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Weekend Readings: Hanson Roberts Tarot

This weekend I’m highlighting the second tarot deck I ever owned. The Hanson Roberts Tarot is better known today as the deck that comes with The Essential Tarot Kit: Book and Card Set. Back a few years ago, and maybe still today, you could pick this kit up at your local Barnes & Noble. The deck always seemed marketed as a gimmick type gift, you know, one of those last minute trinket impulse buys. But, I couldn’t help myself, and I picked the deck up. I’m glad I did, as it was a huge improvement to my minimally illustrated first deck. To do this deck’s art justice, I’ve also decided to highlight one of my favorite spreads called The Double Triad Tarot Spread. Is there a better spread for the weekend? Probably not, so let’s ring in the weekend with a new sample tarot reading. Continue reading

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Weekend Readings: The Robin Wood Tarot

Practice readings can be tough, and I might as well admit it, so can working with a new deck. Holistic Tarot is absolutely filled with practice readings though, and so, they’re unavoidable. In the effort of highlighting this overwhelming bit of study, I thought I’d try to make it a bit more interesting. I just so happen to have a pile of Rider-Waite Smith based decks, and they’re suddenly calling my name. Continue reading

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