myself, though, especially with the Thoth.

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      • Samantha says:

        If you ever feel like you completely have the Thoth figured out… contact me before anyone else. 😉

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