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Journey Recaps: First Thirty Days

Everyone says it takes thirty days to form a habit. When one consciously attempts to form a habit then, what happens? What does it look like during that process of change? Well, I just hit my first thirty days a couple days ago, and I’m going to talk about it. The time spent has been life changing, habit forming, but not always what I expected it to be. So, if you’re looking at the prospect of a New Year’s resolution, or even, just wanting to change a habit, why not see what your process could look like? Continue reading

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Magical Motto: Stage 1

Ever had to sum up your goals in life with one sentence? It’s difficult. When picking a magical motto, this is essentially what you’re doing. The phrase needs to encompass where you’ve already been, where you’re going, and where you’d like to end up at the end of it all. How does one go about doing that? Oh yeah, did I mention the motto is typically in Latin or a different language? With endless possibilities, this assignment requires quite a bit of time. So, why not get started? Continue reading

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Journey Recaps: Week 1

Year long journeys are tough. How do you properly document your way while still progressing? What seems important now may not be important in the future. At the time, these events all appear necessary and essential. Where do I cutback in favor of time and valuable experience? Documenting my progress day to day this becomes a somewhat minor problem. But, now trying to do a weekly recap, I find there’s much I didn’t say. This post then, will focus primarily on the mental side of things as opposed to the processing aspect of it. Continue reading

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Learning The Tree Through Witchcraft

This is a post I’ve debated doing for a few hours now. The subject borders heavily on those secrets I feel should be kept personal and private. However, I also have shared this topic unknowingly with others prior. At the time, I didn’t understand the knowledge I was slowly accumulating. Because of this though, as the information is already out there for those willing to look, I figured it was okay to share the basics. Today, let’s talk about Kabbalah and the journey of a witch through deity. Continue reading

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Daily Tarot Readings: Day Five

Here’s today’s tarot card for meditation: Three of Wands

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Dream Analysis, The Tree & Tarot Cards

Ever have one of those dream where you wondered what sparked such an odd occurrence? Better yet, have you ever had a nightmare you couldn’t explain? Well, these questions have been running through my mind lately. It occurs to me that dream analysis is a fairly popular topic, but one I haven’t talked about at all. The Tree of Life is perfect for interpreting dreams. So, why don’t we see what we can learn? I’ll even share a somewhat personal example with you. Continue reading

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