RWS Tarot Card Meanings: The Lovers


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The Lovers: Meaning & Symbolism

In the heart of the Garden of Eden stands the mighty Tree of Life and the great Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. Since the beginning, man and woman has lived in harmony in their shade. But now, the serpent lies in wait, silently biding his time. For the serpent knows that a time of separation is near. The man’s gaze has wandered to the sensuality of the woman, for her own gaze is locked on the Divine. Lust has a way of complicating things, but is it truly lust that grips the man? Could it be that he sees the Divine shining through the woman he has known for so long?

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Day 020: Getting Acquainted With The Lovers


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The Lover & The High Priest

Out of the many tarot cards I’ve studied across various decks, The Lovers card seems to be the most misunderstood. Today, many tarot readers translate The Lovers into a card of romance, perfect partnership, and sexual passion. However, a quick glance through the Major Arcana and we realize this isn’t quite accurate. If The Lovers is truly the perfect relationship, then why is The Devil necessary? The question is a valid one, and yet, it is rarely asked by modern day tarot readers. Getting acquainted with The Lovers isn’t as easy as one would expect. To do so, we have to explore some sensitive topics, so let’s just get started.

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30 Day Tarot Challenge – Day 05


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Aspiring Tarot Readers & Constructive Criticism

To give, or not to give, a tarot reading, that is the question. Whether or not you’re professional reader, the question of tarot readings will eventually come up. Well meaning friends, potential customers, and aspiring tarot readers will all ask for a practice tarot reading from you. For some of us, this is our most vulnerable moment. To open up as a tarot reader, to put our skills on the line, and to simply say ‘yes’ to a tarot reading can be heart wrenching. So, today’s tarot challenge topic couldn’t be more relevant. Let’s explore the in-depth question of whether or not to give tarot readings as an inspiring tarot reader.

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Weekend Readings: Everyday Witch Tarot


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Reading With The Everyday Witch Tarot

Out of all the decks I’ve purchased thus far, the Everyday Witch Tarot is probably the most heartfelt. This is the only deck I’ve purchased due to prior exposure to the author’s work. What makes this deck for me is the author through the wonderful and talented artist. The author of this deck though, is Deborah Blake. Her voice is a significant one in the Wicca/Pagan/Witchcraft community. Deborah Blake is herself a Wiccan High Priestess, and the author of Everyday Witchcraft. On a personal note, this deck gets plenty of reviews, but for me, I just love what this deck means to me. Deborah Blake’s work found me at the right place, in the right time, and I’m so glad every time I use this deck.

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Day 019: Taking A Numerological Look At The Chariot

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Numerological Seven & The Chariot

Recently, I read another great blog post from Parsifal’s Wheel Tarot & Astrology which you can read here. The post features the idea of a crossroads to examine the numerological symbolism within tarot. While this may seem simple, it’s actually quite tough to do. There are quite a few ways to add, subtract, and multiply numbers to get any one viewpoint or result. While the original post explored The Lovers, which is perfect for a crossroads, I couldn’t help but want to explore The Chariot. This card is representative of my Life Path number, or my personality and soul number. It just so happens, that The Chariot also corresponds to Cancer. So, why not, in honor of the New Moon, take a look?

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RWS Tarot Card Meanings: The Hierophant


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The Hierophant: Meaning & Symbolism

Between two worn pillars sits the commanding presence of the Divine in our world. To him belongs the ancient rites and ceremonies of the High Priest, for only he truly understands their meaning. With each holy sacrament comes the blessing of the Divine, and a greater connection to the sacred spark of the Divine within. For there, silently nestled between the established pillars of tradition rests the secret knowledge of Divine experience and an inspiration revealed only through the passage of time.

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Day 018: Getting Acquainted With The Hierophant


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The High Priest & The Magician

For many, the religious overtones of The Hierophant make the card a difficult one to tolerate. Today, we’re often quick to criticize or point out the flaws in our religious leaders. Some religions, are even so new, that we must face harsh criticism of the founders we once looked up to. While we are often quick to embrace religious truth, we’re not so fond of religious structures. The Church, as a functioning group, has seen a rise in criticism today. So, what, if anything, can we learn about The Hierophant? Is this card relevant today, and if so, how do we interpret its tough symbolism?

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