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Day 022: Learning Tarot Through Tarot Spreads

The Holistic Tarot beginner’s guide embraces all kinds of tarot spreads. Learning tarot through card reading seems to go back, way back, at least to the Pictorial Key to the Tarot published around 1911. In his book, A. E. Waite provided a ten card spread, a thirty-five card spread, and a forty-two card spread. Of these, the Celtic Cross Spread is undoubtedly the most popular today. All tarot readers seem to come across this spread fairly early on in their tarot journey, if not certainly later on. Many decks present at least one spread in their ‘little white booklets’, and the Celtic Cross is usually it. But there are, perhaps, more spreads today than ever previously available. Which one should you embrace as a tarot reader? Does the spread you select even matter? Continue reading

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Day 017: Puffed Up Tarot History

Deep in the heart of the Ancient Egyptian desert laid a secret guarded for centuries. Until, one day, a man dared to walk in the sacred passages of the ancients. Entering by way of a secret chamber within the Great Sphinx, this man soon found himself within the Great Pyramid of Giza. There he navigated through terrible ordeals meant to test the strength of his soul and character. Found worthy, he soon descended a ladder and came face to face with a long gallery of precious statues. These were the twenty-two embodied secrets of the ancients, now known as the Major Arcana. On the walls of the Great Pyramid itself was carved all the knowledge of the Ancient Egyptians. Today, these secrets are passed down in a single deck of tarot cards. At least, that’s how the origin story goes. But is it realistic, and if it’s not, why do so many cling to the idea? Continue reading

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RWS Tarot Card Meanings: The Magician

In his hand the man holds the power of the universe. To him, all doors are open and filled with possibility. He has become one with the flow of creation. Clothed in red and white robes, his very appearance conveys mysteries otherwise unknown. But all may not be as it first appears. For who can fathom the great mysteries by sight and sight alone? Continue reading

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