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Day 022: Learning Tarot Through Tarot Spreads

The Holistic Tarot beginner’s guide embraces all kinds of tarot spreads. Learning tarot through card reading seems to go back, way back, at least to the Pictorial Key to the Tarot published around 1911. In his book, A. E. Waite provided a ten card spread, a thirty-five card spread, and a forty-two card spread. Of these, the Celtic Cross Spread is undoubtedly the most popular today. All tarot readers seem to come across this spread fairly early on in their tarot journey, if not certainly later on. Many decks present at least one spread in their ‘little white booklets’, and the Celtic Cross is usually it. But there are, perhaps, more spreads today than ever previously available. Which one should you embrace as a tarot reader? Does the spread you select even matter? Continue reading

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Weekend Readings: The Gilded Tarot

This weekend, I’m highlighting one of my favorite decks. The Gilded Tarot is a wonderful blend of the Rider-Waite Smith themes with fantasy. For a tough subject themed reading, this is the deck I’m going to. Hopefully, we’ll get a really powerful reading in response to it. So, without further ado, let’s get started with our weekend tarot deck and a nice hot cup of coffee. Continue reading

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