Weekend Readings: Housewives Tarot


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Reading With The Housewives Tarot

After a tough week, it’s nice to get back to tarot. The energy of the full moon has left me wanting to just relax, and for that, I turn to my copy of The Housewives Tarot. This deck is largely considered a novelty item, but it still reads quite well. The images are a bit humorous, insightful, and include a touch of sarcasm. Any reading I’ve done with this deck previously has left with me a new perspective. What more could you want from a weekend reading? So, settle in with your cup of tea, hot coffee, or even a martini in the spirit of this deck, and let’s ring in the weekend with a new deck and a sample tarot spread. Using a deck filled with this much sass sure has to be interesting!

For this weekend’s reading, I definitely wanted to highlight one of the spreads in this deck’s instruction booklet. The entire deck comes packaged in a mock recipe box, and so, the instruction booklet captures the theme of a vintage cookbook. The names of otherwise classic spreads are quite humorous. A one card draw is simply, The Virgin, while a three card draw is called The Neapolitan. My personal favorite is actually, The Dinette, which is a somewhat reworked Celtic Cross Spread. For this post though, I’m going to highlight what this deck calls, The Clothesline Of Life. My best guess is that this is a spread that traditionally utilized the seven traditional planets of the ancients. In any case, it’s a fun spread, one good for airing dirty laundry, at least according to this deck.

Card 1 – Your State of Mind

The Magician. Illusions, deceptions, and charm, these are all characteristics of The Magician. In this deck, The Magician is a salesman. To me, this shows that my state of mind isn’t where I want it to be. There’s a sales pitch going on, and I’m not necessarily buying. The deck warns that sales pitches are only half-truths, and this hits wonderfully on point for me. All the things I’ve debated buying into are not what they appear to be. Whatever I buy, or follow through on, needs to be for a legitimate need or reason. Buying a shiny new appliance isn’t any good if I never actually use the appliance to begin with. Likewise, my approach to tarot should be natural and worth the effort put in.

Card 2 – Your Difficulties

7 of Swords. Gossips, thieves, and backstabbers, are all part of the 7 of Swords. The comical joy of the backstabber in this deck’s depiction of the card is absolutely hilarious. What’s interesting though, is that the backstabber seems to be the main focus of the card until you understand its symbolism. As a challenge, I can somewhat understand the 7 of Swords showing up. I’ve kind of felt like the tarot community is filled with gossip lately. This is gossip for the sake of gossip, and that’s never right. I’m not sure I’ve felt particularly targeted by any bad gossip or backstabbing, but I’ll have to pay attention to this over the next few days. There’s also the “fight fire with fire” line that stands out to me with this deck’s instruction book in particular.

Card 3 – Your Career & Communication

3 of Cups. Creation, change, and conception are embodied by this card. In this deck, there’s literally a baby watching two cups pour into a third. This symbolism, while strange, is quite applicable. My career largely consists of two different goals, slowly merging over time to become something more. This is such a positive card, one that I rarely happen to draw. The fact that this is the 3 of Cups in the card three spot, doesn’t escape my notice either. Within the context of this spread, it seems to almost be confirming its presence. Themes of merging two forces and experiencing significant change all resonate with me, but it’s nice to know they’re for the better.

Card 4 – Your Romantic & Emotional Relationships

6 of Cups. Nostalgia, innocence, and old flames are all familiar themes of this card. I absolutely love the deck’s incorporation of lemonade into this card’s symbolism. Sweet and sour tastes do well to capture both the fondness and bitterness of the past. In my personal case, it’s more sweet than sour. I’m at a good place in my romantic relationships, though there might be some bitterness within the emotional realm. The lessons recently learned in my tarot studies could be perceived as bitter and dictated by the emotional realm. Overall though, I’m very happy to find this card in this spot. I’m quite happy in my romantic life, and even in my emotional relationships.

Card 5 – Your Home & Family Matters

9 of Swords. Paranoia, delusion, and apprehension are more exaggerated themes for this card. This deck specifically, depicts various knives within photo frames to capture the overall feeling of apprehension and dread. In my case though, I can’t help but notice how the photos on the wall stand in the place of memorable events. Within the family matter and home realm, this card seems to warn against being too paranoid. Recently, I’ve started working on healing some of the prior misconceptions I bring to the family table. We all have those little habits we need to work on, and I’ve been delving into mine. It’s interesting that this deck makes such a strong connection to an otherwise comical version of the card.

Card 6 – Your Unconscious Foundation

Queen of Wands. Creative energy, ego, and passion are all embodied within this card. I actually don’t like this Queen of Wands, but that’s neither here nor there. What’s really interesting is how this card completely sums up how I feel at the moment. Deep down, I want to be that woman that has time for both my home life and my career aspirations. There’s many times I feel like I can’t, but this card says otherwise. On a subconscious level, I channel the Queen of Wands. Embracing this is often more difficult, as it means accepting both my role as a mother and a passionate writer. Nevertheless, confidence in both worlds is certainly possible, even if it’s just subconsciously for the moment.

Card 7 – Your Future or Possible Outcome

3 of Pentacles. Praise, recognition, and completion are interesting themes for the 3 of Pentacles. In this deck, it shows a woman completing a shelf for three decorative plates while three neighbors admire her work. What I enjoy about this card is it hints at a future where value for work is understood. I posted recently about wanting to be respected and valued for the opinions I bring to the tarot table. This card seems to further reflect the point. While this card is mainly a positive one, I hope to remember a subtle warning within this deck’s version of the symbolism. There’s a slight warning to remember why I work toward a certain task. Don’t put effort toward something just for the recognition of others, but to expand outward.

Tying It All Together

While I don’t usually reduce a whole spread down to a single number, I did it in this case. The Housewives Tarot utilizes a strange numbering system for its Major Arcana. When I reduced this spread down, the number was two. In this deck, the second card of the Majors happens to be The Empress. For this spread, it works quite well as an overall theme. There’s an odd lesson to be learned in that the line between work and play is sometimes blurred. Our pursuits can lead us to explore just as much on a professional level as that on the emotional level. The two merge together to create a single successful person. This reading is a great burst of energy to refocus and get working! Happy Weekend Everyone!


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