Weekend Readings: Everyday Witch Tarot


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Reading With The Everyday Witch Tarot

Out of all the decks I’ve purchased thus far, the Everyday Witch Tarot is probably the most heartfelt. This is the only deck I’ve purchased due to prior exposure to the author’s work. What makes this deck for me is the author through the wonderful and talented artist. The author of this deck though, is Deborah Blake. Her voice is a significant one in the Wicca/Pagan/Witchcraft community. Deborah Blake is herself a Wiccan High Priestess, and the author of Everyday Witchcraft. On a personal note, this deck gets plenty of reviews, but for me, I just love what this deck means to me. Deborah Blake’s work found me at the right place, in the right time, and I’m so glad every time I use this deck.

For this weekend’s spread, I didn’t really want to do the Celtic Cross Spread recommended in the book. Too many Celtic Cross Spreads just seems redundant, and I honestly just didn’t feel like it. Instead, I wanted a witch themed tarot spread to capture the New Moon energy and that of our Friday the 13th. What I decided on was a popular spread online called The Witch’s Power Tarot Spread. It’s mainly a fun Halloween themed spread, but in our case, can be used at any magical time of year. This spread, focusing on the individual source of power within, just seemed to capture the mood. Going into the weekend, we can all take a moment to recharge our batteries.

The Witch Significator – Source of Personal Power – 7 of Cups

Make A Decision. This card has been coming up a lot for me recently, so much so, that I’m sick of it. As a source of power though, this card is a bit enlightening. I’ve been interpreting this card as a need to explore my motivations type warning. Instead, this spread hints that my source of power is to make a decision and stick to it. Not everyone does this, and it’s not easy to do, but for me, it’s a bit easier. What choice I make though, does require a lot of self-knowledge. To make the right choices, I need to still grow in my personal awareness.

The Cauldron – Something Percolating In Your Life – The Moon

Torn Between Two Paths. When I think of what’s slowly reaching a boiling point in my life, I can see how change would turn up. Right now, I’m a mother. I love being a mother. I would also like to work on personal projects without interruption. These two feelings are a common two path thing now. What’s interesting is that the 7 of Cups speaks to just making a choice and sticking with it. Tarot is kind of that sticking with it thing for me at the moment. I get the best of both paths that way. My daytime gets spent on the joys of motherhood, while my evening hours are largely spent on learning more about tarot.

The Spellbook – Where Things Are Headed – 3 of Cups

Coming Together In Joy. For me, this card is a tough one whenever it comes up. This is really the first time I’m going to hope its meaning translates into my future. I’d really like to celebrate with a community I feel I belong and contribute to. That would, quite honestly, be a huge weight lifted off my shoulders moment. Celebrating is tough enough for me. But this card really does speak to how I struggle to feel a sense of community with other women especially. If I could get myself to that spot, I would be immensely grateful for the lesson. Celebrating happy occasions is always great, with or without a community too.

The Black Cat – Forces To Assist You – Page of Cups

Open Up To Joy. Alright, apparently joy is in the cards after all. Besides the blatant message of being open to joy though, there is also the significance of a person implied. In this case, my wonderful daughter. My daughter is a Pisces, and as such, probably best represented by the Page of Cups. As an assistance, I can see how this would be extremely relevant. Part of making a choice out of a career or motherhood, is love. I love my daughter. I want to be there for my daughter. All it takes to feel joy from the choice I made, is honestly her giggle and a smile. Any little bit of assistance I can get in that department will make me a very very happy mother indeed.

The Skull – A Message From Your Ancestors – 6 of Cups.

A Good Memory. Wow, this reading is turning into such a personal and sappy one! As a message, the 6 of Cups is all about kindness and childhood. There’s an unmistakable urge to give my child that same fondness for life that I have even into adulthood. While I want her to be raised to respect and care for others, I also want to stress the importance of kindness and love. What’s interesting about this particular card is that I can see how aspects of my childhood flow into my beliefs and role as a mother. A random act of kindness, even every day, will help to build and inspire kindness in others as well. My family has always stressed the importance of love and kindness, so it’s a really powerful message card to receive.

The Broom – What’s Needed To Take Your Plans Further – The Chariot

Choosing Your Own Course Forward. I love this card because it kind of embodies all the elements of the previous cards. Having just done a study of The Chariot recently, it’s an interesting card to show up now. This is a card that often makes me take notice because it has turned into a significator card within the Major Arcana for me. In the Everyday Witch Tarot this card hints at what is exactly necessary to move forward. When making a choice between two options, it’s important to remember I control the direction and choice. In other words, I need to be the one to direct my life with a sense of purpose. It’s a wonderful card to unite the symbolism of the previous cards.

Tying It All Together

When I started this reading, I had no idea it would be so spot on. The Everyday Witch Tarot is a favorite of mine, because it always prompts a deeper response. There’s always some magic to be had in those moments of true frustration. While I wasn’t anticipating such a ‘get your stuff together’ message from the tarot, I guess I needed it. Luckily, the Everyday Witch Tarot is definitely, a little more gentle in its imagery than most decks. But, while it is certainly a more positive themed deck, I’ve found the images spark a truly deeper connection to many of the traditional Rider-Waite Smith system of interpretation. This deck was really what I needed to feel positive about making a choice, moving forward, and controlling my own destiny. Happy Weekend Everyone!

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