Weekend Readings: Hanson Roberts Tarot


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Reading With The Hanson Roberts Tarot

This weekend I’m highlighting the second tarot deck I ever owned. The Hanson Roberts Tarot is better known today as the deck that comes with The Essential Tarot Kit: Book and Card Set. Back a few years ago, and maybe still today, you could pick this kit up at your local Barnes & Noble. The deck always seemed marketed as a gimmick type gift, you know, one of those last minute trinket impulse buys. But, I couldn’t help myself, and I picked the deck up. I’m glad I did, as it was a huge improvement to my minimally illustrated first deck. To do this deck’s art justice, I’ve also decided to highlight one of my favorite spreads called The Double Triad Tarot Spread. Is there a better spread for the weekend? Probably not, so let’s ring in the weekend with a new sample tarot reading.

The Double Triad Spread is one that captures the spirit of as above so below. It’s a spread for when you feel out of sorts, or aren’t quite sure what to read about. If you don’t want a general reading during those times this spread works quite well. There are two halves within the spread, one for physical matters and then, one for spiritual matters. This allows for a focused reading that’s a little basic, but beyond the overly generalized general reading. The addition of a significator card really pulls the spread together, allowing for a theme to take place or present itself. Overall, I really love this spread, and with a deck like the Hanson Roberts Tarot it really shines.

Card 1 – Signifier

For this spread, I used my typical signifier, the Queen of Wands, but then drew a randomized card as well, The Hierophant. This is interesting because I definitely see The Hierophant as existing between both the physical and spiritual worlds. The Hierophant also corresponds to my sun sign, Taurus. Within the spread, this card can symbolize that unifying factor, or needing social approval and spiritual blessing. Likewise, I somewhat see The Hierophant as a complimenting partner to the Queen of Wands in this deck. They go together, perhaps symbolizing an acceptance of my spiritual self mixed with the more outward expression of self. It’s all an interesting mixture really of spirituality and spirit manifesting itself in everyday habits.

Card 2 – Physical Needs Card #1

The 7 of Swords in this deck is well done, indicating both cunning and mischievousness at first glance. This deck defines the 7 of Swords as a symbol of partial success. This is interesting, because the card falls on the detrimental side of the physical realm triangle. To me, this tends to symbolize something working against my overall goal. Maybe this is a fear of everything not going according to plan. Perhaps, the 7 of Swords also indicates how I’m a bit impulsive, and don’t necessarily think things through enough. Either way, partial success is linked to bad advice in this deck, and I can understand why. Bad advice clouds projects and long term goals. This is definitely a warning to overcome settling, impulsive behavior, or taking bad advice.

Card 3 – Physical Needs Card #2

As a welcomed card, The Sun is a great influence to see on the positive side of the triangle. This deck makes The Sun card into such a happy one to draw. Consequently, The Sun in this deck indicates immense happiness, joy, and positive energy. The card is also linked to expanding horizons, or a time that brings in natural growth. This is such a positive card that it almost overwhelms the energy of the 7 of Swords. Typically, the two cards combine to give us the third. But in this case, The Sun appears to takeover the rest of the physical realm. It’s strange, because I don’t usually like drawing The Sun card, as it seems to go nowhere. However, in this spread, I see it as a very necessary influence within the physical realm to balance out the negativity of the 7 of Swords.

Card 4 – Physical Needs Card #3

Unifying both the 7 of Swords and The Sun, we have the Ace of Pentacles. This is such an interesting card, considering that 7 of Swords. For me, it’s a great lesson to not get hung up on the negatives. The Ace of Pentacles in this deck specifically represents tremendous growth and sudden prosperity. It’s a long ways away from that Lord of Shortened Force card. For me, it’s worth noting the drawing the source of success card, in the realm of material projects, is a great omen. I’m not one to believe in luck, but I believe in Fate. There are just moments that mark our lives, and I’m ready to embrace success. Many times in the past, I feared being successful. With some work lately, it looks like it may be time to utilize what I’ve learned.

Card 5 – Spiritual Need Card #1

The King of Pentacles is usually a positive card, but here, it’s on the side of negative influence. It’s worth noting, I’ve always hated the King of Pentacles in most decks. He’s always looked a little possessive to me, unappreciative and manipulative. This natural opposition to the card, works well here. All these negative traits likewise hold me back from accepting material success as a component of spirituality. Recently, I read that financial freedom was linked to spirituality, because we were created with the unalienable right of freedom. The King of Pentacles here is a reminder that material success, even with its negative qualities, is still necessary on a spiritual level. Embracing success will help me grow spiritually, and accept myself as an individual.

Card 6 – Spiritual Need Card #2

This spiritual triangle is interesting, because it has the 7 of Wands as a positive card. It’s kind of a reversal of the physical realm, where we had a negative card in the negative spot and a positive card in the positive spot. Many people see the 7 of Wands as a negative card, but I personally don’t. This card symbolizes assured victory, despite the outward appearance of a disadvantage. Personally, I could analyze that theme all day. However, spiritually, this card indicates a belief and trust in rising to the occasion. It takes a lot of courage to keep fighting, spiritually and otherwise, and this card shows there’s victory in the challenge. I personally grow best by these challenges, and I’ve come to accept courage as a spiritual value. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s certainly mine.

Card 7 – Spiritual Need Card #3

Unifying the King of Pentacles and 7 of Wands, we have the 6 of Wands. Isn’t it interesting that this goes backward in number from the seven? Between all three cards however, is the symbol of victory. It’s worth noting that this is still on the spiritual level. When I accept the King of Pentacles a necessary part, and mix it with the courage to persevere, victory presents itself. This is a tricky balance really, because victory on the spiritual level does tend toward success on the material level. At the same time, we have to be careful not to think one leads to guarantee in the other. There are many wonderful spiritually minded people who never do a successful thing in their life. Likewise, there are many successful people who never do a spiritual thing in their life either. The balance is delicate, even in my life, especially in my life, and I appreciate the reminder.

Tying It All Together

Both the spiritual and physical world share themes of success. Whether this is material success or spiritual victory, both aspects are embodied within The Hierophant. As the link between two worlds, The Hierophant deals with this mixture more than most do. Likewise, I understand that I tend toward seeing connections many other people ignore. In my personal life, success is a difficult topic for me. I’d much rather focus on spiritual growth and helping others in their own spiritual journey. However, in order to do that, I need to focus on elements of material success and victory. The Hierophant blesses others because he himself is already blessed by the Divine. Likewise, success tends to come from those who have time and money to invest in the first place. All this is an interesting subject to meditate on over the weekend. I hope you’ve gained some food for thought yourself. Happy Weekend Everyone!



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