Welcome to Sam’s Republic!

I’m the Sam, or Samantha, behind the Republic. I’m currently twenty-five, so relatively new in the Pagan community. For those who will understand the statement, I’m a post-Cunningham witch. Navigating my personal path has been enlightening, and so, I wanted to start sharing more of my experiences with others.

My path as a witch started when I was about thirteen or fifteen. Since then, I’ve tried to read everything I can find. Having lived in a small town for many years, the resources readily available were slim. Because of this, I have been a solitary and eclectic witch with a very strong foundation in Wicca. Even so, I’m starting to shift more in my personal path. Where am I shifting to? I’m not sure, and that’s alright.

For those who want to know more about my day to day life, I’m a writer and a mother. I love reading, going out for walks when I can, and just love spending time with my family and friends. Because of this, I hope my path offers a little something for everyone.

Hello & Welcome.