Weekend Readings: Mystical Cats Tarot


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Reading With The Mystical Cats Tarot

Somehow, I lost track of this week right about Wednesday. Did that happen to you too? Well, if it did, here’s your friendly reminder that it is, as of now, the weekend. And, with the new weekend comes the much anticipated weekend tarot reading. For this week, I decided to keep our theme of fluffy bunny tarot decks going with the Mystical Cats Tarot. Personally, I love this deck. I’m excited that the artist, Mickie Mueller is doing a dog themed tarot as well coming out in October. Reconnecting with the Mystical Cats Tarot today has brought unexpected joy, especially when this deck was such an impulse buy.

The book that comes with the deck is by far and away amazing. This is no thin ‘little white booklet’. Instead, this is a gorgeous 200 page paperback guidebook. For a beginner, there are nice sections on tarot deck care, the layout of this deck, and tarot spreads. The tarot spreads included in the guidebook are wonderful, creative versions of traditional layouts. There’s a two, three, five and nine card spread to choose from. Personally, I had to do the nine card spread which features the nine lives of a cat. How cute is that concept? As I dealt the cards for this layout though, I was stunned by how many Major Arcana showed up. Let’s get to it then!

Your cosmic assignment when you entered this life.

Earth Kitten. The first thing that strikes me about this card is the fact I’m an earth sign. Not only that, but the description of this card really sums up my approach to life. According to this card anyway, my assignment in this life is to simply learn how this world works. There’s themes of enjoying the beauty of life, and I really connect to that idea. Trust is involved, a trait I totally have come to understand isn’t the norm for most people. Also, the connection to my environment may also be what makes me feel so empathic these days. Totally not the typical way I would read the Page of Pentacles, but I’m so grateful for the new perspective.

A gift that was given to you to accomplish this.

Stars. This card highlights are connection to cosmic consciousness. When viewed as a gift, I suddenly understand how this card comes up often for me in particular. Trusting that there is meaning behind it all is an essential part of my belief system. It’s strange to consider that a gift, but I have seen those who don’t. For me, the gift includes wonder and fascination, a comfort in knowing that my place in the universe is one of purpose. We all remain connected to those that came before us, and it is truly humbling to remember that. Everything we are was impacted by our cosmic journey as people, and that crosses the distance of space and time itself.

A lesson you have learned well.

Good Kitty. Interestingly enough, this is the Judgement card in the Rider-Waite Smith deck. The Mystical Cats Tarot does a wonderful job of turning Judgement into a positive. This card, as a lesson, speaks to how we must all learn not to feel guilt or shame. We are all meant to learn important lesson, and what counts is if we improve by their experience. For me, this card really truly resonates. I’ve experienced the full spectrum of guilt, shame, and fear. But, at the root of it, is the belief that we are all created with a higher purpose (that Stars card again), and this purpose is what matters. Society doesn’t have the right to judge us as individuals, only the Divine can do that, if they care to.

A transforming milestone.

The Chariot. This is another card that resonates well with me, as it is my personality and soul number card. More importantly though, in this context, the card speaks to my ability to be in control of my life. Some people have moments where they struggle to live their life their way. A turning point for me was when I chose to take control of my life. I’m happy with my decision. I’m glad I made the choices I did. But, until now, I never considered how these two concepts blended into each other. The direction in which I take my life is first impacted by my ability to direct my own life in the first place. Doing so, understanding I could, was a huge transforming moment.

What demands your attention right now.

Nine of Sea. This is the Rider-Waite Smith 9 of Cups card. With this deck comes a new interpretation though. The 9 of Sea is all about dreaming our deepest wishes into existence. What is demanding my attention then, is a need for creativity. When I start to daydream, I really examine my motivations and wants. Doing this allows me to gain a better understanding of my goals and the direction my actions are taking me. It’s difficult for me to just take time to dream, I’d rather do. But, before I can work toward a goal I have to have said goal. It’s frustrating, but I can see how this card is important right now.

An adventure yet to come.

The Empress. Out of all the cards in this reading, this one is the one that makes me truly smile. Drawing The Empress is quite the coincidence, since I’m the mother of a currently two year old child. To me, this card speaks to the future of watching my child grow and live the life they were meant to. When I look back at my life, I hope that watching my child grow into adulthood will be one of those magical moments. I’m already a proud mother, beaming with all the joy that motherhood brings. But still, it’s a nice idea that The Empress can be a card speaking to an exciting adventure in the near future.

A lesson you have yet to learn.

The World. When it comes to the challenges I face, this card really does sum it up. For me, it’s difficult to see cycles come to fruition. What I hope is that this card shows me the lesson will eventually be there in my future. Right now, I may be learning how tough these cycles of creation really are. I’ve always been in smaller cycles of accomplishment, but this would be a lifetime worth in one cycle. The World is a tough card, but I enjoy how this deck teaches we all have a piece of the world that is ours. We all call Earth home, and as such, we all share this wonderful planet.

The gift you will give the world.

Fire Tom. Why is the Knight of Wands stalking me lately? Well, this card may give me the answer. The Fire Tom, or Knight of Wands, is all about courage and boldness. Strangely enough, I have been feeling a little nudge to get in touch with my sense of courage and boldness again. A few years ago, I got a tattoo featuring the biblical reference of Joshua 1:9. Since then, themes of Joshua have always crept up in my life when I least expected it. The verse? Well, it just so happens to mention both boldness and courage. It’s odd to think about how life choices come full circle, but if I inspire others to have courage too, that would be a huge honor to me.

What you will release when you leave this life.

Consequences. This is a card I had to think on for a moment when I drew it. After a bit of reflection, I think I have to take this one at face value. When everyone dies, they leave behind the entanglements of life. There’s something deep within me that believes our spirit lives on after death, and when we cross that bridge, things get easier. I’m not one to really believe in a hell, or a place of eternal damnation. I believe that each of us works in our lifetime to attain a sense of oneness with the Divine. Even for those who are more atheistic or secular, there is still an appreciation of the world and our connection to the universe. I think death will free me, and everyone else, of the consequences so often brought about by naturally living life.

Tying It All Together

Before I did this reading, I definitely approached this deck as a fluffier option. But, just one reading with this deck, and my opinion has completely changed. The deck has a different interpretation of many cards, and it is a refreshing perspective. Each card’s symbolism is articulated beautifully, and that showed in the reading. When it comes to life cycles or past lives readings, I’ve always been skeptical. This reading though, with the mixture of everything involved, was quite insightful. There are themes here that are worth examining deeper, and I know some of them will be life altering. The Mystical Cats Tarot and its Nine Lives Spread was a great start to my weekend. Happy Weekend Everyone!


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