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Kemetic Reconstruction For The Hellenic Polytheist

Today, I want to tackle a tough topic to talk about: Kemetic Reconstruction. If you choose to research the Golden Dawn or do the Kabbalah Magic curriculum, Kemetic Reconstruction will be an important step in that process. Some might be tempted to substitute Kemetic Reconstruction with a form of Egyptian Paganism, but I don’t think this would be correct. Does the Golden Dawn get it all right? Probably not. But, when we’re talking about the symbolism of a religion and its impact on the subconscious, it’s important to be more Reconstructionist than, say, Pagan. The problem is, what if you belong to a different religion? Let’s talk about this specifically. Continue reading

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Magical Motto: Stage 1

Ever had to sum up your goals in life with one sentence? It’s difficult. When picking a magical motto, this is essentially what you’re doing. The phrase needs to encompass where you’ve already been, where you’re going, and where you’d like to end up at the end of it all. How does one go about doing that? Oh yeah, did I mention the motto is typically in Latin or a different language? With endless possibilities, this assignment requires quite a bit of time. So, why not get started? Continue reading

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