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Strength, Justice, & Political Views In 2018

Happy New Year! As we bring 2017 to a close, and welcome the New Year, many tarot readers are consulting their cards. What lies ahead for us in 2018? Could we really predict such a thing? Well, regardless of whether you use tarot as a divination tool or not, one thing is for certain. Politics continues to be a strong subject going into the New Year. But why is this, and what impact will it have in many people choosing their year card for 2018? Let’s start the year off by discussing one of the most hot button topics, Strength vs. Justice in the New Year. Continue reading

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Daily Tarot Readings: Day Forty-Two

Today I am super worn out! Moving is no easy task! Thankfully, I have most of the boxes unpacked, and the place is starting to feel like my own. As a witch I hate not having my shrines and altars … Continue reading

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